A 40 DAWG Celeb Story…


Editor’s note: 40 DIESEL out on the town in NYC.

I was rolling with my ace Ray aka “Johnny Cash” to this party for my man Dave Ortiz & Chris Keefe’s sneaker spot DQM. It was at The Beatrice on 12th Street & West 4th and while strolling through that section I remarked “This is true celebrity NYC. I wouldn’t be surprised to see like Gwynneth Paltrow buying a Nutrament or some shit.”

So I’m at the party and I’m Schillin’ like Curt with a bloody sock when the waitress asks me and my peoples to move from the table we’re at because it was “reserved”. So as I’m getting up I look and I see Lindsay Lohan. She noticed I noticed and gave the cutest smile and wave to me. So as her party was getting situated I introduced myself and asked if she wanted me to hang around there since people were coming up with their cameras. She was like “Thanks that would be so awesome. You’re really sweet!”

So I’m holding down LiLo drinking Stellas and doing what 40 does. So they’re about to leave and she asked if I could help her and crew get to the car outside. I agreed but asked if I could get the flick and she was like “Sure!”. Get the shot, clear a path and right as I’m about to go outside there’s like 20 paparazzi out there. So I was gonna cover her with my Mitchell & Ness joint but her publicist was like like “Nah if you cover her up it seems shady, just let them get their pics”. I walk out to a hail of flashbulbs and got her in the Escalade they were in. Asked if they needed my services for the rest of the night but they were just going to eat and call it a night. I wish I had a card so I could of offered my services full time. Because for $100G’s a year I’ll take care of one of these starlets…

Shit, I’ll even get a frappachino or two if she needs it…

14 Responses to “A 40 DAWG Celeb Story…”

  1. Tony says:

    Damn, nice shot with Maxim’s hottest broad this year.

    However, it’s a slippery slope . . . You take money from a celeb and you’ll find yourself doing all kinds of crazy things . . . God only knows what kind of contraband you’d be forced to carry.

    Question: What is the distinction between “weed carrier” and bodyguard work? I’m sure both of them require no snitching but I imagine that the former would be comprised of more errands and mindless tasks but would still carry the risk of being shot.

  2. ruimixx says:

    Was she skitzin?

  3. getfresh says:

    She looks like Misfit from (w)RS.

  4. Misha says:


    Just make sure you stay away from the “firecrotch” !

  5. Combat Jack says:

    great story. you need a manager?

  6. 40 says:

    She was actually very cool, coherent, and nice. Not what I expected at all from a broad of her stature.

    Tony – I think the difference is the stature of the client and responsibility of the client and the task at hand. I think when you’re constantly put in danger by your rapper client and putting your life on the line and holding the illegals to take the fall is different from keeping people at bay when browsing Rodeo drive or enjoying your bottle service at the Viper Room. But then again I didn’t make up the term so I defer to the proprietor of the site and Weedcarrierologist Dr. Dallas Penn….

    CJ – LMAO… Sure. You are in. (Nullus)

  7. Candice says:

    40…I need a Frappucino but all I have is $5.

  8. Eloheem Star says:

    That’s a Cool pic… 40 What you about 270?

  9. h8torade says:

    i’d hit it…..lohan.

  10. Robbie says:

    She’s looking more and more like Tara Reid every day….must be the combination of yay and ball-sauce.

    As far as the distinction between a weed carrier and hired muscle? Real security doesn’t drop guest 16’s. Word to Kev Costner.

  11. Vik says:

    how the hell did lohan make it to the number one spot in maxim??!?!?!?

    i just don’t get it.

    40 – you got stories for DAYS. another classic.

  12. Lennox says:

    i am toooo jelous. i love that girl. she can do no wrong in my eyes.

  13. prynsex says:

    You fucking wig brusher – LOL

    Because of you she just added on more #32 Wet and Wavy Yaki flip to her collection!

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