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Wikipedia is the greatest online resource next to this website and it tells me that ‘deja vu’ is a French word for ‘already seen’. Paramnesia is the scientific term for the phenomena. People that experience deja vu have said that an eery or strange feeling accompanies the notion.


G DUBBZ and his henchmen have been giving tons a deja vu rhetoric lately to keep the fear in people’s hearts. The Administration has lately taken to labeling any critic of their policies a Nazi sympathizer or Communist. This tactic was a lot stronger during the Darth Sidious BUSH Sr. administration because there were still people alive that remembered the Nazis and the Communists. I think its cheap and disingenuous to invoke the bad guys from previous generations when we have so many bad guys that are current and contemporary who need some shine. Why can’t we let some young new bad guys come up in the game?

That’s why DP dot com should be any future politicos one-stop shopping for consulting. We can help you keep your propaganda fresh and relevant. Speaking to Generation iPod+ is our specialty. Get at me BARACK.

Let’s say hello to some of the new bad guys…

baron karza

I can tell that your scared already. G DUBBZ should equate Iran’s leader with the bad guy from the Micronauts universe. Dude has a crazy arab sounding name too. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Micronauts you have to admit that BARON KARZA looks bad. Dude is dressed in all black and he can transform from a kick azz humanoid to a kick more azz centaur. Scary.

baron karza

UNCLE RUCKUS is important as a domestic bad guy because he can help us continue the demonization of the undereducated, disenfranchised Black male. Do you remember all those folks that committed crimes against their families and then blamed it on Black guys? Memo to white that kills it’s own family: From now on you can blame your indiscretion on UNCLE RUCKUS.

“President BUSH wanted to get off his plane and help those tar people in New Orleans, but he was fearful that UNCLE RUCKUS would try to get him” -TONY SNOW, White House Press Secretary

uncle ruckus


Try to imagine for a moment the fear inside Middle America if G DUBBZ said that North Korean leader KIM JONG IL was planning on sending ninjas into America. Ninjas are total badasses that can sneak around at night, fly and make themselves disappear. I don’t know about y’all, but I see the polls shooting upwards in double digit numbers. Not only are ninjas ruthless killers, but they are hell’a fastidious. Do you see how neat this ninja keeps his CD collection? I’d be terrified of anyone who has a MICHAEL BOLTON slow jams collection in chronological order.


As always, the best bad guys are the ones that we can’t see. Forget the fact that they don’t even exist, but if you can convince the people that terror waits for them around the corner in the post office or the supermarket then you can make anybody and everybody a terrorist. Scare the people into becoming shut-ins with only their televisions to provide them with reality.

The operative word here is terror and it has to be used like a bludgeon. The Nazis and the Commies had their run, but now its time for some new villains to take center stage. Mr. President, your photo op awaits you.

6 Responses to “DEJA VU FOR G DUBBZ”

  1. Tia says:

    Say, man, how in the hell do you know that ninja got some Michael Bolton? I can’t see that shit. LOL

    Probably wouldn’t be so much panic as there would be a sudden rise in AK47 and other artillery sales. We’d all become snipers. Well, I damn sure would, at least. But then again, that ain’t saying much.

  2. lar says:

    +1000000 hp for micronauts reference

  3. Nigeria says:

    Don’t forget Team Rocket

    I don’t have anything clever or informative to say I just think that picture looks dope.

  4. Billy Sunday says:

    Peep the Team Rocket dude making the R.O.C. handsign. Dame Dash must have been bankrolling them cats.

  5. Nigeria says:


    Thats what I’m talking about. Dallas Penn always able to decipher the semiotics of the T.Is.

  6. Amadeo says:

    Hell he should say that the terrorist are using the Dark Side of the Force so they need to increase military spending to get some lightsabers up. That would fit with his whole “Chosen One” thing. It wasn’t god talking to me it was the Force America, heh, heh, heh.”

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