Rethuglicans Gone Wild!

thug life

Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Dick Brown, Tom DeLay and car bombs near the Capitol have made this one of the most interesting months in politics since they wheeled Ronald Raygun’s dead body around Washington.

Will Karl Rove be this administration’s sacrificial lamb, allowing the president to stack the Supreme Court?

How the hell does a grown azz man get a job working so close to the president with a name like ‘Scooter’?

Everytime I say the name of the ex-director of F.E.M.A. — Dick Brown — I have to conclude it with ‘No Homo’.

How gangster is Tom DeLay? He gets indicted for money laundering and avoids having a mugshot taken. He goes so far as to flip the script and accuse the prosecutor of misconduct. WTF?!? I love these cats who are so fucking elite that they get pissed off when you tell them that they are fucking up our country. Apparently, nobody ever told these fucks that they couldn’t have every toy in the store and that they should share with the other kids.

To top eveything off, we have our Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, testifying before Congress that the Bush Administration’s policy was to REBUILD the Middle East. EXTRA WTF?!? I thought that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan to get the terrorists, not to embark on some mythic capital construction project. There’s plenty of shit over here in the states that needs rebuilding at a higher priority. Do I have to spell it out? L. E. V. E. E. S.

get 'em girl!

The mainstream media chose to focus on Dr. Rice’s new hairdo instead of the apparent policy shift that means our troops will remain in the Middle East almost indefinitely.


As an aside, I think the doctor had a more kick azz look before, when she was doing that whole ‘Bride of Darth Vader’ thing.

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