Crap Music Fantasy League Q4 Registration


What you wanna do? You wanna be a baller, brawler or shot caller?

It’s that time again to tally up the cRapper rosters for the final quarter of 2007. This is big dog status in the music biz time. You better have at least Fisty Scent and Ghey-Z on your squads boys and girls because those are the niggas that bring in the money during this time of the year.

It seems like the Kangaye luster is starting to wane now. Ha, I said Wayne. No Lil’ Wang to me saying Wayne, but you might want to have Lil’ Wang on your roster for this quarter too. That nigga IS the best cRapper alive.

For those of you playing the cRap Music Fantasy league for the first time allow me to give you a quick guide to help you plot out your label’s roster of cRappers. Each player of the cRap Music Fantasy League is a record label owner. Each label has a roster of only eight(8) entertainers. You have to select one(1) R&B sanger and at least one(1) female cRapper. As a label owner you may select ANY cRappers you choose to be on your label, but choose your cRappers smartly based on their likelihood of producing points for your label during the 4th quarter (October 1 – December 31, 2007).

The way that cRappers score points in the cRap Music Fantasy League is of course by the traditional methods of releasing records, selling those records, creating music videos and other noteworthy press events like awards and citations. Because our game deals with the cRap music aspect of entertainment your artists can score points in other ways as well. By being arrested, indicted and convicted of crimes your cRappers can earn points for your label. If your artist appears on Oprah your label scores points too. Heaven forbid any artist should get merc’ked during quarter 4, but if one does while they are part of your label you get a whole lot of points. As the great J to the mwuah [ll] once said, “You know dead cRappers get better promotion.”

So here’s all you need to do to get started in the registration process of the cRap Music Fantasy League…

1) Create a name for your record label
2) Select your eight(8) individual artists
2a) Remember to have one(1) R&B artist, and at least one(1) female rapper

How simple is that? If you’re still a little confused then let some of the veterans of the game put in their selections so that they can show you how to do this son. The registration period ends on Sunday so bookmark this link and come thru later this weekend after you’ve gotten your mind right. Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Oh and by the way, the winner of the cMFL gets a FREE pair of exclusive Nike kicks from DallasPenn Dot Com.


Your label may also score points if your cRapper receives an RIAA gold/platinum certification for a ringtone, or if he/she creates a YouTube dance craze.

112 Responses to “Crap Music Fantasy League Q4 Registration”

  1. damn, it’s good I don’t fock with the radio these days.

    The douche rapper in the video makes Young Jeezy sound like Rakim. What. The. Fock.

  2. Johnny Mack says:

    Peep Ghayme Products

    Lil Wayng
    Ghaye Z
    R Kiddy
    The Ghayme
    Kesha Hole
    Couchie man

  3. Redd says:

    Pretty Dollar Entertainment

    1. Jay-Z
    2. 50 Cent
    3. Usher
    4. Nas
    5. Lil Wayne
    6. Remy Ma
    7. young buck
    8. p.diddy

  4. sh3lldon says:

    Brick Productions

    1) Jay-Z
    2) Uncle Murda
    3) Lil Wayne
    4) Jim Jones
    5) The Game
    6) Pimp C
    7) T-Pain
    8) Remy Ma

  5. Enigmatik says:

    SayDatNuccaName Wreckids

    Lil’ Wayne
    50 Cent
    Alicia Keys a.k.a. Mrs. Enigmatik
    Jim Jones
    Snoop Dogg
    Queen Latifah….

    This should be amended so that we can have a rap group within our rap group…I’d like to add Wu-Tang, for Dirty’s sake.

  6. @ Enigmatik, can’t u just draft say Ghostface, & still get the points for the Wu album if it drops?

  7. Simple Simon says:

    Simon Says Entertainment

    1. Freeway
    2. Beanie Sigel
    3. Keyshia Cole
    4. Trey Songz
    5. Mary J. Blige
    6. Will.i.Am
    7. Lil’ Kim
    8. T-Pain

  8. POP says:

    Stricktly Business records (LLc)

    1. Fabolous ( battery in his back hes on every remix again)
    2.Cassidy ( if you dont think drink an 2 step is gonna blow your company isnt)
    3.Soulja Boy ( ringtones and singles tha boy is doin numbers)
    4. Jim Jones( sub par rapper good media dude.)
    5. Keyshia Cole (hood favorite)
    6. Lil wayne ( the kids love him and midas touch right now. Whos single isnt he on)
    7.Jay-Z ( anything less would be un civilized)
    8.Remy ma or Foxy (whoever isnt incarcerated)

  9. Unfadeable52 says:

    WTF Records

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Casidy
    4. The Game
    5. Kanye West
    6. David Banner
    7. Alicia Keys
    8. Foxy Brown

  10. zillz says:


    50 cent
    lil wayne
    t-pain (he’s a vocodin’ sanga is that r&b? i choose yes for now.)
    remy ma (easy choice)

  11. havoc says:

    50 cent
    kanye west
    foxy brown(prison points!!)
    jay z

  12. yaboy po says:

    Yaddadi Atl ish records

    2.young dro
    3.messy marv (eh do i get points ay if my nigga wasd in jail an had a fan autograph signing cuz that shit is hardbody you still signin cd’s n u in prison dayum)
    4.chris brown
    6.foxy brown
    7.lil wayne
    8. gorilla zoe

  13. the one says:

    Lil Wayne
    Lil Kim
    Fishy Scent
    Ghey Z
    Keisha Cole
    The Lox
    Saigon (for fuckin Prodigy up last week)

  14. Incilin says:

    Incilin Productions

    1. Jay-Z
    2. 50 Cent
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. Kayne West
    5. T.I.
    6. Lupe Fiasco
    7. Foxy Brown
    8. Keyshia Cole

    What are the rules for dropping and adding this time? cuz that shit fucked me up before.

  15. Lone Starr says:

    Funk Town Records

    1. Rihanna
    2. Remy Ma
    3. Jay Z
    4. Chamillionaire
    5. Lil Wayne
    6. Kanye West
    7. 50 Cent
    8. Bun B

  16. Mike C says:

    Fantasy Records

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Eminem
    3. Nas
    4. Lil Wayne
    5. Beanie Sigel
    6. T.I.
    7. T-Pain
    8. Remy Ma

  17. Junk Trunk says:

    Junk Trunk Records
    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Cassidy
    3. Jay-z
    4. Eve
    5. Busta Rhymes
    6. Trey Songz
    7. Juelz Santana
    8. The Wu Tang Clan

  18. prynsex says:

    I just want my shoes! Can a sista get her shoes, please!

    Ill be back with my picks in a lil bit.

    Gain Green still on top.

  19. Butch says:

    GLA (Giantz League of America) Records

    1) Jay-Z
    2) Kanye West
    3) Nas
    4) TI
    5) Lupe Fiasco
    6) Jean Grae
    7) Mos Def
    8) Keisha Cole

  20. Kirk Franco says:

    Dumb it Down records
    5.Kanye West
    6.Remy Ma
    7.Chris Brown
    8.lil Wayne

  21. the mic records says:

    1.-kanye west
    2.-50 cent.
    3.-snoop dogg.
    4.- eminem.
    5.- t.i
    6.- r.kelly.
    7.- mariah carey
    8.- jay-z

  22. twerkolator says:

    Blue & Creme Ent.

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Remy Ma
    4. Mary J. Blige
    5. Kanye West
    6. T.I.
    7. 50 Cent
    8. NaS

    “it’ll be like…blue & creme”

  23. Maxine says:

    Skye’s Den Entertainment

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Kanye West
    3. Alicia Keys
    4. 50 Cent
    5. Lil Wayne
    8.Lil Kim

  24. N.O. 4 life says:

    the block is hot music group

    1. Lil wayne
    2. cassidy
    3. lupe fiasco
    4. David Banner
    5. jay-z(i dont like em but numbers dont lie)
    6. Cam’ron
    7. Omarion
    8. lil mama

  25. Lion XL says:

    MC Records
    (Mental Calisthenics )

    Lil Wang/Juelz Santana (they share a brain so I think they qualify as one artist)
    Ghostface Killa
    Beanie seagal
    Kecia Cole

  26. Combat Jack says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dallas!!!

  27. Murda Memphis says:

    South East Immortals Inc.

    Mariah Carey
    Mary J. Blige
    Alicia Keys
    Remy Man

  28. j.calderon says:

    Hoffa music group

    1) Jay-z
    2) Kecia Cole
    3) Nas
    4) Kanye West
    5) Lupe Fiasco
    6) Remy Ma
    7) 50 Cent
    8) Chris Brown

  29. Felony Assault Records says:

    Jay-Z(numbers dont lie
    Remy Ma(crazy)
    Chris Brown(he droppin)
    50 Cent(numbers dont lie
    eminem (he probably droppin)
    Lil Wayne (he droppin)
    Lupe Fiasco(he droppin)
    T.I. (hE Got a movie)

  30. Timmo says:

    dunno if it submitted the first time…
    Six Feet Deep Promotions

    2.Big L
    3.Ray Charles
    4.Eazy E
    5.Ol Dirty Bastard
    6.Lisa Lopes
    7.Big Pun

  31. Tyler says: aka aka “Give me my damn Nikes!”

    Lil’ Wayne
    Jay Z
    Chris Brown
    Missy Elliott
    Jim Jones
    50 Cent
    Mary J Blige

  32. Rich Arte says:


    So here goes this quarter:

    1. Jay Z
    2. T.I.
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. 50 Cent
    5. Kanye
    6. Cassidy
    7. Remy Ma
    8. Akon

  33. Tyler says:

    I got a correction yo. . .Peep it again aka aka “Give me my damn Nikes!”

    Lil’ Wayne
    Jay Z
    Missy Elliott
    Jim Jones
    50 Cent
    Mary J Blige

  34. Billy Sunday's Father says:

    Berries & Cream Records

    Lil Wayne
    Alicia Keys
    Souljah Boy
    Bow Wow
    Foxy Brown
    Kanye West

  35. Karamel says:


    1) jay hova
    2) Kellz
    3) Lil Wang
    4) Foxy
    5) ‘Ye
    6) Shady
    7) “they call me Diddy”
    8) Huricane chris*

    *Yo dallas, can i add one wildcard ringtone rapper instead? i mean look at the stats,
    1) they tend to drop one uber successful single, then drop off the face of the earth
    2) i cant really tell one from the other.
    3) all of them combined = one decent rapper (roughly)

    they should count as one, no?

  36. stacks says:

    4-lil’ wayne
    6-beanie sigel
    7-chris brown
    8-remy martin

  37. Aunt Jackie says:

    Hollywood Havoc Records

    1) Kanye West
    2) Jay Z
    3) Lil Wayne
    4) Jim Jones
    5) Keisha Cole (oaktown represent)
    6) Uncle Snoop
    7) P Diddy everybody’s Daddy
    8) Fox Boggie

  38. I Fux the Re-Up Enterprises

    1. Jigga
    2. NaS
    3. 50 Cent
    4. Lil Weezy
    5. TI
    6. Saigon
    7. Trey Songz
    8. Foxy Brown

  39. prynsex says:

    Ok, now back to business. Here are my picks:

    Gain Green Records

    50 Cent
    Remy Ma
    Kanye West
    Lil Wayne
    R Kelly
    Snoop Dogg

  40. SH says:

    North Star Records

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Kanye West
    3. Lil’ Wayne
    4. Soulja Boy
    5. Saigon
    6. Alicia Keys
    7. Chris Brown (2 R&B artists is OK right?)
    8. Foxy Brown

  41. Johnny Wisdom says:


    1.) JAY-Z
    2.) SHAQ (divorce drama suckers! Don’t bite)
    3.) THE GAME
    4.) LIL WAYNE
    5.) KANYE WEST
    6.) FLAVA FLAV (tv show drama. how much shit goes down on one episode?)
    7.) BOBBY BROWN (again, drama mufuckas)
    8.) TRINA (I just want the bitch on my team)

  42. nation says:

    pay your respeks you inconsiderate bastids

    happy bday D. i heard Billy Sunday is a Libra as well

  43. Cashus Clay says:

    Bodega Inc
    1. Lil Wayne
    4.Knaye West
    6.Lupe Fiasco
    7.Alicia Keys
    8.Foxy Brown

  44. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Bluffington Records *update*

    1.)Lil Wayne
    2.)Fifty Cent
    3.)Jay- Z
    4.)Kanye West
    5.)Lupe Fiasco
    6.)P. Diddy
    7.)Remy Ma

  45. E aka Fidel Ca$hFlow says:

    Barely Literate Ent.

    1. Cuuurtis
    2. Jay-Z
    3. The Game
    4. Lil’ Wayne
    5.Lupe Fiasco
    6. Ya Boy
    7. Remy Ma
    8. Akon

  46. Supreme-Magnetic says:

    Know-The-Limit Records

    1. Cupid
    2. Crime Mob
    3. Twista
    4. Omarion/Bow Wow (colab cd)
    5. Chris Brown
    6. Will.I.AM
    7. Mariah Carey
    8. Soulja Boy-New song is called Soulja Girl lol

    My team doesn’t have a lot of vets or proven playas but I got a lot of “talent”. Footwork and juking is getting a lot of pub out of Chicago

    so I put Twista on there

    Crime Mob is good for a hit or a dance. Mariah Carey doesn’t come out till late but she’ll have a hit before while, Jermaine is back with her.

    and ya’ll ain’t even up on Cupid and the Cupid Shuffle. Get some Sistas to stand in a line and so some choregraped move? Its over.

    Not gonna make it to this country but for my international team TECHNOVIKING is a rookie of the year canidate

  47. Dr. Backshots says:

    Bang 2 Dis Entertainment

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Alicia Keys
    4. 50 Cent
    5. Kanye West
    6. Saigon
    7. Remy Ma
    8. Cassidy

  48. Aunt Jackie says:



  49. OOPS

    I gotta fix my roster, no R and B singer and No female rapper. Well, here’s the correct list for

    Phood Stampz Records

    1) Khia
    2) Tony Sunshine
    3) G. Dep
    4) Canibus
    5) Black Rob
    6) Cam’ron
    7) Cormega
    8) Hell Rell

  50. prince ceasar says:

    Alright, here’s my picks:

    Rise to Power Ent.

    1) Kanye West
    2) 50 Cent
    3) Eminem
    4) Jay- Z
    5) Mary J. Blige
    6) T.I.
    7) Lil Wayne
    8) Nas

  51. Lion XL says:

    **POP…..FIZZZZZZZ….glunk glunk glunk….Splash ( for the brothas not here)…HAPPY Born Day D, the E-drinks are o me!!

    damn, the summers done, we need to get a DP fam night goin or something…

  52. Casey says:

    Vagina Crushers Inc.

    1) Jay-Z
    2) Saigon
    3) Lil Wayne
    4) Nas
    5) The Game
    6) Remy Ma
    7) Mary J Blige
    8) Jim Jones

    I’m hoping Jimmy, Game, or Weezy gets murdered…w.e it takes for the Nikes…

  53. the_dallas says:

    Family and friends,
    Please follow my rules on this shit or I will DQ your label on GP.

    1) only 8 artists, not 9, not a group of niggers unless you list them individually.

    2) take your time and put one fucking label roster on the thread. I swear if I see some motherfucker make fifty eleven revisions I will DQ that nigga. no one pays me shit but their attention and if you too cheap to pay attention then I don’t need you wasting my time.

    3) certain R&B artists go both ways [ll]. I consider artists like Kellz, T-Pain and Latifah both rappers and singers. use the artists that go both ways to your advantage when setting up your label. [ll] again to all that.

    4) no switching artists in mid quarter. like I said before y’all niggas don’t pay me a gotdamn thing to admin this shit so you can play by my rules and win a free pair of sneakers or you can keep bitching from your momma’s basement.


    Get familiar bitches, this site is called Dallas Penn Dot Com

  54. 4evablaised says:

    The Untouchables

    – Jay-Z
    – Nas
    – Kanye West
    – Lil Wayne
    – T.I.
    – Keyshia Cole
    – Mary J. Blige
    – Trina

  55. dubble13 says:

    DubbleUP Entertainment is back up in this piece again….

    No explanations…just raw picks….

    1 JayZ
    2 50 Cent
    3 Lil Wayne
    4 Cassidy
    5 Nas
    6 Saigon (dark horse)
    7 Rhianna
    8 Remy Ma

  56. Lion XL says:

    MC Records
    (Mental Calisthenics )

    Lil Wang
    Ghostface Killa
    Beanie Segal
    Kecia Cole

    My final roster minus the jokes……

  57. Hobbs!!! says:

    Detroitindisbitch Records

    1.) Jay-Z
    2.) Obie Trice (I’m from Detroit)
    3.) Mary J. Blige
    4.) Saigon
    5.) Bow Wow
    6.) Omarion (These faggots got an album coming out)
    7.) Ja Rule
    8.) Cam’ron

  58. Matzah says:

    Suited Out CEO Records

    Lil Wayne
    Three 6 Mafia
    Wu Tang Clan
    Chris Brown
    Lupe Fiasco
    Foxy Brown

  59. Travis Chase says:

    Illmax Records

    1. Jean Grae
    2. Jay-Z
    3. Method Man
    4. Eminem
    5. Akon
    6. Lupe Fiasco
    7. Papoose
    8. T.I

  60. Belize says:

    Im I took late for this?

  61. Mas says:

    NYC Records

    1) Jay Z
    2) 50 Cent
    3) Lil Wayne
    4) Diddy
    5) Cam’Ron
    6) Nas
    RnB) Usher
    Female Rapper) Remy Ma

  62. Nel241 says:

    Diamond Plus Entertainment
    1)Jay – Z
    2)Joell Ortiz
    3)Kanye West
    4)Missy Elliot
    6)Alicia Keys
    8)Snoop Dogg

  63. SH says:

    My bad for the revision but IF I can’t have two R&B artists then I’ll replace Alicia Keys with T-Pain. If my list is fine then I’ll keep it as is.

    North Star Records

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Kanye West
    3. Lil’ Wayne
    4. Soulja Boy
    5. Saigon
    6. Alicia Keys (or T-Pain if 2 R&B artists isn’t allowed)
    7. Chris Brown
    8. Foxy Brown

  64. 360 Bars says:

    360 Bars Inc.
    1. Jay-Z
    2. Chris Brown
    3. Tony Yayo
    4. The Game
    5. 50 Cent
    6. Keysha Cole
    7. Soulja Boy
    8. Lil Wayne

  65. C-Money says:

    New Black Money Entertainment

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Nas
    3. Lil’ Wayne
    4. Remy Ma
    5. Cam’ron (It’s going to be a cold winter)
    6. Keysha Cole
    7. Beanie Sigel
    8. Saigon

  66. hoosteen says:

    Lil Mama
    Method Man
    Lil Wayne
    50 Cent

  67. hoosteen says:

    ^ that shit is 10 Bottlenecks Records

  68. Latino says:

    HardCore Records

    Fat Joe
    Joell Ortiz
    Beanie Sigel
    R. Kelly
    Lil’ kim

  69. Key from the City says:

    The Nappy Ram Affiliates (The N.R.A)

    Jill Scott
    Remy Ma
    Lil Wayne
    Flava Flav

  70. FatBoY says:

    Real talk…….

    That youtube video was the gayest shit.

  71. CF says:

    329 Music

    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Jay-Z
    3. T-Pain
    4. Mary J. Blige
    5. Hurricane Chris
    6. Ti
    7. Diamond from Crime Mob
    8. Usher

  72. Kells says:

    718 Entertainment

    1 Lil Wayne
    2 Mary J Blige
    3 Jay Z
    4 Game
    5 50 Cent
    6 Lil Kim
    7 T Pain
    8 Kanye West

  73. Redd says:

    dp, can u drop bucks ass off of P.D Ent for T.I’s country ass

  74. drefromdapet says:

    bad newz records

    1. 50 cent
    2. jay-z
    3. kanye
    4. lil wayne
    5. nelly
    6. akon
    7. remy ma
    8. t.i.

  75. M(at) C(ohey) Presents Red Rocks Entertainment says:

    The Game
    Kanye West
    Lil’ Wayne
    Chris Brown
    Missy Elliott

  76. Candice says:

    Alright, Alright….I’m in. (and I am so mad at those ghey azz ballet dancing souljah bwoy crankin fools)

    Candyland Records.

    Jay Z
    Kanye West
    Lil Wayne
    Alicia Keys
    50 Cent
    Remy Ma
    The Game

  77. All Starz Entertaiment

    Yo this the winnin lineup fa sho

    1. Lil Wayne (album droppin Dec 18)
    2. Jay-Z (album droppin Nov 6)
    3. Kanye West (king of the charts)
    4. Rick Ross (album droppin Nov 13)
    5. Soulja Boy (album droppin Oct 2)
    6. T.I. (American Gangster movie Nov 2)
    7. Lil Mama (album droppin Oct 23)
    8. Alicia Keys (album droppin Nov 6)

  78. My bad All Starz Entertainment*

  79. M(at) C(ohey) says:

    R&R Red Rocks Entertainment
    but without Missy Elliott

    1. Jay-Z – 2nd G.O.A.T. of the rap game after biggie
    2. Lil’ Wayne – The Cat on everyone’s songs these days
    3. The Game – My personal favorite rapper and lots of jail time possibilities
    4. Kanye West – Radioplay and beat Curtis and magizine appearances
    5. Chris Brown – Young, Talented, and R&B
    6. Foxy Brown – More controversy than any other femcee
    7. Chamillionaire – The Mixtape Messiah’s return to fame
    8. DMX – All of the controversy with him is second only to Micheal Vick

  80. Dub says:

    Does Lil Wayne count as a female rapper?

    M.I.P. Records

    1. Young Buck
    2. Chamillionaire
    3. Eminem
    4. Kanye West
    5. 50 cent
    6. Jay-Z
    7. Usher
    8. Trina

  81. EMBRY says:

    Krack Ko Kaine Entertainment

    50 Cent
    Kanye West
    Remy Ma
    R Kelly
    Lil Wayne
    Jay Z
    P Diddy

  82. Belize says:

    Team Name: BLZ Records


    J. Holiday
    Beanie Sigel
    Tru Life

  83. Connor says:

    Media Whore Records

    1) Jay-Z
    2) Kanye
    3) Fiddy
    4) Jim Jones
    5) Tony Yayo
    6) Cam’Ron
    7) Foxy Brown
    8) Terius “The Dream” Nash

  84. Push Back Records

    1) Killa Cam
    6)Project Pat
    7)R. Kelly

  85. Combat Jack says:

    Combat Jack Records

    1. hova
    2. nas
    3. foxy
    4. neeyo
    5. jim jones
    6. cam’ron
    7. 50 cent
    8. cassidy

  86. B says:

    Team: Gangreen Records

    1. hov
    2. lil wayne
    3. kanye
    4. beans
    5. kiss
    6. styles p
    7. akon
    8. eve

  87. Queenzfinest says:

    Open Cannister
    (1) Jay-Z
    (2)Kanye West
    (3)Keisha Cole
    (6)Souljah Boy (strikly for dat ringtone money!)
    (7)Lil Weezy F. Baby (you know he keep himself waist deep in the mixtape game)
    (8)Eminem (dont sleep on the freat white hope, he still caking off 50 HAHA!!!)

  88. Daesonesb says:

    Fuckin Sellout Records

    2.alicia keyes
    3.Jay z
    4.Soulja Boy
    5.lil wayne
    6.Chris Brown
    7.Mary J Blige

    Yeah so I want the shoes….. There can only be so many okayplayers in the world.

  89. Apollo Moses says:

    All Mighty Cartel
    (1) Kanye West-top seller
    (2) Jay-Z-top money maker
    (3) Nas-top MC
    (4) Lupe Fiasco-top up and comer
    (5) Lil Wayne-top overrated
    (6) Alicia Keys-top artist & Fine First Lady
    (7) Eve-top seller female rapper
    (8)Chamillionaire-top of his game

  90. Wind Breaker Records…

    Lil’ Wang
    Lil’ Shim
    tha’ Gayme
    Ye’ Tudda
    Alicia Keys

    Die motherfuckers die!

  91. Daesonesb says:

    Picking lupe is like asking to lose.

  92. mashout says:

    Death on Arrival (DOA) Records

    Lil Wayne
    Jill Scott

  93. B-Town says:

    Beat Break Records

    Chris Brown
    Foxy Brown
    Styles P
    Ja Rule
    Lil Wayne

  94. ASE Records

    1. Soulja Boy
    2. Eve
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Nas
    5. Jay-Z
    6. Styles P
    7. Lil Wayne
    8. Lupe Fiasco

    **sorry if I repeated, I hit submit but then nothing happened**

  95. keepaniggadown says:

    This is an Institution

    1) Jay-Z
    2) J.Lo
    3) Lil’ Kim
    4) Nelly
    5) Lil’ Wayne
    6) Wyclef Jean
    7) Alicia Keys
    8) Chris Brown

  96. keepaniggadown says:

    Yo, I got the white teeny-boppers on smash with this one. I’ll win it just off record sales

  97. Meka Soul says:

    in case this didn’t work:

    Jesus’ Slap-Boxers

    1. jay-z
    2. 50 cent
    3. alicia keys
    4. soulja boy
    5. remy ma
    6. lil wayne
    7. kanye west
    8. ja rule

  98. O. says:

    Lil Wayne
    Alicia Keys
    Busta Rhymes

    My bad, Talent Show Entertainment is the label.

  99. MoneyMarc says:

    Real Records

    Kanye West
    Lil Wayne
    50 cent
    Remy Ma
    Mary J Blige

  100. Redd says:

    yea shit dont be liking to post sometimes i thought the post was just “closed” or sum shit.

    Pretty Dollar Entertainment:

    1. Jay-z
    2. 50 cent
    3. ll cool j
    4. usher or dj drama
    5. mariah carey
    6. lil wayne
    7. T.I
    8. cam’run

  101. Redd says:

    oh shit i forot…if usher makes my list illegal then i want drama in his place.

  102. the_dallas says:

    You are effing killing me. what do the rules state? where’s your rapper chick? get your shit together homey. You left the second or third comment in this thread with a legit roster and now you are back with a revision and you didn’t even follow the rules.

  103. YBY says:

    Yes Baby Yes Entertainment

    50 Cent
    Lil Wayne
    Alicia Keys
    Lil Mama
    Kanye West

  104. LOWENDOFDACHI says:

    Aural Sex Recording Group

    1. Bishop Lamont
    2. Rich Boy
    3. Plies
    4. Lupe Fiasco
    5. Beyonce
    6. The Game
    7. Saigon
    8. Nina B

    I selected these b/c I figure for the most part they’re younger artists from different regions that might be relevant 5 years from now. We shall see though.

  105. the_dallas says:

    This game is won and lost in the 4th quarter of 2007, not 2012 when I’m sure that half of your roster will be irrelevant.

  106. diggsy says:

    SoundCamp Ent.

    1. T.I.
    2. Eminem
    3. OutKast
    4. Lil Wayne
    5. Mary J. Blige
    6. Jay-Z
    7. Kanye West
    8. Lil Kim

  107. America Done Fell Off Records

    ADFOR had a strong Q3, finishing in the Top5. Props to Gain Green for winning Q3, & becoming the reigning TI MVP.

    My Q4 roster was difficult to select, because many cRap artists with high point potential are dropping albums. My toughest decision was dropping Kanyeezy from my label. It was tough to fire the #1 Q3 cRapper, Kanye Tudda, when the guy scored 1625 pts. But I keep the code of the TI, it’s about what have you done for me lately, no Janet Jackson. Even if it means I have to isht on those that made me a lot of money, word to the TI named Jay-Z. Capitalism is a cold MF game, son.

    America Done Fell Off Records, Q4 Roster:
    50 Cent
    Alicia Keys (R&B singer)
    Lil Wayne
    Queen Latifah (female MC)

  108. Redd says:

    there is a chick on my rooster, but she isnt a rapper. dammit dallas…lol since the female has to be a rapper ill take remy

  109. Redd says:

    in place of cam’run ok im done posting on this drop

  110. @ the label owner keepaniggadown, u have 3 R&Bers J Lo, Chris Brown, & Alicia Keys.

    That ain’t allowed.

    If it is, I want to revise my roster!

  111. the_dallas says:

    This quarters registration is officially closed. Reply to your confirmation e-mails.