Philadelphia Needed To Win One… Badly.


Bigger than the collapse of the Mets is the ascendancy of the Philadelphia Phillies. They have shown a resilience that their beleaguered city is desperate to witness. The horrible poverty that has devastated Camden New Jersey has bled (literally) into the city of brotherly love [ll].

In 2006 Philadelphia had the worst murder rate for any large city and that includes America’s most hardbody city, Detroit. This year has already been even worse in only the first nine months. This is why I am happy for the Philadelphia Phillies and I hope that the Eagles can get their shit together as well. If Philly has something to divert their attention from the encroaching poverty and loss of economic opportunities maybe the tide of violence can be stemmed. Philadelphia’s sports teams must do something positive before basketball season begins and the Sixers start sucking the life out of the city. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around it will be way too late.

In the meantime we need to examine how we can proactively (no P Diddy) control the violence in our neighborhoods. It used to be good enough to build a few more basketball courts and have a few more block parties but those times are past tense. People in the centre city need real solutions on rebuilding their communities. To me this means vocational training that deals with repairing the crumbling infrastructure within the centre city. Enough money has been spent on rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan and Darfur and where the fuck ever. We need to rebuild America.

That’s the team I’m rooting for.

4 Responses to “Philadelphia Needed To Win One… Badly.”

  1. Amadeo says:

    What’s messed up is I had to go check the stats to see how far ahead of us they are. 79 more than Bmore. You got, he got, we got, they got….Mad Chaos.

  2. monique r. says:

    You are right on Dally. No need to worry about other countries when….we’ve got our own people killing eachother and a massively high suicide rate.

  3. Philadelphia if I am ever there I will just make sure I am not around a bunch of dudes with beards, No Overt profiling. Yo Padres better win tonight against the Rockies………JIMMY ROLLINS MVP

  4. 40 says:

    Fuck The Phillies… Fuck all you Yankee Fans also.

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