American Gangster… Who The Fuck Cares?!?

ag crowe

Am I the only Black person alive who hasn’t seen the film ‘American Gangster’? Is this almost a renouncement of my ghetto pass? I’m certainly not going to the movie theater to see that shit because you know fools will shoot at the screen, but I haven’t even considered hitting my dude Ahmed the African off. He’s got the joint directly from the studio along with the official artwork for only a five spot.

I mean, I will eventually watch that shit. Its just that I have a gang of ‘Bionic Woman’ to go through along with ’30 Rock’ and ‘Heroes’. Do I feel like giving away two hours of my money to watch that bullshit? Fuck the price of a movie ticket, or even a clear as day bootleg copy. I’m considering the value of my time and energy being wasted by just sitting somewhere watching some straight up bolshevik.

I don’t know about you kids but I value my time at over $100 per hour. So the time I spend being unproductive is like giving away my money. I already have a day job that taxes the eff out of me, along with my need to be twisted a minimum of four days a week. That doesn’t leave a window wide enough for me to give DENZEL WASHINGTON or RUSSELL CROWE my $250 dollars. Its not like I’m going to learn anything from this film that selling drugs myself hasn’t already shown me.

Maybe it will. Maybe it will show the story of an ambitious and enterprising young businessman who resorted to selling narcotics to help his mother pay her rent. Maybe I’ll get to watch a film that discloses who refines and manufactures these narcotics so that they can be delivered to the distribution outlets? The fact that narcotics are so prevalent in western culture might be one of the themes discussed in this film. I doubt all the above, but as ‘Ye Tudda would say, “that shit might could happen.”

‘American Gangster’ is the story of how man had decided to destroy his community because of his lust for money. I don’t even mean Frank Lucas, the real person or the fictitious character being blamed for Harlem’s heroin epidemic. I am speaking on the man that was formerly part of humanity. The United States is filled with millions of Frank Lucases, Oliver Norths, and George Bushes who will kindly join forces to terminate people indiscriminately. Those of us left in the wake of their hurricanes of greed can only fight for scraps or pick up the pieces.

Hollywood isn’t hardbody enough to print the real ending to an American gangster’s fairytale.

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  1. FLYNFLA says:


  2. Chris says:

    You’re right, DP.

    Fuck that bullshit.

  3. Robbie says:

    “Hollywood isn’t hardbody enough to print the real ending to an American gangster’s fairytale.”

    That more than makes up for your co-signing of those Gym Glass Hero fudge’s.

  4. Blackwater says:

    I feel you famo, but that movie was descent though. I just didn’t think they would really make him out to be a boss like that seeing as how he is black. But they really showed how he sidestepped the whole Mafia and got his own connect and really ran his shit from the ground up. Even though this shit was about the dope game, it was still about a enterprising muhhfukka. I can respect that much about it.

  5. I haven’t seen it yet either, and I’m quite the fan of gangster movies. I’ll hopefully get around to it one day. I can’t even say that for sure. Shit, I don’t even have time to sit down and watch a 30 minute episode of the Boondocks without thinking of some random thing I forgot to do. But, such is life.

  6. Redd says:

    i watched that shit on a few weeks ago. not all its cracked up to be.

    amercan gangster (JAY-Z’S ALBUM NOT LIL WAYNE OR JIM JONE’S GARBAGE ASS MIXTAPE) > american gangster the film.

  7. evan says:

    I’m sure I’ll catch this because my “film savvy” friends have a dirty hard on (pure homo) for Denzel and the same performance he’s been giving [||] for years. The lines might read different, but what’s the difference between this Denzel and the one from Man on Fire, Inside Man, Training Day or Remember the Titans.

    Nothing, and to top it off they went and got Russell Crowe so he can suppress his Aussie accent and speak in a slow and low (mmmm bbq) American non distinct dialect.

    This movies is 100% paint by numbers and unless I’m seeing it for free, count me amongst the HBO viewers this time next year.

  8. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    Dallas, Unless they show the dead bodies coming back from Vietnam full of heroin and shipped in on Air America then it ain’t really about nothing. Let me do a film on drugs and I’ll show Ollie North and the Iran/Contra/Drugs for Guns to make the Bush/CIA/Nixon money train/crack/meth connection anything else is just bullshit and as the man noted the same Denzel rethread/grade b/retro/see it before/bs
    Ernie (holla if you hear me, fuck you if you don’t) Paniccioli
    PS If you want to see a hardbody (not nullus) film check out “Another Side Of Hip Hop” in the Big Apple Film Festival Nov. 17th 2pm

  9. Aunt Jackie says:

    i haven’t seen, don’t know if i need to see, not sure that in the wake of this slippery economic slope that keeps causing black men to get shot at, nooses to get hung in public and a plethora of other social maladies, this is something i need.

    my boy in brooklyn suggested that perhaps this is the wrong time to pump up our youth with a fantasy of drug money heaven…and lets not forget about our player parter TI who wanted to just be like Uncle Frank.

    For now, I’ll pass!

  10. Sangano says:

    Ok jock riders – I’ve seen the film and it’s a good film, Dal I recommend that you do see it, if not in the theater, then on dvd – its well thought out, dynamic and in a completly different vein than Scarface (if that’s whats turning you off to it) i’d actually say that its more reminiscent of a Donnie Brasco, where parallel realms of good and evil exist and your not sure who to root for, but you do end up knowing that it’s reality…and reality is o so real. Fine maybe the bad man was glorified just a little but that’s set off by how realistically crooked cops are presented. It’s a battle of good and evil my man and although we don’t always know which is which I do know that the Movies is GOOD – so get up off your manga watching ass and peep the flick!

  11. Sangano says:

    plus Jersey’s repped quite well…bonus points!

  12. Quita says:

    obviously u care….u took all time to write this bulls***

  13. Carl Paris says:

    Great movie, but who was the role model to look-up ? These movies needs pray to better guide I’ll younger generation. Drug users and dealer are worker of deception and against GODS PLAN FOR MANKIND. Respect yourself
    and get away from expressing yourself with ungodly language. satan is a LYE

  14. sean price(4real) says:

    damn son im in helsinki on tour
    youre a great writer my dude im proud of you my G
    scream at me when u can

  15. jayman says:

    yall are crazy as hell, american gangster was one of the best movies this year hands down, how can you talk about denzel giving the same performance, do you know anything about acting. he’s going down as one of the best to ever do it. his track record speaks for itself. he definitely has one of the best body’s of work in film history. go rent cry freedom, malcolm x, glory, hurricane, devil in a blue dress, just to name a few and you will c what the deal is.

  16. nimisiskrash says:

    yea what ruck said keep up the real talk 4 the real folks. hail meg.

  17. Kory Mcnamee says:

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