POLITRICKS 2008: What’s The 4-1-1? Still 9-1-1.


RUDOLPH GIULIANI has been receiving MSM praise recently for speaking publicly without referring to the terrorist attacks on the World trade Center for almost thirty whole minutes. This is a sign that he may one day be able to speak for a whole hour without bringing out any more anecdotes of that fateful day burned into most of our collective consciousness. I doubt it though.

I don’t see why GIULIANI would even consider changing the game plan that has worked so well for him. Everything he has done in his political career up to this point has been centered around the fact that he may have better timing than a Swiss watchmaker. In politricks, good timing is even better than the truth. For a moment I’d like to dispel a few of the myths inside of the GIULIANI canon so that when you hear these talking points being pushed over the next twelve months you will be able to separate fact from fiction.

  • Myth #1: GIULIANI takes down the mob
  • The mob was so played out by the time RUDOLPH GIULIANI had his first assignment carrying weed for ALPHONSE D’AMATO. Actually, the Italian mob, which GIULIANI takes the credit for dismantling, was already on the skids. Meanwhile, the thorough Reds(Ruskies and Gooks) were handling their business like it was the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  • Myth #2: GIULIANI is a crime-stopper
  • Since most people in this country treat books like they carry the AIDS virus not too many folks have gone in on the book called ‘Freakonomics’. There is some heavy shit inside that book. One of the ideas they have proffered is that the birth control revolution that decreased the national birthrate in the 1980’s also decreased the national crime rate twenty years later. It wasn’t just NYC which saw a drop in violent crime, but the country as a whole. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, and speaking about mafia connections, BERNARD KERIK, GIULIANI’s consummate chronic carrier(no Spliff Star) is facing a Federal tax evasion and racketeering indictment.

  • Myth #3: GIULIANI is a 9-1-1 hero
  • Did you know that RUDOLPH GIULIANI dodged the Vietnam War by claiming he was going into the seminary? A man that will lie on GOD does not give a flying fuck about anything else. Non-New Yorkers don’t know how sick this city had become of GIULIANI and his equally opportunistic, family-wrecking, socialite girlfriend JUDITH NATHAN. Between KERIK, and NATHAN, GIULIANI had already created a public cocoon of bodyguards and defenders who refused to tell the king that he wore no underpants. That selfish insulation and lack of respect for anyone outside of his inner circle is why the Fire Department personnel would lack the communication devices necessary to save their lives before the Towers collapsed. If a somber, yet insincere press conference after thousands of people have needlessly died is what America wants for a president then RUDY should win hands down because that is what the Iraq aftermath will be.

  • Myth #4: GIULIANI is a Yankee fan
  • Anyone that claims to be a lifelong Yankee fan, and then roots for the Boston Red Sox can’t be trusted on his word under any conditions. Evar.

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    18 Responses to “POLITRICKS 2008: What’s The 4-1-1? Still 9-1-1.”

    1. ernie paniccioli says:

      I love Guiliani. Love him like I love the Ebola virus, like I love taxes, like I love crowded subways in August with no air conditioning, love him like I love being stuck in traffic and having to take a piss, love him like I love john Wayne, Elvis and the clap. Love him like I love Bush, love him like I love trying to get into a subway at 4am and not having any metro card, love him like I love Nixon, Love him like I love sleet, freesing cold ass rain and CondomLizard Rice, love him like I love Nelly, Love him like I love Crunk, love him like I love the war in Iraq, Love him like I love Jerry Falwell, love him like I love women who tell me no, love him like I love gas prices, love him like I love Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet or Daddy Bush, love him like I love Puffy as a rapper, like I love bitch asses who front and call themselves “Experts on Gender issues” while trying to get laid and trying to hope MF’s forget they used to beat, abuse and even rape women . Ernie Paniccioli

    2. the_dallas says:

      ^ Nahh but f’real Ernie, how do you feel?

      Ern whats up mayne?

    3. Dart_Adams says:

      Fuck Julie…I’m still on that ’97 mentality.


    4. Maxine says:

      Pat Roberson endorsed this bitch so now it’s really on.

    5. Candice says:

      I spit on Rudy’s shoes.

    6. Belize says:

      Ernie for president..lol

    7. ernie paniccioli says:

      I’m sorry for being disrespectful to the brave, strong, kind Mayor who led us after the attacks of 9-11. In keeping with the new, kinder, gentler , Ernie I will be more polite.
      Dear Mr. Guiliani, Please eat a dick. Respectfully, Ernie

    8. Chris says:

      Juliani as president —-> martial law

    9. The Ether Referree says:

      Ernie Paniccioli completely Schiavod Giuliani there.

      A certified ethering of the highest quality.

    10. Amadeo says:

      I’ve been thinking…him and Bush get alot of credit for basically “being there” during 911. If that’s the case let’s get some of the alkies from by my job to run. They’ve been in the middle of mad crazy shit.

    11. ernie paniccioli says:

      Vote For Guiliani/ Julie Annie. We need him, like the water needs rain, like the sun needs more heat, like salt needs more sodium, like Crunk needs more dumb asses, like strippers need more cellulite, like teenagers need more pimples, like jay needs bigger lips, like Iraq needs more bloodshed, like Antartica needs more snow, like the Congress needs more comb overs, like Adidas needs more stripes like Nike needs more sneakers, like Sharpton needs more jogging suits, like Jesse jackson needs to mumble more, like rappers need more chains, like Trump needs more money, like Dallas needs more sneakers, like Rastas needs more weed and longer dreads, like Busta needs more tattoos. Bitch ass Motherfucking punk Rudy.-Ernie

    12. ernie paniccioli says:

      Take the most hard bodied, strong, honest, clean, loving, humane, decent man who loves his people, adores his children, blesses us with kindness and wisdom, shares the little he may have, strives to be better, tries to make the planet a little bit better and knows that in the grand scheme of things he is a grain of sand on an infinite beach
      Then turn that same man inside out and you have the blueprint for a soul less, heart less, scumbag that loves men in uniforms, hates his kids, shits on his wife and makes the life of poor people and people of color a living fucking hell named Rudy Guliani

    13. ernie paniccioli says:

      The best part of Rudy Guliani ran down his mother’s leg. Ernie

    14. Lion XL says:

      Ernie, Ernie, Ernie….you just raped and pillaged G-man’s whole campaign….tooo funny

    15. ernie paniccioli says:

      “Rudy” bills himself as a moderate.Here is why:
      He thinks the death penalty for jaywalking is too severe.
      He thinks light skinned Blacks are acceptable.
      He thinks anyone that makes over $500,000 a year is okay.
      Not all Muslims are bad, only the ones from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Tunisia, USA, Europe, Asia.
      Women should be treated equal (but he’s not sure what they are equal to).
      Police and plumbers should be paid more (but only those police who put plungers up the ass of Haitians).
      Not all criminals are Black, but all Blacks are criminals.
      Anyone charged with a crime is guilty (except his butt buddy Kerik).

    16. ernie paniccioli says:

      I thought Maxine was kidding.
      I saw Guiliani and Pat Robertson together on TV.
      Two bone ugly, racist, shit fucks that love money, hate the poor and all Blacks, would love to live in a total dictatorship.
      I guess evil recognizes evil.

    17. Dj RaYz says:

      Ernie you are genius! I love your poems.

    18. Ernie Paniccioli says:

      Serious Question for 100 Points-
      What’s the difference between Rudy Guiliani and a bucket of shit?

      Answer-The bucket.

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