First things first, let me get my thank you’s in order…

  • Shouts to Nike who e-mailed me the invite to their holiday party.
  • Shouts to my peoples at ThinkTank Marketing just because they my peoples.
  • Shouts to my homey SEAN WILLIAMS, CHAD and the sneakerheads over at Obsessive Sneaker Disorder.
  • True story, funny story about the sneakers pictured below. I bought these Dunks tonight because they are part of the Nike charity collection where the proceeds go to the DOERNBECHER Children’s Hospital of Portland(OR). You know I’m for the children so any move for a children’s charity is a good feel for me. I was especially amped to copp these because the card says that they were designed by RICKY RUDD. Well shiver my timbers! RICKY RUDD is the official DP Dot Com Nascar driver(as soon as DP Dot Com starts following Nascar).

    Funny story is the RICKY RUDD in question is not the racecar driver but some retahd kid in the hospital getting chemotherapy for some shit.

    doernbecher dunks

    Next week Thursday 12/06 at NIKETOWN NYC there will be a free holiday party. The booze and beverages are free. The sneakers… Not so much. But if you NEVER go to a NIKETOWN retail installation why not go in and get yourself a free pomegranate vodka cocktail.

    F.Y.I. You can go to this in-store event in whatever city has a NIKETOWN store
    11/29 – Atlanta, Phipps Plaza
    11/29 – Boston
    11/29 – Chicago
    11/29 – Los Angeles
    11/29 – Palm Beach
    11/29 – San Francisco
    11/30 – Beverly Hills
    12/2 – Santa Clara
    12/5 – Denver
    12/6 – Eugene

    Just submit your RSVP here.

    Afterwards come with me downtown to PIANO’s on Ludlow Street for the Stand Up! rap music showcase with DONNY GOINES, HIRED GUN, CAUSE, NY OIL and SEAN PRICE.

    11 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

    1. This ish was last night here in diego, I forgot to go after I had RSVP’d that blicka’. I lost

    2. I got to Nike Town and Tell’em wipe me down…..

    3. Grand Master says:

      “showcase with … SEAN PRICE.”

      whaaaat the fuck…. i see you there, dallas, all slick just making revelations casual-like at the end of a drop, droppin names like RUCK…

    4. dameSTAtus says:

      Thanks DP..I’m going to hit up the SF one tonight.

      I’ll go to the niketown site to see what time it starts. Chuuch from the Left Coast!

    5. GeekyFresh says:

      What time does it start?

    6. I took 1 month off from listening to new music – damn there’s a lot of new ish son!

      I started with these 2, both dope, I recommend a listen
      Cunninlynguists 2007 Dirty Acres
      Seal 2007 System

      Props to Dart Adams, son is workmanlike in his blog in reviewing the new ish. The Cop It Or Not TM system is simple yet very effective.

    7. nation says:

      not sure when I sent my e-mail… but did I just get the cold shoulder?

      Phil Whight stays winning

    8. omegaSB says:


    9. mashout says:

      i went to the one in nyc the other day. i stayed by the drink stand and wasnt leaving until i won some klind of gift certificate. Unfortunatley I left with shoes i paid for and a stomach full of free smirnoff. That damn tree lighting held me up to the next bar tho. These mfs tried their hardest to shut down midtown.

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