cRap Music Fantasy League – Q4 cRap-Up


Now if you told me that ALICIA KEYS was going to be the MVP for the Q4 of the cRap Music Fantasy League I would not have believed you. Mr. KEYS is certainly a formidable blue chip prospect, but she would have to beat out the 2007 Q3 MVP as well as El Presidente Hovito who normally pwns crap music fourth quarters.

ALICIA KEYS did it though with her double platinum album, ‘As I Am’ along with her television and charity concert appearances. Finally a cRap Music Fantasy League star that actually scores points based on talent and putting in work, as opposed to just shooting someone and getting arrested. Take a look at the top 10 cRap Music scoring stars…

Alicia Keys 2900
Jay-Z 2450
TI 2125
Kanye West 2050
Common 1400
Pimp C 1200
50 Cent 1050
Lil Wayne 1025
Diddy 1000
T-Pain 600

As you can clearly see, A. KEYS was the boss bitch for the Q4. Jay-Z followed her closely thanks to the media push for his latest album. T.I. used his motion picture role and a multi-count Federal indictment to earn his spot. KanYe’s last album sales have slowed, but the death of his beloved mother gave his score a bump. Common is a top 5 alive cRapper. Pimp C broke into the top 10 for the first, and more than likely the last time by earning a thousand points for his demise. 50 Cent is one of the usual suspects, while Diddy and Lil’ Wayne show their ability to come up in the game without even releasing any music.

If your record label had a majority of these cRappers then you were more than likely going to compete for the Q4 crown. As it stands now two labels are actually tied for first place coming into the final days of the contest. The winner won’t be announced until January 1st so anything can happen from now until then.

America Done Fell Off Records 11600
WindBreaker Records 11600
All Starz Entertainment 11050
CRap-A-lot Records 10300
Candyland Records 10200
Bang 2 Dis Entertainment 10200
Krack Ko Kaine Entertainment 10075
Incilin Productions 9900
Jesus Slap Boxers 9825
Gain Green Records 9600
Berries & Cream Records 9525
WTF Records 9375
Bodega Inc 9325
WDISL Records 9025
Funk Town Records 8525
SayDatNuccaName Wreckids 8500
The Nappy Ram Affiliates 8025
Fuckin Sellout Records 7825
Talent Show Entertainment 7675
Gunshine State Music 7525
Open Cannister Recordz 7325
North Star Records 7275
Fantasy Records 7175
Pretty Dollar Entertainment 7025
329 Music 6850
Beat Break Records 6650
Media Whore Records 6225
Bottlenecks Records 6125
NYC Records 6000
DubbleUp Entertainment 5875
Brick Productions 5725
Solutions Global Media 5550
Combat Jack Records 5450
Vagina Crusher Records 5425
Barely Literate Entertainment 5300
MIP Records 5225
Mental Calisthenics 5125
New Black Money Records 4900
Death On Arrival Records 4400
ASE Records 4325
The Block Is Hot Music Group 4325
BLZ Records 3700
Detroit In Dis Bitch Records 3575
County Of Kings Records 3250
Know The Limit Records 1825
Six Feet Deep Promotions 325

For a complete and comprehensive look at label rosters and scoring events download the cRap Music Fantasy League scoring spreadsheet powered by El Gringo Colombiano.

  • Q4 cMFL Spreadsheet
  • And for those of you interested in earing a free pair of sneakers courtesy of BILLY X. SUNDAY and XXL Magazine Dot Com follow this link to the registration for nest year’s Q1

  • 2008 Q1 cRap Music Fantasy League Registration
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    39 Responses to “cRap Music Fantasy League – Q4 cRap-Up”

    1. Enigmatik says:

      i’d beast a. keys and fall asleep in that same bosom.

    2. khal says:

      whoa those chest hairs are nast. maybe i should get down with 2k8 squad.

    3. zillz says:

      i’d still smash.

    4. SolutionsGlobalMedia says:

      Damn! What happen with Mary? She is killin’ it. And Wayne just dropped tha’ Leak. . . Where them points at cuz’???????????????????

    5. Incilin says:

      Why da fuck didn’t I know A Keys had an album coming out this quarter until after it got released??? I deserve to lose for that reason alone. I’m fuckin idiots for pickin Keysha over A Keys. Especially since I actually like keys music a lot. Fuck. another wasted chance.

    6. hottnikz says:

      tell me that photoshop

    7. hottnikz says:

      damn, austin powers

    8. Reptile214 says:

      Wouldn’t Bun B earn points also with the passing of Pimp C; he did lose his partner [||].

    9. Many Queen Latifah point scoring events in Q4

      Queen Latifah produced & narrated this movie
      Oct-05 Latifah throws 1st pitch of ALDS baseball playoff game, NYY v Cle

      bus deal – Queen Latifah to be “spokeswoman” for Jenny Craig

      her “Travelin Light” album nominated for a Grammy award

      gossip that Latifah is gonna marry her female personal trainer,CST-FTR-zp10.article

    10. why does Kanye get 500 pts for his mom dying?

      Strikes me as unfair. I’m sure many cRappers have their parent, wife, or child die, without getting points. Especially 500 points, which is massive in the cRap game

    11. Many Queen Latifah point scoring events in Q4

      Queen Latifah produced & narrated this movie

      Oct-05 Latifah throws 1st pitch of ALDS baseball playoff game, NYY v Cle

    13. Queen Latifah her “Travelin Light” album nominated for a Grammy award


      btw, why is only minimal text allowed for the comment to not have to “await moderation”? Can you change that setting Dallas?

    15. the_dallas says:

      The comments section is set up to thwart spammers. You know, the people that will leave thousands of useless comments.

      You have read the rules for cMFL before. Why are you leaving me gossip links? Who cares who Common is “dating”. Send me the link to Common’s arrest for date rape if you want some points.

    16. Dallas, you yourself said that if an event happened that we didn’t catch for our cRapper, we are to comment about it here. Your words & directions.

      If I could actually put more text in a ONE comment, I would do so.

      About Common/Serena, I thought that fell under “notoriety points”. My bad if this isn’t the case.

    17. the_dallas says:

      You can put a shiteload of TEXT in the comments section. Spammers use HYPERTEXT and I have my settings installed to stop spammers.

      I’m glad that you finally got active for your roster of cRappers and since you helped me develop the scoring system you should have a stronger intuition about what earns your roster points. Since I am ultimately the judge and the jury here are some of the points that will be submitted for the final update…

      Queen Latifah scores for her jig holiday movie
      Queen Latifah scores for her Jenny Craig endorsement deal
      Common scores for his music video
      Bun B scores full death points for Pimp C’s death
      KanYe scores full death points for his mother
      Lil’ Wayne gets NO points for his MIXTAPE release
      Mary J Blige gets Gold Certification points for her new album

    18. community bullshyt: Alicia Keys sings at/supports writers’ strike

    19. the_dallas says:

      ^ Thats a funny story, but sorry no points for Alicia Keys spotted bagging groceries at the Krogers

    20. Sorry if I don’t fully understand the point scoring system. I don’t understand why TI gets points for giving away turkeys, but Queen latifah does NOT get points for throwing the 1st pitch at a MLB playoff game. It seems to me that both are equal “community bullshyt” events.

      So if it may get points, I comment it, for you to judge it.

    21. the_dallas says:

      I feel you[ll] on that issue, but there is definitely two separate agendas for giving away turkeys and throwing a first pitch. You are way too smart to act obtuse.

    22. Dennlive says:

      Funny back and forth on petty points…but it’s gettin in the way of thinkin about A. Keys hairy chesticles and all the fun things we can do with them…

    23. Marvelous Mo says:

      man i am still trying to decifer if that picture is photoshopped or the real deal. lol @ that.

    24. Casey says:

      Man, Sai shoulda dropped this quarter…and why did i take fuckin Jim Jones?

    25. Karamel says:


      My distaste for fisty scent cost me a pair of sneakers. Moral of this story kids is NEVER make business personal. ever.

      cRap-A-lot for LIFE!!!

    26. it would be a perfect time for Nelly to do some dumb shyt & score some notoriety points. Nelly has been the underperformer [||] of my cRap squad.

    27. ….damn she need to wax that, how she gunna be takin flicks wit some hairy cleavage… thats nasty

    28. El Camello Jose aka Joe Camel is also diversified in the real estate biz

    29. Golden parachute fired-CEO Jay-Z also had a Las Vegas concert on Dec-29

      Also Dallas, did you credit points for A Keys’ new years eve televised show?

    30. J-Easy says:

      we should start gettin points for production credits, maybe make it mandatory to have a producer on the roster similar to the r&b and femcee rules… just a suggestion… thoughts??

    31. Mlb Baseball Playoff Schedule…

      Now if you told me that ALICIA KEYS was going to be the MVP for the Q4 of the cRap Music Fantasy Lea[…]…

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