AIDS Rules Everything Around Me…


A leading auto-immune system research scientist, BILL NARAYAN, passed away this week. Dr. NARAYAN has been working to develop a low cost vaccine for HIV/AIDS to be distributed in economically impoverished countries. I’d like to act like his heart attack was some kind of plot by the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates to thwart his vaccine development, but honestly, I believe the doctor was in bed with these companies in the first place.

The big problem I have come to understand about the so-called AIDS virus is that it lacks a viral fingerprint. Every virus on the planet from Ebola to the bird flu all have distinct fingerprints that you can register when you submit their blood cultures to a microscope. AIDS is the only human virus that only has… Symptoms?!?

The detection of an overproduction of white blood cells is generally considered the marker for HIV infection. However, the overproduction of white cells can occur for a variety of reasons. One could have influenza or even be pregnant. I firmly believe that whether you are diagnosed to have HIV/AIDS, or the common flu all depends on your sexual preference, your race, and your class status. The doctors that have opened this argument have been summarily disenfranchised. With billions of trillions of dollars at stake for the industry of AIDS it would be extremely bad business to ultimately disavow the disease.

So we continue to demonize sex as a culture which in turn creates the need for pornography. I ask you to take a step backwards and determine for yourself if the moneys generated by pornography aren’t in proportion to the media push to censor it, and the research dollars granted to “fight” the spread of HIV? What do I know anyhoo? Maybe the whole AIDS epidemic is a hoax after all. At least it is giving me some freaky images to stare at on my computer.

Do you think the scorpion is a male or female? Nevermind[ll].


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  1. zillz says:

    #1. in the future, we’re gonna harvest Magic Johnson’s blood for the cure on some Heroes shit.

    #2. dude is fuckin the shit outta that scorpion

  2. zillz says:

    what does it smell like spider?

  3. zillz says: got the last WDISL of the year!

  4. persuede says:

    That these images — as gross as they are — were generated by the industry built around fighting AIDS says it all.

  5. persuede says:

    I just read the article in the link:

    “ImmunoGenetix was assembling an application to the Food and Drug Administration for permission to test Narayan’s vaccine on a small number of people.”

    Great post D and spot on — everybody except the sick, the poor and the disenfranchised are making out with both the :disease” and the hunt for a “cure.”

  6. Those AIDES ads are something else. Leave it to the French to come up with something like that. Have you seen the commercials? They’re on YouTube. I give the organization credit though, a lot of their goals are very noteworthy and they emphasize things that a lot of people forget about while they’re so swept up in finding a cure for the damn thing, like discrimination against HIV/AIDS positive citizens in the workplace and things of that nature. I touched a bit on their organization in a research paper I did comparing the issues that developing countries face when dealing with AIDS versus the issues that developed countries face. Interesting results.

    I forgot my point.
    Have a good day, DP.

  7. Tony says:

    Holy shit this is some an awesome post. I have to link. I’m still wearing a condom though . . . Right now as a matter of fact.

    Awesome take on the subject Dallas.

  8. CeezDiem says:

    Til they find a (affordable) cure, you better believe i will be smashin them scorpions with a jimmy hat on. T…t…t… TWo TIMES!!!

    And ladies, i know its obtuse, but always make the suspect arachnids you just met at the club rock a dental daaaamn when eating up that snooch.

  9. the_dallas says:

    I have to be honest with y’all, I’m a little confused with the insect imagery.

    The scorpion always seemed like a masculine animal since it is trying to stick its thing in something, while I always regarded the black widow as the poisonous killer spider.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into these poster ads since they are French and everyone knows how freaky the francois like to keep shit.

  10. DP, you do the best posts man. Happy New Year my niggs!!!

  11. DP – the bit of research I did into the organization led me to the conclusion that those particular ads were run for the shock value – like the insects are essentially symbolic of HIV, and it takes the beauty out of the act of sex and whatnot. Like “yo ain’t this shit nasty? this is what happens when you don’t use condoms” or something like that. I’m not explaining it well. If I can dig up the info again I’ll post up a link.

    I can’t find the commercial I had seen before but…here’s some of their ad work:
    the second one starts getting interesting around the 1 minute mark.

  12. and while you’re at it, watch this rousing endorsement for vibrators for kicks:

  13. omegaSB says:

    oh its no hoax….my parents died of it …i should have died from it ..if u need any “substantial” information to me ….AIDS has shadowed my life since birth

  14. Blackwater says:

    aids kills word up respect this…coming from the Wu it’s real

  15. spider says:

    in the first pic, i was reminded of monte cristo sandwiches with powdered sugar salted upon it. Magnifique!

    now the second, well, i can’t claim rape since i wanted it, but my fluid is backed up in the thorax because of him, and it hurts.

    dallas, the ads reflect a well known story:

    “come into my home, says the spider to the fly…”

  16. prynsex says:

    I think the AIDS already got to dude in the last pic.

    Look at the bottom of his feet…………..

    Can you say “throw away black”.

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