50 Bullets >>> 20 Years


Let me start this drop off with the admission that the murder of police officer EDWARD BYRNE was a tragedy. His assignment on the evening he was murdered however reeks of a setup from inside his precinct house.

Why the hell was the first year cop on an overnight witness protection detail all alone?

And seriously speaking, Pappy Mason was a feared drug dealer, but not someone with the power or INFRASTUCTURE to order the murder of a police officer from his jail cell. Shit like Cosa Nostra can do that because they own the infrastructure in the underworld that facilitates that sort of retribution. You have to have so many people on your payroll in legit jobs like judges, court clerks and police personnel so that you still have real-time access to information when you are in the pen.

You think Fat Cat Nichols and Pappy Mason had that kind of network? GTFOH! They were getting wealthy from crack cocaine like all the other Blacks that played their position in the drug trade. The seller’s position that is. Pappy Mason did not have the influence to kill a cop, which in ‘hood terms means that everyone in the ‘hood will be subjected to Hell until the police have drawn their pints of blood. When a Black drug dealer is arrested, even a reputed kingpin, there are a dozen other people ready to fill his shoes, even his mother.

I mention the case of EDWARD BYRNE since it is being bandied about as the officers that are responsible for the murder of SEAN BELL are brought to trial this week. The NYC media reminds us that it has been twenty years since the death of police officer EDWARD BYRNE and somehow these two cases share a connection other than the undeclared fact that this precinct is filled with cops who have little to no respect for this impoverished Black community.

SEAN BELL’s killers are cut from the same cloth as the corrupt police who profited from the drug trade in this southeast Queens community two decades prior. These cops know they live above the law and their derision with the community is manifested through incessant ‘stop and searches’ of pedestrians and motorists. This is the everyday lifestyle for the boro of Queens poorest residents. Your reward for making it into your apartment with your contraband is that now you can self-medicate in order to help you forget the world outside of your cage home.

Don’t believe the hype when the mainstream media tells you that SEAN BELL’s murder is connected to that of EDWARD BYRNE unless they name the precinct captain that ordered both hits.

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  1. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    if memory serves me well there was a rap song by some group out of Compton that said Fuck The Police and the beloved X Clan sang FTP. But it is getting deeper, now thanks to Mayor (fuck the bill of rights and individual freedoms) Bloomberg there is a mandatory DNA sampling for anyone even remotely related to any degree of an infraction. Ernie

  2. Vee says:

    I’m missing something.
    How is Byrne’s death related to Bell’s?

  3. 40 says:

    Vee, I’m gonna take a stab at it and say that its part of the dynamic of cops and people in Southeastern Queens. Which seems to have kept some high profile case in the media since the Byrne murder.

  4. KiNGrEX says:

    Real Talk

  5. Mel says:

    Fcuk the po-lice indeed.

  6. nimisiskrash says:


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