tampa moat

I have been driving all around the ‘A’ trying to come up on these Dunk SB Mids…

I did however copp the Clubber Lang SB’s in a size 14 for only $40 cent.

clubber lang

I pity the fool that don’t own a pair of NIKE SB’s.

clubber lang

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  1. Nattiez says:

    Bruh. What are those SB’s. Clubber Lang? thats real? they are crazy. Hook the winner of your NCAA up. I can get Twerkolator to grab them. Talk to me bruh. Where can i ge those? You got any history on them? Clubber Lang?

  2. Nattiez says:

    Also, ive been in and out of Atl since college in 93 and you truly have to dig for kicks. and i dont do the boutique shit like that, so where are you running thru down there? I also found a little gem of a spot in Mt Vernon.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    I dig the CL joints. Nice!

  4. the_dallas says:

    I fuxxx with the Nike Dunk hardbody. Nike SB’s cost a grip up top. I can buy them here in ATL for MSRP. My new spot is called Ambush. It’s in Kennesaw.

    If you win the NFL Pick ‘Em pool you will score another pair of free kicks. Stay tuned.

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    Nattiez–I’m wit cha’ there….I love fresh kicks, but I hate them pretentious ass boutique stores, where they don’t want you to touch anything and no A-Rab discount…in fact they mark them shitz up higher for the standin’ in line for 3 days, tight jean wearin’, pink-lilac-turquoise wearin’, mini-blind shades wearin’ hipsters!Haha!

  6. J™ says:

    ^fool that don’t own a pair of NIKE SB’s.^

    I’ve got a pair of the black and the white “jordunk” III’s and that’s it as far as Dunks go. I’ve just never really liked the look of them.

    I mainly fux with AM87’s aka 1’s, 3’s aka 90’s, and AM97’s, Jordan III, IV, and V’s. To me, there is no other runner/athletic shoe on earth that can get with the level AM90’s are on, for looks and comfort. I just wish we got the UK releases. They get all the fly mesh ones, and we’re stuck the ugly glow in the dark leather ones.

    Speaking of, anybody seen any of the re-release of the infrared AM90’s anywhere?

  7. the_dallas says:

    No Air Max 95’s? Those are teh GOAT A.M.’s in my opinion. And the most comfortable are the 360’s.

  8. DirtyJerz says:

    I think the Air Max 1’s are the GOAT, jus’ that NIKE be f*ckin’ up with the colorways lately…95’s too…but I think they nailed it with the red/white AM1’s and the neon 95’s…but they’ve been doin’ their thing with the WMNs colorways

  9. I like the SB dunks. Got a pair of the Milli Vanilli joints.

    $40 for Clubber Langs (or any Nike product)…DP stays winning.

    What are the other pair you couldn’t find? Looks like a ninja turtle theme.

  10. dame51 says:

    You are mad prolific with the posts and with the bargain hunting. respect!

    Ambush in Kennesaw huh… (goes to google.).

    Holler if you get out this eve. MJQ is popping on the free tip, hit me up.

  11. the_dallas says:

    They are calling those joints the Tampa Moats, after some skate park in Tampa Bay.

    Yo Dame51, where was that spot that you took me too on Saturday nite. There was a crazy amount of flyness up in there.

    Tonight is Jill Scott at Chastain Park.

  12. J™ says:

    @ Dallas, nope on the 95’s. Some look pretty fresh, but for the most part, I think the 95’s are kinda wack *ducks and runs* I’ll co-sign on the neons and maybe the running man’s, but that’s about it. Like DirtyJerz is saying, Nike needs to get their mind right when it comes to coloways on the 95’s before they grab my attention.

    360’s are quite cushy, but the 90’s feel like gloves made for my feet. Plus, I’m shoe head on a budget. I’m not on that $160 a pop 360 budget, ha ha.

    Speaking of high priced shoes… Any of you Jordan collectors heated on those countdown packs? I want to get me some of those black 4’s bad, but I’m not about to pay $300 to sit on some ugly ass 19’s.

  13. Nattiez says:

    ‘Preciate it DP. i’ll look into that. I dont do any one style too hard. I love Kicks period, any brand, any year if its fucking fly. I just got up on two pairs of the new Deltas Force from early 90’s, in the low top. loving some of the new colors. they grew them up for some of us.
    Dirty Jerz- TOO Many stores in NY are like that now. MAIN OFFENDER-TRAINING CAMP. I used to talk to the manager and told me they used to call nike and get whatever they had laying around so you could always find something Banging in the Camp that most places didnt sell anymore or never had. NOW every time i walk in, some fucking chick is pushing some shit Shes claiming are “EXCLUSIVE” (which is a word that should be outlawed now), Hey lady, you have three stores in 7 blocks. if they are in all of them, they are not exclusive. more than that. they just have what all the rest have now. Im glad more people are into sneaks but its getting whack in some cases. Im old school with my kicks and samples, DIG BABY. Its nice to have the newest and flyest but if anyone can go grab a pair, Its not so fly. Now going to the Arab store on Linden Blvd, next to the Golden Crust in queens and finding some shit that money didnt know he had in stock. Priceless. Kicks for life!! Big shouts to me anyone who has wrapped his joints in the clear Sandwich bags with rubber bands and got out on the block. Bed Stuy-BK NIGGUHS.

  14. Nattiez says:

    i cant lie though. i did cop a pair of Nike Vandals with a Mexican Logo on it from a boutique in Mexico, but come on my Dudes. A true sneaker man has to cop something from a spot in Mexico, just to make sure that noone on the block is going to be walking out with the same joints. They finally got to the States a year later. I got my year to rock.

  15. Nattiez says:

    DP?? they had sizes in there?

  16. you need to hit the A town hood spots for the ill ill colorways!

  17. Nattiez says:

    I hear that man. I nikkuh cant afford that these days. Gas too high my dude. You know the A is 30 miles across dude.and thats just inside the perimeter. you will spend your whole life cruising hoods in the A. You have to know where you are going. aint like you can you just cruise the hoods. Too many gats in the A for that. Cats is broke son.

  18. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Nattiez!!….I HATE goin’ in Training Camp! for a Jerzy cat, that used to be my secret weapon….Now everytime I walk in there its some dumb chick there just for looks tryna sell me some BS…now they got rap niggaz comin’ thru now, so now you gotta know somebody to get into the inner sanctum…but that City Sports @ Atlantic Station is my spot in the A, other than that…gotta hit the hood, ’cause the spots downtown be on some ol’ Exclusive, sneakers behind the glass, if ya gotta ask the price then ya’ can’t afford ’em shit!

  19. the_dallas says:

    Truth be told is that I hate the idea of specialty sneaker shops, especially in New York City. There be too many bitchmade kids behind those counters who I would have flipped on their head for their OG Jordan 3’s and sent them humps home with paper bags on their feet.

    One of my secret spots right now be A.J. Wright for copping the general release joints @ $29.99 a pop. Air Stabs and the what not. Incidentally, Air Stabs are no longer sold in the U.K. thanks to a rash of stabbings. Brixton still gets it in apparently.

  20. ADB says:

    ^^ Brixton? No where’s safe these days. I picked up a pair of Stabs a few weeks ago from ‘Size?’. Stabs are the GOAT, although I can’t find the original colourway (neon green).

  21. Dimo says:

    Yo I like them Clubber Langs, just ordered me a pair online. What are them joints in the pic above them though?

  22. Grand Master says:

    yea them SPoT joints are hardbody. And people still whining about the dunk mids… GTFOH.

    $40? Dallas dont even play that way. You know them SB’s ain’t never go under 70… so be straight up, what kind of Size 14 skater I mean, pretend-to-skate-er, did you jack up [||] to get those joints?

  23. Grand Master says:

    oh and they are from That is actually where I copped the ENDOR Dunk High SB’s from… at $90.00 with free shipping on anything over $89. chea!

  24. the_dallas says:

    I would have bought every pair in the store for $40. As it goes though, $40 was the magic number because 40Diesel wears size 14.

  25. rafi says:

    I want the Ferris Buellers.

  26. AJ Wright has Air Stabs on the cheap?

  27. 40 says:


    Good looking… Hit me on the email to make arrangements. Familia – Seriously though if you want SBs – GET OUT OF NEW YORK!!!

    I was driving to a wedding in Charleston, SC and passed a skate shop that said “NIKE SB’s ON SALE!”. True spit I almost caused an accident making that U-Turn. I caught De La Low’s for $85 and the True To Your School Villanova SB’s for $65. The kid behind the counter said “You must be from NYC, because I know SB’s are double or triple cost if you can even find them. We just don’t move them as fast so we just sell them for retail.” He was lucky my funds were as limited as his stock because I wanted to just do clean him out and make it all back on the online/NYC re-up…

  28. UBRINGMEJOI says:

    i love the baby blue joints….. love dunks, but yeah you need to hit the hidden spots to get the “hot” colors and get there early cuz they go fast!

  29. DirtyJerz says:

    True 40, you can even catch a deal at some of the surf/skate shops here on the Jersey Shore too!…Brave New World, Wavejammer,, so if ya’ down for the hunt, get @ me…even tho’ I hate givin’ out my sercret weapons!LOL

  30. Ready Roc says:

    hahahahahahaha I got a couple creep spots in the A for the kicks and fitteds………………………………………………………………….

    but hey anybody goin to see Nas show 2night………………….I was at Immortal Technique last night………I may creep thru to see NAZZZZIR, though I’m not pressed……………………..after seein him,BIG,JR MAfia and Lil Kim in Atlantic City in the 90’s I’m good on Nas shows……..

  31. ready roc says:

    welp……….had to catch them clubbers to add to the arsenal……….got a pretty good deal too, them joints probly gon stay in the box til the New Year…hahahahaha

  32. Nattiez says:

    Ready roc—
    you copped at the same spot?

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