5 Responses to “‘LOOK AT US’. A poem by JOHN TRUDELL”

  1. Vee says:

    That’s a really good piece.

    “the sounds of flowers dying,
    carrying messages through the wind,
    trying to tell you about balance,
    and your safety.”

  2. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    John Trudell is an amazing man.
    Check out his documentary “Trudell” on DVD.
    Fuck rappers and their bragging, brainless bullshit.
    John fought the FBI/CIA and grew from an activist to a world respected artist, poet, singer, actor.
    His new book will make you glad you can read. It’s called “Lines From A Mined Mind”-$10.00 at Amazon.com.
    Imagine Chuck D/KRS1/ Immortal Technique and Gil Scott Heron in one man and you’ll see who John is, plus he is Native American.
    He reminds us how powerful our voices can be when we realize we can make a difference and that getting drunk and getting laid by a gnarly stranger will not help us survive as a people.

    Fuck Rap and you can quote me on that. Rap has lost it’s way. When L’il Wang, Kanghey and Ghey Z are the three top rappers you know it’s time to call it a night. Ernie Paniccioli

  3. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Dallas blessings on you for sharing this amazing video. I hope everyone with even a little soul and a little heart pass this video around the web to share the beauty and truth. Ernie

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