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Sneaker Fiends Unite!

The sneaker game is getting overrun by dopplegangers and swagger jackers. I thought it was time for DP Dot Com to take a stand for all those heads that are true to the game. What game? I don’t know what game, but negroes love to say that shit.

I watched this video by Lil’ Boweasle where he described retro released kicks as “O.G.’s”. If this dude is opening a sneaker store and he doesn’t even know the classification terminology for sneaker heads he should kill himself.

Seeing all the hits that Bow Wow generated for his video made J.D. swagger jack his steez and up a video of his own…

So what I decided to do was to go in and straighten these two carpetbaggers out. I’m glad that they get all kinds of hot shit from NIKE for free, but if they can’t take a minute to find out what they are wearing they are bastardizing the game. What game? I have no fucking idea what game.

DALLAS PENN has spent his entire life coveting the minutae and the details for stupid shit like sneakers and Ralph Lauren clothing. There is no way that he is going to allow someone with celebrity status and no convictions the lane to come into the game and make it any more fucked the fuck up.

What game?!?

Who the fuck cares what game?

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52 Responses to “S.F.U. vs. NOT SO DEF”

  1. Grand Master says:


    “what game?”

    i see this meme entering into the annals [||] of DP classics

  2. DirtyJerz says:

    Damn all that! shout out to you, DP for comparing Bow Weezy to Webster…..Bow Webster! Nice!

  3. DirtyJerz says:

    Yo, how Jimmy Crack Corn is that!?!?…some uuber-rich dude talkin’ about what exclusives he got! Nigra, you BETTA have the latest sh*t!

  4. LM says:

    I learned and laughed. I might be #11.

  5. krash1 says:

    DALLAS PENN has spent his entire life coveting the minutae and the details for stupid shit like sneakers and Ralph Lauren clothing. There is no way that he is going to allow someone with celebrity status and no convictions the lane to come into the game and make it any more fucked the fuck up.

    What game?!?

    Who the fuck cares what game?

    lol. tell em my con! fag wow and rizzo the rat what a fuckin joke!!

  6. Vee says:

    “What game? I have no fucking idea what game.”


  7. modi says:


    this is the best video i’ve seen. and btw, your blog post the other day made me get up from my boston college dorm room, put on some clothes, hit the train, and go down to the ralph lauren store. i picked up two hoodies and cologne. for a total of like 135. thank you.

  8. modi says:

    “he’s now grown up…he’s now just a boweeizel.”

  9. Luq says:

    It’s about time somebody said something… well said sir.

  10. Candice says:

    Dallas Penn….schooling the ignorant one at a time.

  11. Swagger jacking Bow Wow is like cheating to win a medal in the Special Olympics.

  12. persuede says:

    the exclusive nike funk dunk? hilarious.

  13. Nattiez says:

    Both JD and Bow are WEEEEEAAAAAAAAAK. they dont know shit and dont really have shit. i dont even do jordans like that and i know bum niggas who can show off iller pairs than those. bow is too fucking young to know shit or to really care in his heart. just another cat trying to find another way to look good for other niggas. if you have the love for the shoe, then it comes through. some dudes are into kicks to make other people look at them, others are into them because we really see shoes and foot ware as some art. im into shoes, my shits, my ladies shit, and i will tell a nigga in the street in a minute that hes killing it if hes got some shit on. i have all the pairs ive bought in the last tens years for the most part and all in my mommas house too. these niggas dont collect. they floss. its different. if noone was checking for them they wouldnt buy them, where as a true shoe man, or woman would buy them cause they know themselves they are hot and would wear them at home if there was noone else to ever see them. its in your blood. my daddy was into wingtips and soft leather, my moms got bags of shoes from the farging 80’s that she still dont really want to part with. I was on Madison st/BK in 82 with my Maroon Pumas with the sandwhich bags over them joints. its in the blood.You have to have had to think about how you were going to get to work on Monday after you buy these joints that you have to have in V.I.M. and its your girls birthday night and you have to find something for her too to truly understand when its in your blood. them niggas aint fiends, they are dabblers, they are tourists in the land of the shoe fiends.

  14. Doc says:

    that’s what’s up DP. i hate how everyone front like they’re sneaker heads, & just started rockin SB dunks when the skater trend started. They don’t even know what SB dunks stand for. WTF?

  15. J™ says:

    Somebody needs to tell J.D. those Retro 1’s with strap = busted.

    I can’t wait to check the videos, DP.

  16. Candice says:

    Did Nattiez say he had the sandwich bags on his Pumas? That’s old school for your azz! I’m done….

  17. DirtyJerz says:

    Nattiez, I think you just ethered Bow Weazle’s whole business plan! Ha!

  18. Howfresh says:

    PREACH!! “They got this suede like mink like thing in the tongue in the shoe that makes them crazy like comfortable.” YES!! I am sold. The passion exudes. I might have to get down with the SFU movement- field a football team now. I got flags.

    @Nattiez- Their visitors pass is about to expire. I can already see the ink turning colors.

  19. Nattiez says:

    on the real. im not going to lie, i got it from the older kids on the block and my parents thought i was nuts but its true. when i was a kid i live on Madison street in Bed stuy (P.S. 44. STAND UP!!!!!!!) and noone had any money and it was before this flossing chit and cats rocked the new kicks with the clear sandwhich bags over their Joints. IM SO SERIOUS ABOUT THAT.

    yes its nutty and yes we should have had more to do, but noone had mad sneakers and all of that. you got a pair when school started, you might get a pair for Xmas and one for the summer, thats how we did. thats all you had. You had a lot of months to get through so we copied the older dudes and rocked the sandwhich bags. HARD ASS NIGGAS ON THE CORNER PUFFIN L’S WITH SANDWHICH BAGS ON THEIR SHITS. LOLOLOLOL

  20. Nattiez says:

    and you all know im telling the truth. I dont know who saw that piece that Sunday Morning did on sneaker people and i thought it was fake because there were no regular people on it. Who cares if you get 500 to drop on some kicks. there is nothing cool about that, well ok, i wish i did but i wouldnt. the joy is similar to finding that ILL sample. cutting it down to right where you want it and framing it on those drums just right. When i see a shoe store i get excited. its about the journey also. Who got spots, who got relationships with owners, not because you have mad dough but because you walk in there Errrry week just to see the new joints.

    I love the lines of shoes, how they bring things together. Someone once told me that it doesnt matter if you have on a $15,000 suit, if your shoes dont show it justice, yours just another bum with an expensive suit. I came from the age of all of us being sorta broke and being able to work it within those parameters. How much can you squeeze from that buck your moms told you you could spend.

    maybe its just the ranting of a regular dude but i do believe in keeping it down to earth. if nike is sending you mad chit cause you are famous, you cant possibly compare to the dude who walks by a pair in the window for two weeks waiting for his second check of the month to cop, Its impossible. Shit if JD isnt rocking international joints, i think hes kind of a sucka. Dallas went to France partially to cop and when i was in Mexico, i had to alter my plans when i ran up on a fly sneaker shop in Playa Del Carmen. How you not going to cop some joints that say they cost 1,119 pesos son????? thats sneaker mining, when you stuff the whole box in your carry on cause you cant possibly have the mexico joints with out proof and the box.

    you all know what im talking about. they should be playing on the different field.


  21. Nattiez says:


  22. Nattiez says:

    @HOWFRESH. always down for a game. i know DP is down.

  23. Nattiez says:

    @ DP. i know weve seen it before but dude, that stack behind you gives a brother thoughts of sugar gum drops. what are in the boxes? one day you have to do a reveal. maybe a shelf or pair a week. you got down with those Agassis? but i know there is some sheeeeet in those boxes shun, whats the deal?

  24. P-Matik says:

    LOL this was a hot drop, man. I respect the real sneaker fiends out there. I don’t know much about it except what my man HowFresh has schooled me on.

    One thing I hate though (like you) is people trying to be official in something and don’t even give enough of a damn to learn about it. No wonder hip-hop is dead.

  25. DirtyJerz says:

    Nattiez, you goin in, gunz ablazin’ today, B!

  26. Smear says:

    Classic sonn.

  27. Smear says:

    Airs get absorb that funk odour like none other. Febreez can’t touch that shit

  28. I think I’m all laughed out at Bow Wow after he talked all that shit and already got spanked by GAME………………………..the yung bol just cant catch a break……….but hopefully this will grow him up a inch or two

  29. sangano says:

    i use to LOVE sneakers and still do but the “sneaker game” and “collectors” are a bit too much for me. Kinda gay. Sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings but it’s kinda stupid

  30. the_dallas says:

    Is it stupid.?

    Anything is stupid. What do you do for fun? How do you decompress? How do you reach out to other people and form a collective?

    Or are you one of those broke ass dudes without motivation or imagination and without the means to consume so you have turned your back on society by decrying those that get enjoyment from the art and accumulation of footwear.

    Are comic book collectors stupid?

    Are car collectors stupid?

    I think you represent the masses that lack imagination or motivation. Collecting things isn’t stupid. Your life is sadly unfulfilled, but that is YOUR problem.. Fix it or kill yourself and do the Earth a favor by eliminating your carbon footprint.

  31. sangano says:

    “sadly unfulfilled”, “broke” …etc. all based off the fact that i think collecting sneakers is dumb? hahahahh

    naturally i must be. wow dallas.

    ^actually most of the broke ass dudes that I know and kids that I see are at the mall like clockwork every-time Jordan drops a pack, a retro, or some hybrid monstrosities…takin what little lining is in their pockets and instead lining their closets with some worthless ish.

  32. sangano says:

    ^Those are the broke cats I know. You know any em?

  33. the_dallas says:

    We got the wrong idea of broke homey. As long as someone is in one piece they aren’t broken. They may be in a deficit, but their spirit isn’t broken.

    What is of value to you if sneakers aren’t? Your problem is that you have decided to place your values on other people. That makes you stupid in reality. If people have found a community that shares their likes and dislikes (values), then they don’t have something worthless. They have value.

    Again, I will ask you what you do for enjoyment. If your hobby is putting money in a bank then I might have to call you stupid since the bankers control the real value of that and they fucks with that whenever they please. People that collect sneakers are like those that collect comics or those that collect cars. At the end of the day you can only access one of those things at a time right? You can’t read two comics at once and you can’t drive two cars at once either.

    Sneakers however…

    True story is that in 1986 I used to wear one orange Dunk Hi and one royal blue Dunk Hi to rep for the Mets. Look what it did for them. They got a World Series chip. You sound like someone who hates hard from the sidelines. Stop clocking those kids at the mall and get your own swagger.

  34. sangano says:

    “are you one of those broke ass dudes without motivation or imagination and without the means to consume”…uhmm my bad for thinking you were working w/ the monetary sense of “broke”…

    as far as my outlets…i like to listen to music, try to rap, draw and hang out w/ my friends…not enough for you?…i’m also thinking of joining a carpentry / wood working [ll] work shop…haven’t been able to find anything like that yet, if you do let me kno.

    the fact is that i think collecting sneakers is dumb and that leads you to think i’m some unearthly unfresh mongrel for thinking that…whose really projecting their values on who here? sounds like it goes both ways…if anything you’re posts have been a little more personal. Don’t be so butt-hurt about it.

    take it ease my nigg.

  35. the_dallas says:

    No doubt my nigger, but if you came into someone’s crib and told them that they shit was wack or worthless and they didn’t kick you out or at least smack you in your mouth what kind of friend would they be?

    Again, you came here and said that a hobby was stupid. My hobby. You must be out of your cotton picking mind to think you can walk into my house and put your feet up on my coffee table. I don’t know how they do shit in Mexico but in NYC we keeps it 100.

    Keep rapping and drawing and hanging out with your friends if it makes you happy. And since you might be interested in working with wood [ll] I would advise that you inquire at the local carpenter’s union offices in your town. Even with a housing market and economy as fucked the fuck up as ours is there is still a need for apprentices in the construction trades.

  36. Mr.Londoner says:

    More like 11 people…


  37. Howfresh says:

    I’m one of those broke ass dudes and I still had to go in on that FL 50 off this weekend. I’d have been foolish not too. With all these new Wildwoods dropping I just…can’t…say…no. I should be able to cover my rent.

  38. sangano says:

    peep telemundo…mexico’s more hardbody [ll] than nueva yorr

  39. the_dallas says:

    ^ Little last word niggers

  40. Marvelous Mo says:

    That disucssion between Sangano & DP was retarded.

    Feeling a way because the person you insulted is validly rebutting their stance on THEIR OWN BLOG all because you think something is homo.

    talking about touching and caressing wood is homo. the fact that a person who thinks collecting sneakers is “gay” likes rapping on his spare time is enough to make me want to put 2 in the head.

    moreover, i’ll put money on anything that you used that Polo discount code to cop some fresh threads in his previous post. And on top of that, I bet if DP had a Nike discount code and posted it on the site you’d be the first DP.comer to use that shit.

    you should have been aborted.

  41. sangano says:

    your talking out your ass faggot.

    i’ll put money on anything that i’ll call you a faggot to your face and you’ll stutter like a retard.

    put 2 in your head yet?…wish u would.

  42. the_dallas says:

    * shut the fuck up homo

  43. Marvelous Mo says:


    I bet the sight of phallic instruments makes your dick hard. Self hatred causes you to use homophobic vernacular because you’re bitch made. Bitch made men get emo about dumb shit, like sneaker collections and woodwork programs on random blog sites.

    What’s gay is the fact that your anus was probably fondled and rimmed while you were a crumb snatching ass rug rat and you have a habit to call everything/everyone gay because you, yourself, can’t admit yet that you’re a butt digger on your “spare time.”

    Gay marriage will be legal one day, I know that’s why you’re really pissed off at the world. Who knows what will happen once Region 1 kicks in. Let’s hope to GOD society makes it OK for little men like you to come out and let the world know that the boys you like to “hang out” with was your boyfriend.

    And those two slugs to the dome were for you, boo. Come harder than calling niggas on the net “homos” because even on the internet you’re a lame.

    😀 Besos.

  44. sangano says:

    jordans releasing some new jawns w/ SPARKLES … i’ll see you on line at 5 am

  45. the_dallas says:

    You really ain’t got nothing good in your life do you?

    Thats why you hate on sneaker fiends. You need to get you a broad or one of your rapspace homeys so that you can get your release [ll].

    Or you could get up early in the morning and go drown yourself in a public toilet if you need the attention.

  46. sangano says:

    alrite, alrite i rescind my previous comments regarding the pause-worthiness of the sneaker game. i take it all back..but i’ll be damned if that last MM post wasn’t ghey as hail!!!! haah

    i’ll cop a pair of dunks, go to bebe with wifey and buy some jeans, kanye glasses and arabian scarf and hope i find both meaning and substance in my life…till then 3000 + million + trillion…i’m out

  47. Rosie G says:

    Mr. Penn, why do you have me saying INTERNETS, and have people giving me side eyes? Apologize right now!

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