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Were you one of the folks that invested in foreign currency? When the British Sterling starts taking a nosedive then you know something wicked this way comes. Me personally, I was fucking with Iceland behind that whole shit about Greenland being covered with ice while Iceland was lush and green.

If G DUBBZ had declared martial law or whatever I was taking my sneakers and my action figures to Reykjav√≠k the capital city. I was hoping all those years of reading The Mighty Thor comics would help me pronounce some of the people’s names. Iceland was rated the world’s most developed nation and like in the top five as far as production per capita. That is pretty fucking awesome that I can marry my Angela Bassett blow up doll and it isn’t a problem.

This is the kind of freedom that comes to places that have no religious fundamentalism. Iceland was originally settled by Irish monks, but later some norsemen came to the island and killed off the monks. Good shit Thor.

Everything was cooked with curry until the news dropped earlier this month that Iceland’s economy was even more fucked the fuck up than ours. How the hell did this shit happen? I think this society was a little too liberal. Investing in automobiles powered by assfarts seems magnanimously fuel efficient but ridiculously unbuildable. Investments like the one I just mentioned would be Iceland’s undoing. Now this model country is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The sexy plot twist in all of this is how many British and Dutch officials have their life savings stashed away in Icelandic banks. A major meltdown where these customers could no longer access their money would be the moment that the biodegradable organic waste products hit the proverbial air oscillating device. There would surely have been hell to pay. I’m glad now that I didn’t pack my bags for sunny Vestmannaeyjar. It looks like the Icelanders may not have a pot to piss in.

The question I have now is how the fuck can they afford all of these vowels?

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  1. Amadeo says:

    I knew that online savings account deal would end badly.

  2. nerditry says:

    Iceland produced nothing and banked their economy poorly. Soon, that country may just up and be for sale, just not officially.

  3. P-Matik says:

    Did you know Iceland has the largest percentage of single mothers?

  4. Combat Jack says:

    ^ “he biodegradable organic waste products hit the proverbial air oscillating device”


  5. amanda says:

    Yo just for the record, I went to Iceland once. Hated it. I advise you think of a different locale as a backup plan.

    I was thinking Australia. And look at the fun I can partake in:

    …puts a whole new meaning to going down under.

  6. nerditry says:

    Thieved from this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.


  7. Ghostnyc says:

    crazy talk. iceland is one of the dopest spots i visited. besides all the fly shit you can experience (standing on a glacier..staring @ an active volcano..while an earthquake goes off under you..looking for the northern lights..3 feet from a team of husky sled dogs that brought u to the glacier)…the people party hard body. friday and saturday nights in reykjavik are like mardi much so that sunday is a total ghost town as everyone is nursing their hangovers. add in the fact that the sun doesnt come up til like 1130 in the winter..and it’s the perfect place to get shitfaced drunk and sleep it off.

    also..because theyre an island…because its cold..and dark….and they love to drink…(this aint no secret btw)…the icelandic birds love to jump off. it’s kinda what everyone does there.

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