The Bluster And The Busker…


On the heels of BOBBY JINDAL’s recent G.O.PU~ we get to witness the unraveling of the current Republican party chairman MICHAEL STEELE.

STEELE was another slack attempt by the GOP to court diversity and reshape the image of the party into something a little less kneejerk and a lot more hip. The idea that just putting some color on some shit makes something current is PU~ in itself, but when you lack swagger as badly as the Republicans do you too would think MICHAEL STEELE was the answer.

Over the weekend STEELE was a guest on the D.L. HUGHLEY show and he commented that RUSH LIMBAUGH was not the de facto leader of the Republican party and that RUSH was an “ugly, incendiary entertainer”. On Monday morning LIMBAUGH opened a can of whoop ass so big that by that very afternoon STEELE was scrambling to issue an apology in the press.

LMFAO! I have been waiting for this douche STEELE to get bitchslapped by a Democrat, but this is even more enjoyable to peep his public PU~ from the hands of the true voice of the Republican party. LIMBAUGH didn’t just give STEELE a veritable ‘Ho Sit Down!’, he called for STEELE’s head on his talk radio show.

“Why are you running the Republican Party?

Why do you claim you lead the Republican Party when you seem obsessed with seeing to it that President Obama succeeds?

I would be embarrassed to say that I’m in charge of the Republican Party in the sad-sack state that it’s in.

If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it’s in, I would quit.”

Oh. Shit.

Now that STEELE has been shown to be the dancing monkey how soon before the Republicans put another face in his chairman seat in order to make inroads for the 2009 local elections?

MICHAEL STEELE got pwn3d so badly he won’t be able to raise one red cent (Ha. Socialism) for the Republicans.

Here’s to hoping that the Grand Ol’ Party continues the PU~ all year long.

Someone get SARAH PALIN on the phone.

3 Responses to “The Bluster And The Busker…”

  1. Amadeo says:

    Steele has been a douche…I’m just sorry those of you outside of MD have to be exposed to him. At least if they had put Palin in I would have something to laugh at all the time.

  2. mercilesz says:

    Obama and Steele are the new faces of imperialism put in power by the rex publics and the democrats….Its a game people, both those words me the same thing in latin and greek(rule by the people)….it’s the same party….the party of the elites. They both sent us to ww1 ww2 korea nam iraq nicaragua the spanish american war…the list goes on….anyway a white snake or a black snake is still a snake……white power

  3. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    they don’t call them RepublicthugKlan for nothing.
    I saw Steele on CNN and he really believes they hired him on content rather than skin tone (like everyone else on CNN he passes the paperbag color test). Ernie

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