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By now most of you realize that this site is all about my love for sneaker collecting. I just sprinkle other stories inside of these pages so that at least this isn’t one long drop about sneakers.

That is a picture of my first fixed wheel track bike. That is where the love began for me to go sprinting around the city like a fool on a bike with no brakes. I had a few smack ups on this frame too but it was a steel frame so that joint just kept ticking. My dudes used to bug the fuck out that I was going to the club on my bike, getting bent and then riding home. I prA’li used up all my family’s blessings with those after hours runs.

I have a nice little track bike in the crib even to this day but I’m way too heavy to ride that joint. I’ll look like one of those trained bears on a circus bike. I have a couple of frames for a guy my size but they are still in development. I have a Cannondale mountain bike frame that I have been slowly building. I’ve got the frame fitted our with all the minor components so all I need are the braking and gearing systems.

I lost my shit when I saw that NIKE has made some Dunks into SPD compatible cycling shoes. SPD is a clipless pedal made by Shimano that you attach your feet to with a cleated shoe. The idea is that if a rider stays connected to the pedals throughout they will never lose energy on the return stroke. It works and I busted my ass the first few times I used SPD shoes because I never took my foot off in time. I got used to it though and now I am fine.

I am stunting hard on NYC this summer with my bicycle and these Dunk Gyrizio…

dunk gyrizio

dunk gyrizio

dunk gyrizio

The Team USA joints are tight and the red, white and blue colorways will be an effortless winner during the summer. Almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Japan Olympic team joints are just firestarters.

These joints gets busy with details like patined leather and contrasting stitchwork.

dunk gyrizio

dunk gyrizio

dunk gyrizio

6 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. nerditry says:

    It’s too much.

    Matching broke folks transportation with ‘spensive sneaks is an exciting paradox.

  2. ADB says:

    Dope! I’ve been looking for some decent kicks that I can wear whilst riding my mountain-bike but not look ridiculous when I lock the bike up and do some shopping, or have a beer in a bar or something. Perfect.

  3. wow didn’t know you did bikes! awesome man, haven’t lost my breaks yet but considering a single speed build to get my legs effin ripped

  4. 1st annual blogger long skid competition?

  5. nerditry says:

    @MPW : I think Dallas could reach into his dresser and pull out any number of drawls as the winner.

  6. Dallas, holy crap, you ever take those wheels out to Kissena track back in the day? Dig the steel toeclips too, old school.

    I’m still surprised that fixed gears have become so popular in the last few years, tho’ they’re definitely very useful and I have a lot more love for those kids zig-zagging around at night then the drunks piling in and out cabs or throwing up on the train.

    Most of NYC is ok for fixed gear but I can’t imagine trying to ride the bigass hills in Inwood, Kingsbridge in the Bronx or some of those Staten walls without brakes.

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