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Well looky here, the Supremacy Chronicle, er, the New York Times has a little article about the quaint dilemma that some congregations of Jews are facing by trying to integrate themselves within Jewish organizations.

That’s kind of silly to me.

If you are already blue why would you want to make yourself teal?


Does the persimmon want to be a fig?

Hell no!

Maybe if someone had told the persimmon it was poison then maybe the persimmon wouldn’t appreciate the skin it was in, but the persimmon isn’t as dumb as people are and the persimmon recognizes how good it is.

The persimmon doesn’t pretend to be greater than the fig either but please understand that this is because the persimmon is much smarter than we humans are.

The persimmon never created a make believe genus to separate itself from the fig since they both come from the Earth and ultimately return there again.

But like I said before, the persimmon is smarter than us humans.

Don’t be teal, aqua, cyan or blueish for Passover.

Be true blue, and be proud because you are royalty.

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  1. Johnny Sagan says:

    Money Quote: “I just wanted to find the right way to worship him.”

    We do have a sense of utter freedom about this in America like no other country in the world. And it’s not that I’m an American Supremacist. Certainly there are a few other free countries where nobody really GIVES A SHIT what you believe or cares how, believing, you choose to worship.

    But THIS is America: “I was never an atheist,” he told me. “I just wanted to find the right way to worship him.” We can each be like Abraham here.

    I do see what you mean about the coded supremacism of the Times.

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