Tastemakers And Influenzas…

le flu

The White House is going to need to do its best marketing job evar to convince me to take a shot of the flu. And if receiving small doses of the flu keeps you from getting really sick then I want a ‘poverty’ vaccination so that I never end up really destitute.

Obama declares swine flu national emergency

There’s very little humor in that headline. By declaring flu a national emergency you are subsequently labeling anyone with the sniffles as a potential terrorist threat. In the new culture of big brother overseers it isn’t a stretch that co-workers will be anxious to report the person who sneezes or coughs tooo much for their liking.

I just watched a video which describes the methods that people in America will be quarantined in the event that martial law is declared in an infected area. It wasn’t that scary either. Provided they airlift food to the infected folks regularly the zombies were mostly held in check. Controlling the zombies is an everlasting key to survival.

So how does the president convince people to receive this ‘flu’ shot when they don’t want it? I’ve seen articles and interviews from doctors that have volunteered their own children to be inoculated with an experimental vaccine. You would imagine that if a doctor would put his own child through this it would be safe but what if his kids were all adopted?

I’ve got friends in various healthcare related fields that have had the flu shot mandated by their employers. Thats the part of universal healthcare that sucks. I don’t want to have any medicine forced down my throat. All of this recalls the buildup around the supposed swine flu epidemic of the 1970’s where the vaccine drug’s harmful side effects gave some people neurological damage.

At least we got some cool PSA commercials out of the deal that we can roll out today via YouTube.

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17 Responses to “Tastemakers And Influenzas…”

  1. Tony Grands says:

    Martial Law is no joke. I was reading about the powers the President envokes upon declaring it, & the shit’s rather frightening. & for the swine flu!? Man, that would shut the entire country down, especially major cities.

    I’ve learned too much about the swine flu to feel I need to run out & get a vaccine, especially since I’m aware of what a vaccine truly is. Smallpox, Polio, okay fine. The flu, not sold yet. My son got sick Monday, flu-like symptons (fuck “flu-like”, dude had the flu), we went to his young, Black, female, intelligent doc, & I asked did she think it was swine flu. She shook her head so quick & gave me one of those, “Brutha, if you only knew!” looks, & said he’ll be fine in a couple days. He was fine in a couple days, no ‘Tussin.

    There’s more, or less to this “epidemic” than what “they” want us to know.

  2. Chris says:

    First, all this martial law talk is absolutely ridiculous. Second, considering that swine flu is apparently nothing more than the normal flu, just stay on top of your situation and you’ll be fine (see Tony Grands). There’s way more to lose than gain by getting vaccinated. Third, I think they’re just using the swine fly hype as a catalyst for their health care initiatives (i.e. universal health care is a more effective means of preventing nationwide epidemics and health risks).

  3. Lawrence of Flatbush says:

    MOTHERFUCK Obama– where are all the Barack stans now… in Afghanistan? On the beach in St Maarten with Jay?

    People die of shit all the time; that’s life, as it were.

    But Barack is going to make everything better for everyone, especially Wall Street and the Insurance Companies, why not vilify a little pig virus (by any other name) too?

    Ooooh, but he’s half-black, I ought not say anything because “it looks bad,”

    Wake the fuck up people: DEMONcrats and Republicans are ya’ll’s ENEMY– grow the fuck up and out of this root root root for the home team horseshit and just say FUCK. THIS.

  4. chea says:

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  5. DirtyJerz says:

    @chea…Word? State St. Rack? I’m there tomorrow! Hopefully they gots a 12 for the kid!

  6. chea says:

    @dirtyjerz all day – matter of fact in size 10 they had the same ones except it was a ALIFE/Timberland collabo with the ALIFE hangtag looking fresh…as fuck. but they didn’t have any ALIFE love for me in a 10.5. so i had to cop the standard-issue tims. but in a size 12 it might be your lucky day. plus let’s just put this on the table, too: the multi-racial hood rats that be working at the rack are INSANE (no bobby and whitney). i’m talking quarter filipino/quarter mexican/quarter irish/quarter black. ALL DAY. looking like the future and shit. damn i need one of those in the repertoire. type who spends all day looking for a daddy. “could you be my daddy? … i need a daaaaaaaaaaaddy” (c) the broad from the twista song.

  7. chea says:

    i might snap and do for DP what i did for the nahright comment section. DP been bringing the heat so i might fuck around and make his comment section go 100 deep (no disturbing european prOn video) each thread. i just might.

  8. chea says:



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  9. chea says:



    these are gorgeous but i’m gonna wait for the gold-on-white: osneaker.com/nike-air-max-lebron-vi-7-more-than-a-game-world-chin7.html

    that’s what we call in the chi “gorgeous pimpin”

  10. chea says:



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  11. chea says:



    i’m gonna get real fucking ignorant when these futura hi’s in the Bears colorway drop. real ignorant. like 3 or 4 pairs ignorant.

  12. chea says:



    i went to the hood sneaker spot and when dude showed me these i called them the “Suwoo’s” – everyone in the store fell out laughing

    lol @ any gang that would allow birdshit and wang to join their ranks

    “Oh shoot get a load of that fruit / In thigh high boots / red tighty whiteys and blue catsuit” (c) doom

  13. rico says:

    Yo Dallas, that swine flu shit is just the tip of the iceberg. the powers that be have orchestrated the swine flu “pandemic” to further their agenda of tagging us all (RFID chips). Mom dukes is a health care professional in NYC and if she refuses the vaccination she loses her job. If you get a chance google the United Nations Coppenhagen Peace Treaty. In December Obama will officially obliterate the U.S. Constitution.



  14. chea says:

    oh shit illuminatti just got a hold of my mind, soul, and…my body [||]

  15. chea says:

    *transforms into a lizard*

    *penetrates broads with my reptilian tail [||]*

    *never goes back to being a human, shit’s too boring*

  16. the_dallas says:

    Send me a pic of those 40’s mayne. Is that your e-mail addy? I am sending you a kite right now.

    The Jordan brand flyest shit to me right now are the Spiz’zikes tho’ I did copp the 60+ Atl Hawks colorway. The AJ 2009 was selling for $50 out here because no one wanted that hot garbage.

    We been known about that RFID chip agenda. One of my folks was telling me about the mandate at his gig to make everyone get vaccinated. I didn’t believe they could get away with that shit either but they are.

  17. E.knight says:

    Seriously most of you blogs be on point but this one is so wrong I don’t even know where to begin. First of all small doses of a virus do indeed protect you from a virus have you ever heard of smallpox measles Mumps or rubella? Second of all universal healthcare is a totally different issue from getting a flu vaccine. The anti vaccine movement feeds off the fear and paranoia that the black community has against the government bt don’t be a fool. Vaccines prevent diseases. And I’m sick of people ignoring science and exploiting fears. You could be a republican strategist with that attitude.

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