VitaminWater >>> Moon Water…


NASA’s little experiment to see if there is water on the moon has worked…

Water on the Moon Confirmed by NASA Crashes


Now tell me just exactly what all this other moonshit has been about for the previous 40 years? Dudes did walk on the moon right? And dudes did collect samples from the moon back then because that shit is in the Smithsonian? Because if they didn’t walk on the moon, and y’all bad guys killed JFK and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. for no good gotdamn reason other than to put drugs in the community and undermine Black males I am going to be so not happy.

This is why I envy the white. Y’all NEVER have to concern yourselves with the greater global community for really real. You just have to stay in your lane and maintain the status quo. You know, pick up your dog’s feces and opt for paper instead of plastic. All the tough morality falls to the learned Blacks. Sure I know that no one wants to be the white that messes up supremacy and the privilege for future generations.

Who am I kidding anyhoo? Neither do I.

Forget this drop even occurred.

Nothing to see here.

Move along…

2 Responses to “VitaminWater >>> Moon Water…”

  1. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    nah Dallas i agree wit u man, ders some sketchy ass shit goin on in this America

  2. Tony Grands says:

    The whole space travel shit is sketchy to me. Doesn’t it cost millions, if not billions to fly these rockets or spaceships? So the fuck what if there’s water on the moon, how about finding some water in countries where people die of thirst!

    Humans kill me with their ability (or lack of) at prioritizing. Just goes to show that somebody, somewhere knows that we’re fuxing this planet up, & trying to come up with plan ‘B’ like yesterday…

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