Computers Don’t Care About Black People…

racist computer

The last computer to give a fux about Black people was this old 286 that I worked on while doing AutoCAD for the architects.

After that it was a wrap.

5 Responses to “Computers Don’t Care About Black People…”

  1. 6 100 says:

    Aren’t most computers black these days anyway?

    Is this a form of self-hate?

  2. fredMS says:

    its a shame that black on black still happens so rampantly

  3. ekb says:

    Why does it seem like post like this never get any comments ….niggas don’t give a fuck anyway ….the computer is made by someone who convieniently forgot ppl of color exist …..not suprised ….at the computer or lack of comments …..that avatar post was deep as shit [||]

  4. BIGNAT says:

    that is fucked up but the customer service call would be funny as hell.

  5. Bless 1 says:

    This is crazy. Obviously they didn’t even to think to have any Black people to help test this out before releasing it

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