HAITIAN Immigrants Are Still the GULLIEST!

c'est pase?!?

We all agreed last year that Haitians were way more gully than Jamaicans.

rock, paper, scissors

When your shit is so f’rucked up that you have to resort to kidnapping nuns you have lost all hope. Have you seen what the average nun looks like? Who’s gonna give you a reward for a haggardly piece of poon?


I feel the Haiti peoples pain too because the story is always the same with whoever sits in their presidential palace. Sooner or later the electric bill doesn’t get paid and then everyone finds out that the politicians were corrupt. So why doesn’t the Dominican Republic of Mexico have to deal with this same unrest? The only pictures that I get from D.R.M. are of 16year old chambermaids right after they’ve ‘cleaned’ the room (NSFW).

The D.R.M. has realized one thing that is inherent in human nature. The need to congregate and commune. The clothing sweatshops set up in the Dominican Republic of Mexico fulfill these needs. The sweatshops in the D.R.M. allow the exploited populus a place to congregate outside of their respective shantys. The factories are more comortable and the lighting is better. So what if you have to work a 14hr. shift, that is just more time to gossip with your cousin MARYLIS.

This is what the Haiti people need to make them as happy as their Dominican Mexican cousins… more sweatshops. This way the Haitians can whistle while they work.

the whistle song

5 Responses to “HAITIAN Immigrants Are Still the GULLIEST!”

  1. Supa Sister says:

    Yeah, witty post, and the continuing situation in Haiti continues to break my fucking heart. I’ve rapped to a few Haitian-Americans and that shit is no joke. These are some of the poorest most exploited trapped folks on the planet. Corruption abounds. Black folks here in the states need to give up boastin’ that “ghetto gangsta gully underprivileged (sp) shit,” ’cause dude, it’s all relative, and we don’t no NOTHIN ABOUT IT. I’ve tried to keep up with the news in Haiti and that’s a task all it’s own, and what I’m finding about the US government’s hand in Aristide’s overthrow, I’m really not liking…

  2. Supa Sister says:

    I got heated and typed “no” insteada “know”. Damn, I hate when that happens.

  3. T-Money Bags says:

    the haitian foot stool picture is gold…

  4. Tony says:

    More sweatshops are the answer. Unfortunately, they’ll have to save up more to afford to get here. Sturdy boats are expensive. Unlike the Cubans they don’t get the red carpet, 20k in cash and the right to be self-righteous pricks once they get here.

    Intracultural rivalry rules!

    P.S. – Another example of how U.S. interventionism failed yet again. However, in the end it’s all a benefit to the people here. The new manager at the Wendy’s in my neighborhood is from Haiti and he totally has the place running tip-top. Hell, I’ll even use the restroom in that place, it’s so spotless. I see the guy there 24/7 working as hard as a motherfucker. It’s like he’s on a mission never to go back to that place. Yeah, I let him keep the change on my 99 cent frosty. That’s just the way I roll.

  5. the_dallas says:


    You are a true humanitarian. The world needs more guys like you that are willing to part with a shiny Lincoln. You know Lincoln freed the slaves, that makes him alright by me.

    Happy Black History month.

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