The INTERN Scrapes Madddd Tail

the new juicy

Every time I go out with The INTERN (no brokeback) I am amazed with all the young women that he knows. The INTERN isn’t a pimp, but he has got some serious pimp hand that he uses on the lee low.

He knows how much I love the smell of the ‘other’ white meat so he took me to a party in Manhattan. is where he gets all his young sweet poon from. I remember MySpace dropping about two years ago when I was just getting into Friendster. KING TEE told me to get up on it but I couldn’t see myself committing to managing another BlackPlanet-esque webpage.

Little did I know how MySpace was about to blow up. The folks at MySpace saw how popular networking sites like Friendster were and they upgraded the interface to allow for more random profile browsing. MySpace became the ‘hood-friendly Friendster. The network on my space is free flowing and laid back too. I just love the white chicks that can bounce to the Hip-Hop. MySpace has got tons of ’em. Here is a picture of The INTERN getting his mack on with a couple of sexies…

The INTERN getting his mack on

bootleg Angelina on the right

MySpace even has some sexy Mexicans up on there.

mami chulas

With MySpace in my life I may not have to masturbate as much this winter.

Awwww, who am I kiddin’?!?

6 Responses to “The INTERN Scrapes Madddd Tail”

  1. Rizoh says:

    myspace is a phenomenon. It’s the best way to meet chicks without even trying.

  2. Zillz says:

    word up! it’s better than

  3. Robbie says:

    Good to see someone else using “No Brokeback”.

  4. Miss Ahmad says:

    where da brown skinned girls at?

  5. the_dallas says:

    brown skinned tail season starts in February

  6. Miss Ahmad says:

    good looking out it can’t be winter white forever!

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