Oil Fields = Killing Fields…

killing fields

^ Study how the vic getting clapped on gets transformed into the British Petroleum dandelion. It really works that way too. In a few thousand years all the bodies of the people who were merc’ked by the Khmer Rogue will become some fossil fuel we will use to do the shit what we do.

WIRED mag from 2007

Altho’ the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster is wild bad (I suppose) it was bound to happen sooner or later and its likely to happen again and again. The problem isn’t British Petroleum who contracted TransOcean to put the hole in the ground underwater. The problem is you. And me. But really, its more you. You see I recognize that shit like what happened in the Gulf is what happens in the world when niggas need iPhone 4Gs, Snuggies, sneakers, audiobooks and even plastic bags. Sheeeeeeed, paper too.

You can close this drop right now if you want or you can face the truth that you and your fake ass righteousness has always been the problem. You want to save the Earth but you steady killing it. You don’t want to be a racist but you tacitly approve the lynching of Black males. You want to be a vegetarian but your lying ass knows how much you love the taste of bacon on your lips. British Petroleum is your dealer and you are such an addict if they weren’t here you would go across the street corner to get your fix.

We rely on petroleum for EVERY FUCKING THING in our lives. EVERYTHING. You want to challenge me on that?!? Good luck, but you still can’t handle the truth. You don’t have the mental ability, determination or courage to live above petroleum production. The difference between you and I is that I won’t try to fool myself about the issue. There are drilling apparatus that have penetrated the Earth for greater than 6 miles (over 30,000ft) because you need the blood of your ancestors that badly. So as long as you read this weblog please recognize that you are the problem and British Petroleum is your scapegoat.

Let late night Jimmy Fallon with the help of the Roots, Brian Williams and Herbie Hancock bring some levity to your consciousness…

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  1. ah huh says:

    You are so right its painful.

    Diego Garcia = Surveillance Military Base(in the east etc), Iraq = Oil(resource consolidation etc), Afghanistan = Lithium(for phones, computers etc), Greece = Big Bank Land Grab(greece is now selling their islands to pay off IMF debt) Iran = Which is the only country in the world today that still invades and occupies other nations?

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN!

  2. $yk says:

    I agree with a lot said here. But…

    I pay an xtra $10 a month for my electricity to be powered by wind propellers.

    I use re-usable shopping bags at the stores and get percentages off for doing so.

    Our recycling out here in OR is very strict (unlike NY). We are one of the leading US green states.

    Our stores & restaurants (i.e. Burgerville & Carls’ Jr) use local farmers, who also grow organically.

    Same as the beer, very, very organic, and home brewed.

    But we do drive a lot and use fuel for BBQ’s.

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