mr. rager

Photo: Alexander Richter

BluCheezTV is back on they Kid Cudi shit.

Special thanks goes out to DJ Franchise for mailing me this Boba Fett hoody before I sent him a payment for it. That is what I meant by true believers.

This fanboy video is really a dedication to my mom and my dad who raised me in Corona Queens just walking distance from the 7 train, Flushing Meadows Park and LaGuardia Airport. They gave me the space to dream about outer space.

9 Responses to “MR. RAGER…”

  1. PG says:

    that shit on the escalator had me rollin when all the people were starin at you like wtf.

    I heard this song a while back when it was on KanYe’s G.O.O.D. music mixtape. I interpreted the lyrics more as CuDi’s struggle with cocaine addiction and his flirting with suicide. The whole album has that whole nightmare vibe to it. but I get where you are coming from on the outer space thing.

  2. Excellent job my G! I fux with this joint….on mute. Sriously tho’ I see you over here on your Sprite/Mountain Dew commercial music between this and Kanye Album, I see Pepsi Co. and The Coke company doing big numbers this summer. Folks might even start drinking Aquafina again. I listened to the Kanye trax u upped and just vision a skinny white chick and dude playing under a broken water hydrant drinking 20 oz. cokes and splashing in a ghetto where black people don’t exist.

  3. Ambush says:

    Yo D. This joint is intergallactic for sure. Your G is way too futuristic for ’em.

  4. Whut:BM says:

    Some intergalatic 4-LOKO shit.

  5. Jaislayer says:

    This is why I fuxs with who else is making fanboy ish like dallas. Great job big homie, I don’t fux with Kid Cudi like that but I respect your vision. You are mos def keeping the internets fresh & funny. Peace.

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Word.Is.Bawn. Dope video!
    Co sign w/Ambush…your vision is too futuristic for these internets, still. The descent down the escalator is epic.

    But nevamind all that, B. Where in the fux did you get that Boba Fett helmet with the working antenna!?!?!?

  7. gstatty says:

    This is like if star wars kid grew up, became an adult and copped a new fresh boba fett jacket and an on point helmet and then learned how to hip hop head nod, we need to find you a jetpack stat

  8. Bless 1 says:


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