Major League Baseball Better START SNITCHING


I apologize to the kid H.R. from the site START SNITCHING dot com for swagger jacking this post from him before he has the chance to open this shit up in his own unimitable way. Dude has a dope post about HBO’s ‘The Wire’ series rocking the lead space at his page. Go there and tell him that your cousin BILLY SUNDAY sent you.

Speaking of the wire…

MLB’s JASON GRIMSLEY was almost pressured by Federal agents into wearing a wire while they continued to target BARRY BONDS’ alleged steroid use. It makes me wonder why the Feds have this surreal witchhunt against BONDS. I think someone in the F.B.I. may not have had their glove signed when they were a little dude. I mean, like these dudes have a major hardon for BARRY BONDS on some ex-lover type shit. In the meantime no one knows who killed BIGGIE or TUPAC. If the F.B.I. wants to target illegal drugs and the what not that is cool, but we all know that to fill our cities up with the dope and crack means that the shit comes over here in large container ships and not in a suitcase. Don’t just arrest BARRY BONDS and act like you did anything to save the lost souls inside the center city.

So what that baseball players are using steroids and human growth hormone in order to stay competitive in their league. Who knows what other drugs they are using? Who cares?!? So many of these players are having heart attacks and dying in their late forties and early fifties that drug abuse shouldn’t even be a surprise. I’m not even amazed that it’s the Latin players that have the connects to the best junk either. Even though it’s baseball it’s still the real world. Why don’t you think there are any Colombian baseball players? It’s ’cause the coca still makes more scrilla.

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  1. Amadeo says:

    My question is since this guy “named names” directly to the FEDS is he higher or lower on the scale than canseco?

  2. You beat me to it…

    He was a candidate for Snitch of the Week, but too much other shit happened.

    Ill finish my post tomorrow probably.

    Seriously, these FBI fools are going crazy to get Bonds.
    Shit is wild.

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