What are we gonna do Internets? Too many lil’ niggas doing right is getting they baby wigs popped. Danroy Henry was a college student and a star football player, but all them police could see was a Black boogeyman.

Now this baby of a lil’ nigga gets popped by a fake cop who isn’t even arrested when the real cops come to the scene. Why? Black boogeymen syndrome of course. The murderer was even protected by the police at the scene. I’m sad for this lil’ baby nigga, but what can I do?

The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin

13 Responses to “I. AM. TRAYVON MARTIN…”

  1. Krashone says:

    This story still could be one of us grown men…the good ol u.s. of a “yo” I guess I need to start carrying a bag of skittels at all times in case a motherfucker try to front I can let them tast the rainbow[II]! Shit is sickening! And don’t think its just black men the enemy want its the black woman to!!

  2. Wardell Franklin says:

    Self-defense my ass– it’s goddamn murder.

    And while I already have a low opinion of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, it’ll be many degrees lower if the Feds don’t step in here somehow.

    RIP Travyon; this Zimmerman creep playing out his “Walking Tall” fantasy should do at least as much time as fellow Floridian Wesley Snipes (for a much lesser crime). As for the idea some moron of allegedly “Hispanic” descent can’t be “racist,” GTFOH.

  3. nmb says:

    “Wardell Franklin Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 7:44 pm
    Self-defense my ass– it’s goddamn murder.

    And while I already have a low opinion of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, it’ll be many degrees lower if the Feds don’t step in here somehow.”

    Obama/Holder also murdered an innocent non-criminal teenager kid, Al-Awlaki’s 16 yr old son. Obama might say to Zimmerman “he is I, & I is him” ala Snoop Dogg. It’s sad how Obama, a father of a teenager, murders 1 innocent teen & ignores the murder of another teen as “not his problem”. In the 1960s didn’t the Fed Gov intervene when certain Southeast US local government ignored/sanctioned/participated in racist murders?

  4. Allow me to take this another direction… Right now a college kid who set up a hidden camera like all college kids tend to do at some point over the last 30 years, has been convicted of felonies and looking at ten years because what he did allegedly “pushed his roommate over the edge” to off himself, yet this “neighborhood watch” dude doesn’t even have to come in and pee in a cup? Do the knowledge on that one.

  5. BIGNAT says:

    Once I heard the 911 tapes I was sold that this loser was guilty. First they told him to not follow him and he did. He said the crying during the call was him but once the shot went off the crying stop. They always said this loser called 911 30 something times during new years to report shit. He need to be locked up but not in florida because he will be dead withing days. Bullshit he said he was a threat to him he was the aggresor. If someone was following me for no reason I might not have anything nice to say to your ass either. He feared for his life yet went after the guy. His dumb ass don’t even know what fear is. I say we send zimmerman to jail in mexico those boys will make a pinata out his ass

  6. BIGNAT says:

    Sorry for the typos I’m pissed

  7. Wardell Franklin says:

    Pretty good (but infuriating) column a few days ago from Darryl Owens of the Orlando Sentinel–


  8. Jaislayer says:

    Big Nat, you got it right. I’m in full agreement with your comment. Salute

  9. Joe momma says:

    Fuck that lil nigga. One less lil welfare baby in the world.
    Teach them to stay out of white naborhoods! Lol

  10. bob hope says:

    That’s some straight up bullshit I’m sooo heated, they can’t do that to Wesley snipes.

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