Meet The Mess…


I think Isiah Thomas has infiltrated the Metropolitans front office. The free agent signing of Jason Bay and the pursuit of backcatcher Benji Molina tells me that Omar Minaya is still searching for the right combination of beisbol players via throwing away money at overvalued free agents.

Keep it simple Omar. Bring in another pitcher. Philly got rid of Lee and acquired Halladay. The rich didn’t get richer, but the contenders went and got pitchers. If the Wilpons got it like that to spend (and they should since the taxpayers paid for their new stadium) they should get us another workhorse arm and a bonafide slugger who is just as respected in his clubhouse.

Other than that we don’t need a team that spends money like their neighbors on the other side of the TriBoro Bridge. We need an organization that knows how to develop a farm system which brings more young talent up from within. Spending money on the front end so that we don’t have to waste our dollars on overpriced mediocre free agents.

Can you do that Omar?

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  1. fosterakahunter says:

    How does that work again? The owners of these private sports organizations get to cash into public funds to pay for players and the construction of new venues for what amounts to a child’s game played by grown men. Ahhh, America. Ain’t it grand?

  2. 6 100 says:

    Whatever happened to the Cyclones?

    Does anyone get moved up to the Mets from the Cyclones?

  3. king blair says:

    To DP and all regular commemnters have a happy and safe new year Big Nat dnt go too crazy in NY nigga if u bang any nice habla es espanol u gotta show pics when u get back….I expect random gunfire in DC come midnight so niggas duck

  4. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    @ 6 100

    The Cyclones are super small A. Binghamton Mets(AA) & Norfolk(Tidewater sounded cooler) Tides(AAA) have no real impact talent to send up.

    Wilpon needs to come clean & say Madoff made off with the cash.

    Sorry faithful Metsies, but y’all need to worry about the Nationals instead of the Phillies.

  5. the_dallas says:

    Ouch! Yeah the Nats do be a problem for Los Metropolitanos

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