champeezy bitches!

It’s Friday, and my ass is broker than a joke. I’m actually not broken in as much as I am dealing with a “temporary fiscal deficit”.

Looks like it’s gonna be one of those weekends where my ass does mad free shit.

* ‘Krush Groove’ screens tonite at the Grand Army Plaza central library.

** ‘Favela Rising’ screens tomorrow at the Brooklyn Museum of Art First Saturday. BMA’s First Saturday theme is Brazilian Night. So get out your samba shoes and come dance with a gaggle of Black Bebel Gilbertos.


  1. lola gets says:

    Damn, who the hell gets to drink liquor at their desk at work??

    “Champale Malt Liquor boss. Looks, tastes, and sparkles like champagne.”

    I swear to God, I am crying over here!


  2. evan says:

    This type of drink falls under what we would call “Champipple” or if not carbonated “Bum Wine.”

    I wish the nerditry budget were higher, few things have gotten my interest like Black Bebel Gilbertos. Catch the bus to Florida and bring them to my swinging singles lounge where it’s Samba, Martin Denny and drinks with Creme de menthe.

  3. 40 says:

    I miss Champale. Me an my ole shawty used to kick it on the roof of my building in Harlem and knock back a quart or two of the Pink stuff. Then we’d just hold each other for hours.

  4. Dart_Adams says:

    I’ve never ever ever ever seen a White person either deliver, purchase, sell, buy and/or drink Champale in my 32 years of life. From 1975-1984 Champale ruled my city…it was the one liquor kids LOVED to steal sips of. Or just steal one run to the back and take it to the head for dolo. Memories…


  5. 40 says:

    Cold Duck still represents!!!

  6. coqui says:

    wow. “black bebel gilbertos” i love that bitch, i got all her albums, even the crappy remix ones. i’m more into marisa monte and rosalia de souza right now tho.

  7. KiNGrEX says:


  8. thoreauly77 says:

    i’m just laughing at the snarky white boss-man talking about how no one needs a raise because they are living big. shit, buy some high life too while youre at it, its the champale of beers!

  9. the_dallas says:

    ^ I just want the job where a bottle of Champissy on my desktop doesn’t get me fired or sent to mandatory AA counseling.

  10. thoreauly77 says:

    ^ dude, you have that job.

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