Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me…


How are these fossils not dead yet?!?

The U.S. murder rate spikes for young Black males while gangsta rap CD sales decline.

Even Fisty Scent, who has been the only steady commodity during this decline is losing his luster. The Fisty Scent MTV reality show titled ‘The Money & The Power’ has been shelved indefinitely.

Peep the graph I just made which charts the precipitous decline in gangsta rap music sales and the steady increase in mortality for Black males…

cd sales

The tipping point for rap music, and subsequently the Black male mortality rate was in 2006. That was a pretty tumultuous year for weed carriers and shitty rap albums. Kingdom Come, Idlewild, Like Father Like Son, Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, The Big Bang, Hard To Kill, Blood Money, King, and Pac’s Life?!? Do I have to fucking continue?

NaS wasn’t just being prescient when he said that ‘Hip-Hop Is Dead’, he was just looking outside of his window at all of the young Black boys that were chopping each other down like sugar cane stalks. If I were some kind of economist, sociologist or even a community activist I might prA’li study the correlation further to see if maybe the t.I.’s were spurring Black youths to kill each other since they obviously weren’t buying CD’s any longer, but I’m busy now on another project called ‘Moving Out Of My Mother’s Basement’.

Maybe one of the freedom fighters on this site will pursue this story further, but I doubt that anyone really gives a fuck. You know, what with the economy still being fucked the fuck up and it being winter and Zwarte Piet not having enough Wii consoles to give out.

The silver lining that I see in all the carnage is that it appears that real thugs are back to doing real things and leaving all the poseurism to the pretty boys and the artistic types.

At the end of the day what does this news herald for 2009?

Skinny jeans killers.

skinny jeans

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  1. Big Homie says:


    We up now? (pause)

  2. Tiffany thanks Dallas for being the best blogger Evar!!! says:

    Looks like the First 48 will keep it on and poppin’. Jigs stay killin’ over dumb ish! 🙁

    Hey, no weapons involved here:

    What’s gay about it is these dudes were fighting over a basketball game from June!

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