Career Juggling Clowns…


Rappers are walking around with guitars without bothering to learn how to play them just like you see kids walking around with skateboards and the wheels are clean and unscuffed.

Posing has reached an all time high.

And who can blame the posers anyhoo? Ponzi schemes are the only reliable economic sector now. Actors tell us who to vote for and why community service is so damn important and then they jet off to Hawaii.

Does anyone make real shit anymore?

JOAQUIN PHOENIX is going to be a rapper? The faux leading the fake.

I fux with 808s & Heartbreak. I will not be fuxing with any of KanYe West acid wash schmatte, or Andre 3000’s dandy vines, or anyone else who sings, raps, chants, spits or otherwise burps into a microphone for a living. I am buying clothes from the people that have spent their life doing that shit for no other glory than the feel of virgin wool knit into a precise loop.

If some rapper actually knit a sweater with their own hands then I would consider buying that because of the commitment required to complete the item, but no one who raps would do that. Ol’ Dirty Bastard might have done that, but he was special. Ever since Puff released SeanJohn everything else has been str8 clownshoes.



Fast forward to 2009 and some of these dudes are on the verge of giving clowns a classy sartorial image.

Smarten up Taz.


5 Responses to “Career Juggling Clowns…”

  1. mercilesz says:

    cmon though…MCM? in 2009…with 2 four fingers? just the audacity is fly…

  2. COLDEST POST of 2009…………………considering the current temperature outside

  3. Che Guerrilla says:

    Lol, What do we feel about Termanology’s new track “Tight Jeans Are For Women”? It’s a dope freestyle over the Crooklyn Dodgers II track. He goes is on this new fashion trend. Now I have a few perspectives in this battle of the urbans. One I am older now so I don’t like my jeans baggy, yet at the same time I need some ball room and don’t want to look like Ice Cube from 1988. I like more of a relaxed or fitted look.

    On the other end a lot of these grown ass men are still rockin extremely baggy clothes which make them look like little kids. That’s not cool either. There needs to be balance.
    What’s also happening is these tight pant dudes have no leg room but manage to have their pants hanging off their asses with their draws showing. WTF is that? If your 16, ok 27 no good.

    What do ya’ll think?

  4. Gee says:

    “Ever since Puff released SeanJohn everything else has been str8 clownshoes. ”

    Absolutely true! I cannot see how they expect another urban clothing manufacturer to be successful when most of the lines are being bootlegged on Ebay even as we speak… There is something seriously wrong with grown ass men rocking briefcases and sunglasses indoors.

  5. KoolMick_Lovin says:

    This is what it looks like when niggas is trying TOO hard. WTF?!?!

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