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Have A Happy, Healthy Holiday…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

mh holiday

This flyer came to us from 40 Diesel with no additional copy.

Maybe the Mighty Healthy site has some more details, like if its gonna cost and will there be MH swag to be had (always a GREAT look).

In any case, if you are shopped out tonite give your boy 40 a shout.

The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

40 belows

^ Peace to the family

BCC – ‘I Ain’t Havin’ That’

I’m such a wild burnout that I forgot to tag the pic above for who sent it to me via the TWitters. That is a dope ass pic tho’. As you can see them in their full glory. The 40 Below is the most hardbody Hip-Hop shoe of all time. Word to Das-EFX and Bishop from ‘Juice’. Also as of recent times Timberland has seen their stock on the streets find a little upswing with all the famous cRappers rocking the classic 6″ boot.

My Timberland collection is down from what used to be almost seventy pairs to now a humbling 35-40. I am holding something in my back pocket however which will add another pair to that number. Timberland issued to me a product voucher late last year that I still haven’t excised. I returned a pair of black leather hard bottom penny loafers that I managed to split the sole of. As usual Timberland stands behind their products 1000% and they mailed a voucher to me instructing me to call their customer service division so that my order could be fulfilled.

But which shoe to copp has been my dilemma. Just recently I was in an A.J. Wright with Chocolate Snowflake and I happened upon a pair of the ‘Beef n Broccoli’ 3/4 field boots for $50. C.S. dissuaded me from buying them (she is so smart) because she told me I could prA’li find them for $40 if I wanted them so badly. She was right. Lord knows I don’t even have money to spend on sneakers let alone winter boots. That’s when I decided to dig out the product voucher so I could at least give my brain the temporary endorphins that come with consumerism.

Come and do some internets window shopping with me…


White Ledge Mid Hiker – $85
I like these hikers and they are a smart choice recession pricepoint for only $85. The outsole is equipped with Timberland’s proprietary BSFP system which stands for Brake-Support-Flex-Propel and is a dynamic feature for anyone who likes running naked in the woods (that is a in-house joke that you just had to be here to see).

field boots

Field Boot – $130
The classic ‘Beef-n-Brocs’ will forever be in style. They are lightweight and super-rugged. I equate these joints to being a bulletproof sneaker. As a matter of fact, thanks in part to the Boot Camp Clik there are kids in Brownsville wearing these joints on the basketball court. The most recent feature these shoes have been equipped with is a fiberglass shank in the forefoot replacing the steeltoe and making these boots more airport friendly.


Classic Trekker Chukka – $155
These are the type of boots you buy when you aren’t buying boots again for another twenty years. All the engineers at my office own these joints and they have been wearing them for the twelve years I have worked for the agency. They wear these boots from November until April. The boots are waterproofed, lined with Gore-Tex and the outsole doesn’t go away. I have a pair of these in olive green that I came up on at Filene’s way back in the day. I keep them fresh enough so that when I have children they will become my ‘dad’ shoes.

40 belows

Front Country Winter Extreme Boot – $130
Do you see these joints? This is legendary Timberland material. Before the Vasque, Merrell or ACG boots there was the invincible, indestructrible, iconic Timberland Iditarod series of boots. These are the shoes that dogmushers wear during that grueling artic trek. I’m blown away at the pricepoint for a shoe that is as fully loaded as this one is. Gore-Tex lining and a Vibram outsole make this shoe the Maybach of boots. It isn’t just waterproof, this boot is bombproof. I’ll be ordering these today.

Nike x God’s Favorite DJ = 2Nite!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


I was gonna use the headline ‘Sneaker Fiends Unite!’ but you already know the deal.

NIKE Sportswear
21 Mercer Street, NYC

The Beautiful Struggle…

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

afro boricua

TATO TORRES y Yuerba Buena performing at the release party for BOBBITO’s collabo with Pro-Keds. This is the sound of the struggle for freedom and humanity placed onto music. Por Vieques. Por Guantanamo. Por Tierra Madre.

Tato Torres y Yuerba Buena from dallas penn on Vimeo.

With additional commentary provided by 40 Diesel.


Friday, October 30th, 2009


Sneaker Fiends Unite! NYC Tour – 10.31.09.

Yes, yes, y’all.

It’s on for tomorrow.

Encyclopedia Black suggested it.

Willis Still Sunsweet co-signed it.

30% off sale @ Goliath in East Harlem is a definite stop. A swing into Brooklyn possibly. A jump into the Bronx maybe. Have your unlimited MetroCard handy because we are going in.

SFU-NYC tour kickoff point
Grand Central ticket concourse info booth
12:00 noon