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Sunday, September 28th, 2008


I have to bow my head real quick and thank the most high for this chance to see the beginning of a new year. I’m going to take a minute and pour a little Newman’s Own balsamic vinaigrette on the ground for your boy PAUL and all the other people that didn’t get to this point. Say a rest in peace to whomever you want to and recognize that none of us have a guarantee for these days.

I have to say thank you to my girlfriend Chocolate Snowflake who had the vision to buy us a trip to Barbados before my personal financial meltdown went down. She is one of the biggest reasons that my last year was so fantastic and beautiful. Last night as we waded in the ocean after dark I saw actual flying fishes in the water. It was a surreal moment that reminded me why I have so much to thank GOD for.

Rafi and Cas are also at the top of my list because of all the work they have done to make the i.C. movement more than just an inside joke on a politician.

Terrence Elenteny is about to blow the eff up. I’m just glad that he is bringing me long for the ride.

Amadeo Sogni, Dart Adams, VeE, Candice 1969, Marvelous Mo, the Ambasador, Enigmatik, the Underwriter and all of you writers who take out the time from pursuing you passion and your craft to come to this page that I live and die over, you deserve my thanks and my recognition. Please forgive me if you don’t see your name because my memory isn’t always as thorough as my heart.

To the commenters that don’t host websites, but aggregate more blogs than I can imagine, I thank you for your time that you spend here. This page, this site, belongs to you in more ways than one. I am a truly blessed dude to have so many intelligent folks as my friends.

It all comes back to the most high who has placed us all here for something real and special. When I say special I don’t mean anything more extraordinary than doing whatever we do. To make more people, to be responsible shepherds to our communities and our planet. To love others in the true biblical sense with no eye towards karma or any method of invoicing our good deeds. To just be love. This is my promise to GOD for the new year.


Sunday, September 28th, 2008


I hope some of you are feeling the excitement of the upcoming MLB playoffs. I’m sorry that the Mets had to shitbag the last few weeks of the season. They don’t deserve to get into the post-season, but if they do I won’t complain.

The Dodgers should be seeded against Philadelphia for the wildcard round if the Mets get in, but if the Brewers end up winning the wildcard the Dodgers will have to face Sweet Lou’s Cubbies since teams in the same division can’t face each other in the opening round.

I don’t see the Dodgers going too far in the playoffs because the team really isn’t that deep and the few marquee names other than than MANNY are all washed up at this point. I still have to doff my cap for MANNY for revitalizing his career in Los Angeles. Nothing for me would be sweeter than watching Boston go down in flames since they traded the leader of their team.

Happy Birthday Lil’ Wang!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008


Billy X. Sunday celebrates as Birdbrain’s baby gets one year older.

Don’t think that the irony of me knowing Lil’ Wang’s birthday is lost on me. I once accused the dearly departed Noz of knowing all of his favorite rapper’s birthdays. The only reason that I know Lil’ Wang’s born day is because it is the same day as mine. So now that Lil’ Wang is turning 21 and he can legally buy his own prescription cough syrup I thought I would give him some advice from one drug addict to another. columnist Billy X. Sunday does not endorse the abuse of prescription and or non-prescription narcotics, depressants, stimulants, barbituates or any controlled substances**

**Unless you have some

So where should I start? I suppose the most popular drug of choice is the one called Syrup, or the Lean, or the motherfuckin’ Drank. I’ve never fucked with this shit because I always had enough money to buy liquor, or at least a 40 ounce. People that create drugs from household shit like cough syrup and band-aids should get some kind of MacGuyver award for drug abuse.

The same for people that get high off industrial shit like paint, and paint thinner. I never sniffed glue or none of that industrial shit because I would never get within twenty feet of that shit. That shit smells like housework to me and I ain’t got no time for that. Imagine me getting high off Windex to the point that I am cleaning my coffee table ten times a day. I ain’t got no coffee table in my apartment since I sold it for crack.

Crack cocaine is having a resurgence in entertainment circles. I blame all this Rick James and 1980’s nostalgia. It wasn’t the chemical makeup of cooked cocaine that made it so addictive but the gold leggings and the flattop haircut. I hope Lil’ Wang steers clear of that crack cocaine shit. Sonn is already less than a buck on the scales. He might get so skinny that he will be back to rocking his old jumpsuits by Osh Kosh B’Gosh (no Cam’Ron).

Speaking of Cam… Weed is still the shit and definitely something that I would like for my birthday party. A nice big fluffy Z of that good white boy shit they grow under the Kleig lights. Something with some orange and purple hairs growing from the buds. Smooth shit like that you don’t roll up in a cigar. I get out my grandfather’s chalice that he came up on during a stop in the Philipines. Rolling Dutches is for the uncivilized people that don’t know how to use a fork or knife.

When all else fails there is always alcohol which is pretty much legal to everyone older than sixteen. At least in Alaska I think it is. That’s why the VP nominee is 44yr old grandmother. This is what Wang should celebrate his birthday with. A bottle of that champagne that he was supposed to be coming out with unless that deal fell off the table in which case he should prA’li just go back to sipping that lean. I wonder if Wang can get an endorsement deal with Dimetapp? That’s what his management should be working on his birthday.

Happy birthday Lil’ Wang!

Da Incredible Rap Team Strikes Back…

Sunday, September 28th, 2008


Heltah Skeltah is on the warpath right now with their new album ‘Da Incredible Rap Team’ hitting stores on Tuesday. The second video off the album also directed by RIK CORDERO is for the track titled ‘Ruck and Roll’.

TERRENCE ELENTENY created a video for the same track using footage from the show he attended at S.O.B.’s.

Ruck N Roll LIVE by Heltah Skeltah from Terrence on Vimeo.


BooGooDooBoom’s Best of Heltah Skeltah

DP = Dividends Panic…

Saturday, September 27th, 2008


Here’s why I am shitting briks after the JPMorgan Chase takeover of Washington Mutual…

I still owe JPMorgan Chase a grip from a defaulted credit card. These fucks shut me down back and April and garnished my entire grip. I had seven stacks in my account and several checks in the mail for big amounts. That garnishment put me in the worst effing hole in my life. Too bad I couldn’t have Congress erase my debts like they are doing for the screwups on Wall Street.

Now that I have my paycheck coming directly to Washington Mutual I better shut this account down and take my ass back to the check cashing spot on Junction Boulevard. In another few years there will only be one bank left in America. I bet its gonna be Chase too. They are so ruthless with their credit card interest fees. That is the heart of capitalism too. The idea is to straight up capitalize on motherfuckers. To kick niggas in the teeth when they are down on the ground.

This is why I don’t think we should be giving welfare to capitalists. Let those fags burn in the fiscal ether they created. Okay, I know nothing is that simple, but how the hell do the CEO’s of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, AIG and all these other bankrupted corporation get to keep their scrilla but my ass gets garnished for some shit I bought back in 2002? Garnishing some of these fuckers golden parachutes will certainly allay some of the money that we taxpayers are laying out.

Say no to less regulation of our banking system.

Say hell no to executive packages paid for with our money.

Say HELL FUCKING NO to a suspension of the capital gains tax.