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Monday, February 28th, 2011


from Ye’ Tudda and Mos Def


Monday, February 28th, 2011


New York City leads the nation in the re-establishment of Jim Crow laws aimed at the disenfranchisement of Black people.

The public school system is designed to fail these kids at a young age thereby arresting their development and learning capabilities long before they enter high school. The resultant is that less Black kids enter specialized schools which can prepare them for the future and most Black kids opt out of the public school system altogether.

The next phase is the criminalization of Black youth within their communities by arresting them for minor offenses such as marijuana possession and loitering. Even on the public housing properties where they reside. More Blacks were stopped and searched by the police in the previous three years than in the fifteen years proceeding those three.

All this is almost making Giuliani’s time as the chief executive of New York look like the golden age for Black youth.

What Is Africa? Who Is Africa?

Monday, February 28th, 2011


My single drop in February recognizing Black History Month isn’t going to be about the state of the African American condition here in the United States. Black people in the U.S. are more marginalized than anytime in history since the Civil War. A very small number of Blacks (under a half a percentage point) exist in the upper classes of American society. The rest of us are cannon foder. Like Sean Bell and Danroy Henry. I don’t really have any hope for us, but I held out some hope for Africa to get they shit right.

When I say Africa I mean ALL of Africa. From South Africa to Algiers. Unfortunately, all Africans don’t fux with all of Africa. The Arabian diaspora isn’t fuxing with the sub-Saharan Africans. The Islamic diaspora isn’t fuxing with the Hebrews or the Christians. Africa is still as paralyzed from the vestiges of colonialism as America. Without the civilization from the upper Nile would Egypt have been as dynamic or dynastic? Africa needs to recognize its interconnected networks.

I found myself recently reminiscing on Marcus Garvey’s dream of pan-Africanism as the events of north Africa unfolded over the past several weeks. Would other states in Africa throw off the yoke of despair from despotism? The black soil of Africa is still the epicenter for what we annually call Black History Month. Wherever they go we will follow. Revolution or evolution.

Do The XXL Freshmen Ever Graduate?

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

xxl freshmen

XXL magazine’s annual Freshmen cover always generates some controversy and discussion. The big argument with this year’s freshmen crop is that Yelawolf is now featured on two consecutive cover stories. Isn’t this is what pop culture does with their artists tho’? Cramming them down your throat whether you fux with them or not.

XXL magazine has officially become the Tiger Beat magazine for the Hip-Hop set. Shaun Cassidy was mentioned or pictured on almost every cover of that rag for several years.

tiger beat

The real question I have is how good is XXL at supporting the artists they say have next? Some of these freshmen end up being dropouts (no KanYe Tudda). Like I mean dropping out of the scene altogether. When is the last time you heard mention of Ace Hood?

I figured we could take a quick look at XXL’s past freshmen and review their GPA to see if these dudes are still taking ’em to school or have they been left back.

Freshmen class of 2008

joell ortiz Joell Ortiz – One of the anchors of rap supergroup SlaughterHouse with two(2) albums completed. Joell Ortiz leads the future wave of NYC emcees

Crooked I – Another SlaughterHouse spitter who knows how to keep his name hot.
Saigon – Releasing his debut album ‘Greatest Story Never Told’
Rich Boy

Lupe Fiasco – Preparing his third LP: ‘Lasers’ and possibly carrying weed for Pharell
Lil Boosie
Gorilla Zoe

Young Dro – Hanging out a lot with underclassman Vado and wearing Polo

Freshmen class of 2009

cudi Kid Cudi – Holding KanYe’s best weed has helped him make that spaceship music

Wale – At least Rick Ross fux with him musically
B.o.B. – Grammy nominated which can also mean seriously overrated
Charles Hamilton – Still in school and sadly no one really cares
Asher Roth
Cory Gunz

Blu – prA’li the best rapper in this class but still needing that “push”
Mickey Factz – Making car commercials
Ace Hood
Curren$y – People love his ‘Pilot Talk’ mixtapes, but I’m waiting for him to really blow [ll]

Freshmen class of 2010

j cole J Cole – So much potential but does he have the work ethic?

Nipsey Hu$$le – A movement all by himself
Wiz Khalifa – The breakout star of this class
OJ Da Juiceman
Freddie Gibbs
Big Sean
Jay Rock

Freshmen class of 2011

lil b Lil’ B – His movement is already XXXXXXXXL without even being on this rag’s cover. XXL needs him to still be legitimate to a youth dominated demographic

Fred The Godson
Meek Mill
Mac Miller
Cyhi The Prynce
Kendrick Lamar
Lil’ Twist
Diggy Simmons
Big K.R.I.T.

Show Ya’ Lifestyle…

Sunday, February 27th, 2011


My brother WIGGZ is a lifestyler extraordinaire. He created the website Show Ya’ LO and he travels far and wide to preach the gospel of the lifestyle.

WIGGZ fell thru the other day for one of our SFU drops featuring New Balances because he thought we might have had our wires crossed on the style number of the NB hiking boot. We love the NBs here at and we love that New Balance has retro’d their heritage styles.

Here are some images of the OG NB hiker which just went for $51 ($36 bid + $15 S/H) on the eBay system. That was a steal. I hope that WIGGZ was the winning bidder. These joints are boss. And peep the official Vibram soles. New Balance was nothing to fux with back in the day.