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Roc Marciano: ‘Slingers’

Friday, January 31st, 2014


Roc Marciano released ‘Marci Beaucoup‘ before the end of last year and he is still rolling out visuals from the prior mixtape ‘Pimpire Strikes Back’. I’m try’na catch up with all his work.

‘Slingers’ features Marcberg’s co-defendant Knowledge the Pirate. The same rapper who blazed this heatrock ‘Shower Posse


Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


The homey LEX is a lifestyler who makes Hip-Hop inspired by the city which gave birth to the culture. He’s dropping an album project next week and sent us a preview featuring the brothers Timeless Truth.

The album, H.A.S.H?!: How About Some Hardcore?! drops on February 4th. Features, production and cuts from Timeless Truth, Meyhem Lauren, The New York Rhyme Exchange, Domingo, Psycho Les, Debonair P, DJ Brown13, DJ Young C and more.


‘LO Goose On The Deuce 2014

Monday, January 27th, 2014


The 5th Annual ‘LO Goose On The Deuce is growing bigger and deffer each year. I put this clip together so you could see some of the names and faces of the founders to the Lo-Life movement.

Biggup to the general Thirstin’ Howl the 3rd

#100Days #100Vids

Sunday, January 26th, 2014


If you fux with my YouTube account you have prA’Li seen the video entries hashtagged #100Days #100 Videos I have been posting recently. The vids are all part of a larger life project I’m doing to make myself more productive as a videographer.

I carry my handycam with me everyday and film snippets of the shit I encounter. Some of it is interesting, like when I’m at an Action Bronson concert and some of it is mundane like when I teach people how to lace their shoes.

I’m not that vain to think that you want to watch me tie sneakers, but I do think you will enjoy my travels as I attempt to come up on Lifestyle deals. I found this rugby at one of my longtime fave Marshall’s locations. I’ve comeup on countless deals at this store and I was pretty familiar with the clerks and managers until recently.


The rugby was priced at the first clearance markdown (initial), but everything else in the men’s section from PRL was at the second and third markdowns (subs). The rugby somehow missed the subsequent markdown. My life’s mission right now is to get the second or third markdown for this item before I take ownership.

Here’s my story as I troll thru Marshalls stores…

Get Ready For Snow…

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


Gotta pull this classic out anytime there is a blizzard in NYC

Let’s go maricons!