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Take Me Out To The Ballgame 2008…

Monday, March 31st, 2008

balco maypo

I go in hard for baseball[ll]. Shit is the most perfect pastime. There’s no shot clock or play clock or timeouts. Shit is just forever.

What did I say about the ‘Nats? I forgot to list Zimmerman and sonn hits a game-winning walk off homerun.

The National League East is the only division in baseball.

NY Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves
Florida Marlins

The American League Central has a few good clubs, but competition wise the NL East pwns baseball.

G Dubbz threw out the gameball in D.C. He nearly threw that shit past the catcher all the way to the backstop. That was about as fitting a metaphor for his administration as I could think of.

Did you realize that thirty five years ago Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s all time homerun record. Even though the Hammer doesn’t own the all time record any longer he is still the MLBGOAT HR hitter for my money. The Hammer never had to use HGH or amphetamines to get himself in shape for the game. The Hammer also set his record against the best players that the game had to offer. His mark wasn’t watered down from being achieved in a racially segregated league either.

Most of all The Hammer began his record breaking season with 713 home runs. During the off season he received so many death threats that he took out a life insurance policy so his family could have some money just in case he got merc’ked. Black athletes didn’t have those endorsement checks popping like they do today where even the mediocre players are millionaires.

Hank Aaron could have retired with 713 and he would still have been my hero. I appreciate Barry Bonds achievement also, but he and everyone after him will never have to experience the trial of fire that Hank Aaron walked through. Last year we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the courageous Jack Roosevelt Robinson, If you fucks with baseball any kind of way please respect the men that defied the haters in order to be heroes.

Play ball…

DALLASPENN.COM: Creepin’ While You Sleep

Monday, March 31st, 2008


In the middle of the night while most of you were sleeping the crack staff over here at DP dot com (read: me and my Blackberry) were checking for some of the heat on the internets. We have a lot of fun hollering at you on the daily and there are some friends of ours that fuel and frame our thoughts while we do our thang. Peep the game of some of these sites and bookmark as needed…

911 @ The Cynic Life

Check out Encyclopedia Black’s review of The Roots crew single ‘Birthay Girl’. Sonn gets it [ll].

Here’s some shit that crossed my mind. I’ll insert the links when I get back to H.Q. Or maybe not…

  • Hillary should just quit already
  • Y’all need to respect the gangster of big pharma. Niggas like Merck ain’t get their corporate name for no reason.
  • Iraq. Still so very fucked the fuck up.
  • I’m considering declaring bankruptcy in order to get some of the Federal bailout for “upside down” homeowners.
  • G Dubbz attached his economic revitilization proposal to the wiretap legislation.
  • Should companies like AT & T be let off the hook for illegally distributing the private information of their subscribers, which is contrary to their user agreements?
  • Did you see the news report that said cellphone usage is more problematic for cancer than even smoking or obesity?
  • *fat boy kisses his ass goodbye as he lights blunt while typing blogs on Blackberry*


    Saturday, March 29th, 2008


    “DP’z got that crazy shit!”

    I can’t leave blogging alone. I need the game. It’s my cocaine.

    Dukes and I are running around Atlanta today in search of a PC for her basement. So when I come to visit it can be just like old times.

    Blogging from a Blackberry 8700 is like school on saturday night. No class.

    I’m just gonna throw a few thoughts out there and if you feel like arguing with me just get in where you fit in.

  • Memphis will win the NCAA Final Four championship in honor of the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination
  • What does their win have to do with the slain civil rights icon? I think MLK would have selected them on his pool sheet. They’re just that good.

  • I received my “stimulus package”[ll] notice in the mail
  • I call BOLSHEVIK! The language on the notice expressly states that we can hope to recieve UP TO $600. Even though I consider myself part of the working class I don’t qualify for the full handout. There goes my gubernatorial harlot lay-a-way down payment.

  • The Denver Nuggets are about to bounce the Mavs from the Western Conference playoffs
  • N’awlins and CP3 better protect their neck when that happens.

  • Did Charlie Rose get his ass kicked a la Dan Rather’s “What is the frequency Kenneth?”
  • I was watching his show[ll] and sonn had a massive shiner and a bandage over his eye. Fuck that, someone beat his ass down.

  • Atlanta has more fat people than anywhere I have ever been
  • I feel slim up in this bitch.

  • Copp that new Roots album when it drops next month, seriously
  • The Roots represent for the two oldest instruments known to man. The drum which is inspired by eternal thunder is the call to listen up. ?uestlove commands your attention. The human voice is inspired by the animalistic instinct for communication. Black Thought is a beast. ‘Rising Down’ is the album of the year.


    Saturday, March 29th, 2008

    soul slam

    The most intense night of dancing that you will ever do inside of a club is when DJ Spinna plays his collection of music that was written, performed and inspired by Prince and Michael Jackson.

    Save The Date: Friday APRIL 18th

    RSVP to


    Friday, March 28th, 2008

    champeezy my neezy