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Words For My Father…

Sunday, July 31st, 2011


When someone told me I had already dropped my Baltimore story it made me think about what it is I am trying to convey by telling my life experiences on this website. From founding the Decepticons to being a five and dime drug dealer these stories aren’t meant to regale the reader with the notion that I was a gangster.

In truth, these stories are meant to show how far I have come in my understanding of what brotherhood and manhood actually requires. I don’t want to be anyone’s hero either. I don’t deserve those accolades. I just want to pay back a debt I owe to the people who helped shape me, protect me, inform me and ultimately save me.

Without Megatron, the rabbi or my father this website wouldn’t even exist. My whole online profile would be nil. Looking outside of my window I can say that none of this shit is about me. It begins and ends with Mr. Penn who married my mom when I was five years old. He knew a lot about sacrificing himself to reach his goals.


Today, on Mr. Penn’s birthday I am going to re-pledge myself to telling my story properly. With the right focus and the right aim. I’m sure that someone will know someone who can benefit from the knowledge that all is not lost when they have heart and believe. The book is gonna be called ‘The Transformation’.

‘The Transformation’ will start in my teenage years when I separated myself from my giving tree. I’ll tell you all about my failures in Baltimore, Atlanta and Miami and how I took these losses and converted them into lessons. I learned to love my life for the rainy days because they allow me to fully appreciate the sunshine. And everybody loves the sunshine.

I won’t have to tell some of y’all to stay tuned since y’all have been on this page since it went live in August 2005. Back then my homey Paris told me to write the book. He was right and now I will be write. Even when I was young my swag was grown man and that’s because Megatron, the rabbi and my dad kept their eyes on me. If they could see me now they would be happy their efforts weren’t in vain.

Let’s go internets.



Sunday, July 31st, 2011

meyehem lauren

If you still don’t have the Meyhem Lauren double album ‘Self-Induced Illness‘ then I don’t really want to know you. Meyhem Lauren is singularly the reason I fux with Timeless Truth, Action Bronson, Thirstin’ Howl 3rd and Roc Marciano. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this young dude. He is an interconnected network in the OG sense.

Meyhem is the type cat to step to you on the street and salute you if you rocking some live shit properly. I met dude on Jamaica Avenue one day when I was taping a Sneaker Fiends Unite! NYC Tour. Dude gave me his math so we could do some Polo deals. He ain’t know I blog and I ain’t know he rapped. As fate would have it when I got back to the lab that night and opened up he was on the top of the page.

Crazy how people will connect on some shit only to learn they been connected for several years already without even knowing it. That’s the lesson that the internets constantly teaches me. The world is filled with billions of people, but those that connect and vibe on the same sine-cosine wavelength frequency is the smaller group, and they will find each other regardless.

If you fux with this page like you say you do then show some love and support to this dude doing shit like how it should be done. #REAL.

meyehem lauren

‘Another Hustle’ produced by J-Love

‘Day After Day’ featuring gab Gotcha, Action Bronson and Animal

‘What Kind Of Life’


And this last track is the shit that represents Hip-Hop to me on every level possible. Meyhem Lauren has even asked me to submit a storyboard to him to shoot a video from. I will do that ASAP, but for now enjoy this man’s music and support his movement. #OUTDOORSMEN

Self-Induced Illness‘ on iTunes

‘Still Golden’ produced by Jewels Polaar

meyehem lauren

Help Ernie, Save Hip-Hop…

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

ernie p graff

Help our friend Ernie Paniccioli pay down on his cancer treatments by PayPal’g him a $5 spot or something.

Ernie Paniccioli is a living embodiment of what Hip-Hop can do for communities. Thru his art and his commitment to education Ernie has shown us time and time again where we come from and how great the journey has made us. Let’s help him get where he has to go with our love and support.

Chip In: Ernie Paniccioli

I see you JaiSlayer

Polo x New Balance Got Me Open…

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

us open

I wasn’t gonna fux with this year’s U.S. Open lifestyle offering. I loved the colorblocking from last year’s knits so much I didn’t feel like dropping a buck on another shirt that I couldn’t respectably rock this season.

That all changed after Rock The Dub sent me a link to the Polo ralph Lauren x New Balance tennis shoe. This is a REAL tennis shoe internets. The instep features a composite material which protects your foot from the abrasion of stopping and starting as you chase volleys on a tennis hardcourt. I’m sure that the New Balance leather is premium also.

us open
us open

My secret plan is to take Chocolate Snowflake on a dinner date to the Open. You don’t need tickets to enter the pavilion to grab a bite. We will stroll around the shoppes and then BAM! I will slip into the Polo Ralph Lauren store with her and show her how the shoes match the shirt and the hat.

She can’t say no to that can she?


Saturday, July 30th, 2011


On my visit to see momdukes in the ATL I copped the Air Trainer 1.2 in what I’m calling the Dallas Cowboys colorway.