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DP Dot Com Revisits Total Recall…

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

total recall

I fucks with a bunch of SCHWARZENEGGER movies because them joints is straight fire. ‘Total Recall’ was a blast for me because I dig the future dystopian metropolis settings on Earth and Mars. Flicks like this offer us a real taste of the future where dictator governors will regulate the air we breathe. Not even on another planet though. Right here on Earth oxygen will be the new platinum standard. The other night I was watching the movie again on TBS and something just dawned on me…

What if the whole story was really Quaid’s dream at the recall office. Like, what if his dream was to go crazy and then go to Mars and wild the fuck out? I don’t see why Quaid ever had to be in anything other than a dream state for the whole fucking mindtrip. Although, going back to his scandalous wife, played by a young, hot SHARON STONE would have sucked balls. Like, I’ve never been to Mars, but they made that shit look dope as fuck. It was like Vegas on space crack.

Then I thought about an alien race that might have visited Earth already and then broke out. Since GOD is all powerful I know that humankind isn’t even like the best species on GOD’s resume. I mean, it’s like we need a partner to procreate. That’s not really efficient. There’s prah’lee a species that can multiply itself with a thought. Humankind is prah’lee the beta version for universal species. Yeah, movies like ‘Total Recall’ make me wonder sometimes and I didn’t even have to get altered to enjoy it either.

I’m mailing an unopened VC-arrah tape to anyone who wants it courtesy of DP Dot Com Sponsor AMADEO SOGNI. The four-breasted lady is not included.

total recall

Rebel Music On The Planet Of Brooklyn…

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

afro punk

Celebrate Indepence Day by supporting independent music and the movement of rebellion. Kill your Black Entertainment television.

For a solid week the planet of Brooklyn will be home to some of the most progressive, trendsetting musicians you can hear right now. Don’t get it twisted, the Afro Punk movement is Hip-Hop. More Hip-Hop than your T.V. sets or your radio since all that shit is programmed by the Tall Israelis anyhoo.

The Afro Punk Film and Music Festival is your chance to catch my favorite band GAME Rebellion as well as some other tight groups do their thing with a swing and swagger that only comes from cooking a gumbo filled with Public Enemy, The Clash, Bad Brains, Big Daddy Kane and FishBone to name a few, but it ain’t just music either party people. Afro Punk is a lifestyle bitches! Take a look at all the events that are popping off this week.


afro punk

Afro Punk Brooklyn Block Party
Sunday July 1st 12pm-5pm
Clinton Street (between Willoughby and Myrtle Aves)
DJ RICH MEDINA on the set
bring your children

GAME Rebellion Live In Concert!
Thurs July 5th 8pm
125 Fifth Avenue

also featuring…
CX KidTronik
Whole Wheat Bread
The Objex

Brooklyn Museum of Art ‘Target First Saturdays’
Saturday July 7th 5pm-11pm
Eastern Parkway at Washington Avenue
Afro Punk Festival wrap concert featuring…
The Exit
Dragons of Zynth
The Smyrk,
with DJ sets by CX Kidtronik and King Cole

Go to for more info on the film festival and other performers.



Friday, June 29th, 2007


It’s been minute since we’ve just caught a groove together and rode out. When I heard that Public Enemy gave a tribute to the Godfather on the Negro Nonsense Network it almost made me sad I didn’t catch the performance. Giving props to the Godfather is always in order.

When you think of backing bands of the highest degree the Roots comes to mind because of their talent and their ability to play any rap artist’s hit song. But who created the music that your favorite rapper sampled from? Who was that band that made the original breakbeat that your favorite deejay cut to death in order to make your ass move?

BOBBY BYRD, FRED WESLEY, MACEO PARKER, BOOTSY COLLINS and his sister LYNN COLLINS were part of the world’s greatest backing band ever.

Ladies and gentlemen…

These are the J.B.’s.

‘Same Beat’

‘JB’s Monorail’


‘Pass The Peas’

‘The Grunt’

‘Soul Power’

‘Hot Pants Road’

‘Blow Your Head’


MF GRIMM x Vertigo Comics = Sentences

Friday, June 29th, 2007


You already know that I fucks with comic books all day every day. My collection will never be as sick as it once was, but I still love seeing new books and series get put into play. The next graphic novel that I am eagerly awaiting is titled ‘Sentences‘. It’s the autobiography of rapper MF GRIMM. D.C. Comics affiliate imprint Vertigo will present the book in classic graphic novel format. The advance panels that have been on the web look sick to def.

Seeing this story put in motion makes me want to holler at my peeps SCRITCH and SCRATCH, and my dude from Killadelphia, JDOTNICOLAS. I got so many true life street stories that could use their talents to flesh out into a graphic novel series. Whet we need is a corporate sponsor here at DP Dot Com f’real. So I can start paying these cats to produce that fire.

I’m happy that MF GRIMM is still doing his thing too. He is a good dude. I met him at a CMJ showcase that he organized a couple of years ago and he kept shit 100 with me. He told me that he was about to launch a website and a triple CD called ‘American Hunger’. This dude GRIMM is as prolific as MF DOOM and he might have more aliases. I will fucks with this dude’s project just on the strength that he is doing his shit like I want to do mine.



Shouts to Mr.KAMOJI for the link.

Babygirl Loves My Gadgets…

Thursday, June 28th, 2007


But will it hold a warm spoon to my nutsachs?

I’m not about to knock the fools camping out in front of the Apple store to buy their iPhones. I have a similar passion for my kicks although I’m way past the age for sitting in front of a store overnight. In our hyper-materialistic culture things like gadgets, sneakers and accessories define our subsets to outsiders. I’ve watched strangers on the subway connect over something as ubiquitous as a Blackberry device. The goal is to attach oneself to an exclusive club of users (read: consumers). To this end the hyperdrive hype machine that has been touting the iPhone has been in full effect. The Zune has been rendered a paperweight. I have one that is still inside the packaging. I would like to give it away in a DP Dot Com prize pack but no one wants the shit.

Where MicroSoft fails in marketing is where Apple triumphs. MicroSoft marketed the Zune device as something that was “cool”. Apple marketed the iPhone as something that was exclusive. Nobody wants anything that their grandmother thinks is cool, but everyone wants something they think no one else can afford. Apple speaks to something in the American pysche that is cooler than cool. Classism is ice cold baby. The ability to look at someone with a KRZR or Blackberry device and laugh out loud with derision is the American dream. Look ma, I’ve made it, and my iPhone is just the ticket.

One thing I’ve come to learn about gadgets and trinkets is that babygirls love them. A dude like me becomes hot with an iPhone in his hand. I go from a lowly iNternets Celebrity all the way up to Electronic Devices Celebrity. Let’s face it, women love handheld electronics, especially those that can purr and vibrate. Purchasing the new iPhone isn’t just about securing the latest in portable micro-technology, it’s about making an investment in summertime poontang. Why else do you think I call my girlfriend a PlayStation?