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DP x DC = 04.03.10.

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

wbl panel

If I Ruled the Blogosphere: Hip-Hop Blogs & Social Change Panel

Words, Beats & Life’s 1st Annual Hip-Hop Bloggers Panel

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Busboys & Poets
2021 14th St NW, DC

Contact: Words Beats & Life’s Cipher Director, Simone Jacobson, at or call (202) 667-1192


Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

am 95s

^ Arguably Nike’s greatest sneaker. Definitely holy grail status…

The Air Max ’95 remains one of Nike’s most enduring styles desspite the advancements made in the air soles up to this point. That is due to the original colorway of this shoe. The neon accents alomg with the 3M details were fantastically understated. The undersole identification of the air bubble PSI rating made this shoe a technical piece of equipment.

Tech gear was at the height of fashion in the streets. Polo Ralph Lauren, Northface, Timberland, and Nike were introducing Gore-Tex, 3M, and other futuristic fabrics to their product lines. The new millenium was in front of us and all of these fashion brands envisioned a glorious day-glo Y2K. It’s now ten years after 2000 and we are still looking forward to a new ’95.

These Stacks Stay Blowing…

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010


Unlike my blog brethren, the great Combat Jack, I see the Kat Stacks storyline not as a trainwreck tragedy, but as the last of the great American success stories. Only in America can a whoare, who may very well have a learning disability, be able to negotiate for herself the lifestyle of her choosing.

Here I am going to a panel in Washington D.C. to advise people on how to get a foothold in the realm of social media and marketing and I stay one paycheck(not from any internets endeavors) away from eating at a soupkitchen. The Kat Stacks website is as basic as any basic bitch might devise and it is a murderer for referral traffic.

The sky is the limit for this chick because there is no line that she won’t cross. Kat Stacks’ is getting movie deals that aren’t pr0n? Kat Stacks is functionally illiterate and also securing book deals. This is the rapture ladies and gentlemen.

The cult of celebrity has found their savior and she is a hot mess-iah…

At the end of the day, we are all just suckers for love. Keep stackin’ your paper Kat. Is For The Childerans…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

coup d'etat

Okay, so we all saw the ERYKAH BADU video right ?

Have we all watched the ‘Scarface School Play’?

Both are super effective viral videos aimed at sparking a discussion concerning the images that we see on the daily and take for granted on how they shape our consciousness. Sex and violence are uber-pervasive memes in our culture. Sports might be the most consumed, most egregious combination of the two. Think about it, conquest and domination through the use of men playing with balls. Do you still need to see the pause sign? Fine, [ll].

Video games pick up the slack for those folks not interested in the passive act of simply watching television. These are the folks that want some hand-eye stimulation. Again, [ll]. Sex and violence are the pre-text, subtext and the text message for our cultural entertainment. Why else would Lady Gaga be so damn popular? She plays to our most basic desires of witnessing sex and violence.

EYKAH BADU spoke to Black Entertainment Television about the process of creating her viral video…

BADU’s video ‘Window Seat’ speaks to our most base visceral inclinations, which are sex and violence. Say what you want to about BADU, but she found a way to push people’s buttons without exploiting children.

Das Racist: Shut Up, Dude…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

das racist

Last summer Rafi Kam turned me on to the alt-rap wunderkinds Das Racist. In many ways they are who I can imagine I would have been if I had the talent and reckless abandon to make rap music, or any music for that matter. Smart, funny and incredibly talented at appearing NOT to give a fux, all the while, REALLY giving a fux. The world is a cruel place and Das Racist wears a coat of armor made of unforced farce. But don’t call these dudes ‘joke rap’ either or you will be missing the point. Das Racist is reality rap. Albeit altered reality. I fux with these dudes. For real.

Das Racist just released a free album called ‘Shut Up, Dude’ and it highlights their zany, focused, multi-culti-influenced rap style. If I had to put this album in a genre I would call it coke rap, but not where you are selling it, where you are taking it. The mistake you are making is looking to find a reference point for Das Racist. Can you imagine what the love children of Afrika Bambaata and Ayn Rand might rhyme like?

It’s called Das Racist, now shut up, dude…

Das Racist – ‘Who’s That Brooown!’

Das Racist – ‘You Oughta Know’

Das Racist – ‘$1 Can’ fanboy videos are in order. You’ve been warned.

das racist