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Y’all Gon’ Get this Wellness…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The Combat Jack Show took a major turn upward with the video production of the podcast episodes. The videos give an even better feel of the how the show is recorded up close and personal every week.

It doesn’t stop my people so get this wellness via Dr. Mya Pettiford and keep loving yourself. Use lotion tho’ while loving oneself so as not to chafe your nether regions. Peace.

Native New Yorker Lifestyle…

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

I’m on this Plains indians print theme after peeping the inner lining of that Mansfield trek jacket. Right now my bread is too short, like the rapper, to handle the pricepoint for that jacket so I cut some corners in my aspirations for apparel.

This full-zip hoody caught my vision board even tho’ I got the similar joint in faded salmon.

During my last visit to Atlanta(A3C) momdukes copped this I.T. for my bornday from the Lenox Square Macy’s Big & Tall store.

I already caught this hat from the same Macy’s back during the summer in anticipation of heating up a cold winter. You know I’m not new to this native print swag.

The Storm Has Arrived…

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Jay-Z had 9-11 and Sean Price has Hurricane Sandy. Mic Tyson has arrived. Make sure you copp that internets.

Sean P! is a hotdamn fool for this clip right here.

You can’t get mad at Sean for doing his thing to promote this album. This is his final commitment to DuckDown Records so today he officially becomes a free agent. I imagine Sean will resign with his fam tho’. I mean, c’mon, “Boot Camp for life B, but nine times out of ten you can catch me in Nike”

Salutes to my bay’bro P. Hail Meg brother.

George Carlin Loved Hurricanes…

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is touching down here in NYC and everything is being shut down as if we were living in Florida. NYC has definitely become North Disney

I pray my internets doesn’t get interrupted.

The New Classics…

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Shouts to Laurenovich!

If Meyhem Lauren ain’t on your list get off this page and kill your computer. Kill your computer if you don’t fux with UnKut dotcom.

Mey killed the Rap The FVCK Up show at Public Assembly. The Lo-Lifes were in the building hardbody, sporting that lifestyle to the fullest. First thing I had to was come home and put my holiday wish list together. Hre are some suggestions for you to fux with to nail down your Cuffing Season candidate.

Mansfield trek jacket. Grown Man Rap in the form of modern haberdashery. Must. Copp.

Keep it 1000 you don’t have the ability to swag at this level. Just avoid this goose unless you think you can be an icon for this fly shit. Respect the fly shit.

The 2012 peacoat isn’t as hard as the 2011 joint, but this version still gets props

Handknit shawl collar holiday sweater. Like Meyhem will tell you, everyday is Thanksgiving. You gotta rock this I.T. when you go out to dinner with momdukes.

RLX knit wool hat. Ridiculon6000 pattern