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B.I.C. Flicks…

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013


Hot 97’s programme director Ebro Darden said these dudes were who had next…

Bitches Is Crazy.

I watched a high concept/low budget video from them and thought that they were the next hipster spicster blipster rap wave. I was nonplussed.

Then I got an e-mail from one of my oldtime co-D’s who said that he fux with them. Oh. So then I dug a little deeper and found these videos. Crack.

God Is In The Details…

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


Caught this knit at a RL sample sale last week. By the time I got wind of the event it was the last day with only two hours left. The shit costs me $10. I also rummaged thru the aftermath and found a tie and a pair of Polo Sport golf pants (with the actual Polo Sport tags pre-RLX).

The Beacon Navajo print is one of my favorite themes from the last ten years. It just looks clean and vibrant.


The details inside the nape of this knit makes me wanna wear this shirt inside out.

The big pony is a swatch of fabric with embroidery overlaid to give the depth. This detail only appeared to me when I was taking the photos.


R.L. is the top brand for a reason. Meticulous attention is given to even the smallest of details.

The knit’s hemlines prove my point…


God is in the details

My favorite detail on this I.T. is the flag patch stitched onto the sleeve. This is enough to mandate I rock this piece in the winter with a vest on.


NahRight Rap Draft…

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

2007 NFL Draft

The folks at Nah Right run a feature where they ask fuckybergs such as myself who we would acquire if we were general managers building a team for the rap music Super Bowl. This reminds me of when I used to run the cRap Music Fantasy League over here.

Rap Draft with Dallas Penn


Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Come to the Verizon Center on Saturday and hang out with me and Premium Pete for the Shoetopia sneaker convention and expo.

All ticketholders get to attend the Wizards vs. Cavaliers game that evening.


Friday, October 11th, 2013


I don’t think I’m gonna open another rap album this year until Roc Marciano drops his production compilation. The Pusha T album is like Yeezus beats with real rapping over them. Shit is fantastico. This album made me shut down the Cam’Ron mixtape completely.

My Name Is My Name isn’t really a debut album since Pusha is quite the veteran in rap circles, still that’s how it will read in the books so I’m happy dude gets a home run for his first at bat. Pusha T is the 2013 Rickey Henderson of rap. He’s the best leadoff scorer in the game.