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DP Dot Com Football Pool Wk. 8 Recap…

Monday, October 29th, 2007


I need to win a few games for the Gipper.

The Patriots and the Colts are definitely on some Tecmo Bowl shit, Actually, they’re scoring at will like that old hand-held Coleco game that was a bunch of L.E.D. dots and dashes. We’ll see what is really ‘hood this weekend. I think the Colts might surprise some folks.

You know who is surprising me? The Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns. If these two football teams can keep up their winning ways there will be a little less domestic violence in two of America’s urban armpits. L’chaim bitches.

As we near the halfway point of the 2007-2008 NFL season the DP Dot Com Football Pool barrels ahead. Furiou$tylez maintains his overall lead at the top of the heap, but the real race I see is between superstar concert-goer and photographer Angry Citizen and longtime DP Dot Com Football Pooler Jesse. These two are tied for last amongst all poolers who have played every week. Jesse even managed to incorrectly pick every game in Week 6. This man is on his way to winning a pair of DP Dot Com NIKE Dunks.

Don’t try to play this game to lose though. Getting every pick wrong might be harder than getting every pick right. I still feel like Furiou$tylez isn’t out of my reach but I’m gonna need him to start sucking biggtime [ll]. Maybe I can get some luck from the Gipper?

the gipper The Gipper says
Here’s the DP Dot Com Football Pool leader board scoring sheet…

Furiou$tylez Is Your Daddy 64
Zilla Rocca 63
Storm Shadow says I wear 10.5 62
alex2.0_is_stuck_in_neutral 60
BurDenDer 58
Patriot Games 56
DubbleUP 55
Are1 55
Godson Across the Belly…iFux 54
Behind Bars Bengals 53
Cashus Clay 53
20/20Proof 52
Desert Sole 51
UR Getting Beat By A GYRL 51

Only The Good Die Young…

Monday, October 29th, 2007

bloop princes


When I came into work this morning I was given the grievous news that my friend and co-worker had been senselessly murdered over the weekend. It’s a time like right now that I would even support the death penalty.

This is the kind of shit that you almost expect to happen to Black men when we are in our teens and early twenties. For this to happen to a thirty-eight years young father of two it seems more cruel than anything else. Why now GOD? His daughters are still so young. He was still so young.

The crime as it has been reported smacks of privilege and cowardice. When four men were turned away from a Pelham Bay Park watering hole they drove past the bar and opened fire. Two of the several bullets fired found RAY. He would never have the chance to kiss his daughters’ rosy cheeks again. He would never again have the chance to tell his wife of over ten years that he loved her smile.

I hurt inside because I knew RAY well from working with him and playing softball alongside him. RAY was a survivor in every sense of the word and the kind of father that I wish I were. RAY had served in the military and was a vet of the first Gulf War. He came back home to New York City and got a job while attending college at night. RAY achieved his dream of earning an Associates degree in Business Administration.

He then started his career in civil service with the NYC Parks Dept. He transferred from Parks to the agency I worked at. Being one of the handful of Black faces I made sure that I introduced myself to him. At over six and a half feet RAY was accustomed to people being intimidated to talk to him. I recognize what supremacy does to even the most robust and upright Black males, and I was impressed that RAY was neither apologetic or passive regarding his Blackness. Not that you have to wear a dashiki or anything like that, but he stood upright and unbowed inside an office environment filled with people that hold engineering and architectural degrees. RAY understood that we all breathed the same oxygen.

RAY was a big help for me too since I felt a kind of way about being in this place and yet not holding a college degree myself, or even a high school diploma for that matter. He reminded me that I was hired not despite, or as an apology for anything that I may, or may not have done in the past. I was hired to get a job completed, and I was the best person to do it. RAY was a no days off type brother. I suppose that mentality comes from being a responsible father. I will miss him for his example of manhood, fatherhood and brotherhood.

So where are these coward gumnen? I imagine that they are the children of police officers or firemen. The press has been loathe to release the identities of these gunmen. The bar was located in the Pelham Bay neighborhood of the Bronx. It is a mostly Irish/Italian neighborhood of semi-detached two-family residences. Because of the neighborhood’s relative seclusion it has long been a haven for NYC police officers and firemen who wanted to retain a New York City address, yet still escape from the everyday madness of their day jobs.

It will be a long, difficult road to find justice in this case, but for the memory of my friend RAY BARNETT I will do everything I can to see it through. Please come with me along this journey to justice. Let’s see which politicians and community leaders in this city will walk what they talk about.


ray and family


Sunday, October 28th, 2007


Wolverine is one of Marvel Comics most popular characters. From his introduction into the Marvel Universe in Hulk #181 he has one of the most hardbody origin storylines for any superhero evar, and that includes the Bat.

This dude got into it with the Hulk and didn’t give a fuck.


I peeped these Air Max 90’s on eBay so I laid in the cut and at the last second I sniped them for the win. I use this website that places bids for me 5 seconds before the auction I’m watching ends. If you want a link to that site let me know. They charge you $0.01 percent of your final auction price. My winning bid of $136.56 means that I pay $1.36 to the auction monitor service.

huf am90

I will call these joints my Wolverine Air Max 90. Ostrich, alligator and snakeskin leather on the upper with gold adamantium contrast stitching.

You know you love my style.

huf am90

huf am90

Revenge Of The T.I.’s…

Sunday, October 28th, 2007


This is what I get for talking all that T.I. shit this week. The T.I.’s sho’nuff came for my ass [ll]. They let me know in no uncertain terms who runs this rap shit.

I made a visit to the 7-11 convenience store in my neighborhood and I put a few items on the counter. The clerk looked at the items and then entered $5.00 into the cash register. No fucking way were these three items five fucking bucks. I told the clerk as much and I demanded that he scan the items into the cash register’s database which is what every other clerk at this store always does.


Instead the clerk removed my items from the paper bag and said that I didn’t have to buy them if I didn’t want them. The thing is that I did want the items but I wasn’t about to get jacked for over a dollar just to buy them.

Fuck it.

I wanted the items. It was a Red Plum Nantucket Nectar and two Honey Vanilla Dutch Master cigars and I needed them to burn down these good effin’ greens that my homey hooked me up with. I wanted this to be one of those weekends that I just sat up in my apartment and watched baseball and football and cartoons and pr0n and got mother effin’ twist rock while I write my shit. These sons of bitches are fucking with my peace of fucking mind. I’m not paying no $5 fucking dollars for a gotdamn grape drink and a couple of ghetto cigars either.

Just because I’m a fucking drug addict doesn’t make me a fiend. I’ll roll up and smoke my shit out of a mother effin’ t-shirt if I have to. It’s just that I have a righteous belief in not being played out as if I’m some lower class piece of shit just because I’m shopping at the 7-11. The clerks that manage this 7-11 appear to maintain an unhealthy relationship with me. This summer I caught them red-handed for price gouging me on the cost of the SpiderMan collectible cup Slurpees. I filed a complaint with the corporation.

What was that for?

After receiving my complaint and my documentation via receipts with dates the corporation did not respond to me. Instead, when I visited the store afterwards the clerks refused to serve me. The one that I argued with about ripping me off for the Slurpee said something Hindurabic to his co-worker and then the two just ignored me and wouldn’t ring me up. I didn’t steal the Slurpee though because Hindurabic dudes are the bitchmade snitches of the white race.

I’m not sure why Abu works at all the Kwik-E-Marts, just like I don’t know why only Chinese people work at the dry cleaners, and that’s a discussion for another day. I’m pissed off that the T.I.’s that run the 7-11 corporation have empowered these immigrants to wage a class war against poor people. I don’t know where I’m going to get my Dutchs from when I’m in Freeport, but I promise you that I won’t be getting them from the classless classists in 7-11.

t.i. The T.I. says…
Dallas, I told you not to fuck with our money machines. Now I will ban you from every store we own, in every country. Don’t even think about going to a 7-11 in Australia, or Singapore, or Norway, or Canada, or on the moon.

You are dead to us.

Baseball Just Doesn’t Give a BUCK (Young Jesus Re-Up From Heaven Above)

Friday, October 26th, 2007

who gives a buck

Dear White Who Lords Over Everything and Everyone,
Just one time could you give a nigga his roses when he is still alive to smell them. BUCK O’NEIL finally makes the journey into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Hell, television announcer VIN SCULLY’s ass was inducted into the Hall of Fame when he was still breathing and that motherfucker couldn’t hold a spoon to the nuttsachs of a JACK ROOSEVELT ROBINSON.


What is all of this noise about concerning JOHN JORDAN ‘BUCK’ O’NEIL and his omission from the Major League Basebal Hall of Fame. BUCK must have one of the best rabbis on his home team, because I have never seen the New York Times fellate a Black man this much since they pulled their silver spoons out for MALCOLM GLADWELL’s ballsachs. Although, since MALCOLM is a tragic mulatto I guess that doesn’t really count as Black then does it?

All this liberal boohooing and handwringing is coming from the very same sportswriters that have elected NOT to vote BUCK into baseball’s prestigious Hall of Fame. Well if all of you sage and just writers really wanted this old codger to be able to smell the roses while he was still breathing you would have voted for him. No sense in giving a Black any credit while they are alive anyhoo I guess. Just look at how 3-6-MAFIA acted.

GEORGE VECSEY waxed poetically about how the sky would have opened up and baseball might have finally exorcised all of the ghosts of greatness overlooked and most times outright denied.

GEORGE needs to stop smoking that WHITNEY HOUSTON, or to keep things in a baseball perspective, stop sniffing my man DWIGHT GOODEN’s white pudding. BUCK O’NEIL is a pioneer that’s for sure, and there are many other Negro Leaguers that played the greatest pasttime with verve and skill. The Hall of Fame should recognize all of the Negro League players. For a select few of them skin color was the least of their disabilities.


the 1920 stars

RONALD JENKINS was from a small Tennessee coal mining town. At the age of 16 he lost part of his left leg in a mule cart accident, but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his dream of playing baseball. He fashioned a prosthetic limb for himself made with scrap wood from the dining room table in his parents’ house. He promised his parents that one day he would return to them with a new table so that they wouldn’t have to eat dinner sitting on the floor any longer.

turkey leg

RONNY was well known for his grace in the outfield, but it was his world class speed that would make him a Hall of Fame caliber Negro Leaguer. RONNY set records in the league for stolen bases during 4 consecutive seasons. He averaged more than 3 steals per game in three of those years. It wasn’t unreasonable for RONNY to score from first on an infield ground ball to the pitcher. RONNY would swipe third so often it was renamed ‘Turkey base’


Much fuss was made of the incident where RONNY’s prosthetic leg failed during a game and he had the wherewithall to hop all the way to home plate. RONNY played for the Detroit Stars for twelve years and he came to be regarded as one of the clutch players in the league. RONNY’s smooth style on the field was complemented by his grace off the field. After his retirement he became a local celebrity in the Detroit swingdancing scene.

turkey leg

bat man

Of all the unsung Negro League heroes the ‘BAT MAN’ is my personal favorite. He played for the Kansas City Monarchs during the same years as BUCK and SATCHEL PAIGE did. EVERETT was no ordinary ball player because he was completely blind. A childhood disease had robbed him of his eyesight, but not of his spirit or his will to play the game. EVERETT was Kansas City’s second best pitcher next to SATCHEL PAIGE


You ask how Everett was able to pitch despite the fact that he was 100% blind and I tell you that he was a genius. LARRY BROWN, the great Negro League catcher would yell to EVERETT, telling him if the batter was left or right-handed, tall or short. All EVERETT had to do was rear back and release his fastball. What gave EVERETT an extra level of unorthodoxy was the fact that he would release the pitch as he jumped into the air.

bat man

Surprisingly enough, EVERETT had an extremely low rate of hit batsmen and a high number of strikeouts. Between EVERETT BAILEY and SATCHEL PAIGE you were lucky to get on base when you played the Monarchs. But the real reason that I liked the ‘BAT MAN’ so much was because he was a prolific hitter. The ‘BAT MAN’ hit over .400 for his career. Can you imagine how good he might have been if he could have seen the ball?!?

bat man

The ‘BAT MAN’ used the son of the team’s equipment manager as his assistant. He trained his ears to respond to only that voice in a crowded ballpark of thousands, maybe millions. The young man would scream out two words descriptions of the pitches that were being hurled and with that information the ‘BAT MAN’ was able to make contact with the ball. Getting around the bases was another issue and the ‘BAT MAN’ was usually replaced with a pinch runner after he had stumbled to first base and the play had been stopped. That is why the rule exists today that when a player is replaced by a pinch runner he has to leave the game.

It’s not as though I am hating on BUCK O’NEIL its just that there are many players from the Negro Leagues that have left an indelible mark on this game The fact that there aren’t too many Blacks who are into baseball now is another reason that I am loathe to bequeath an honor upon another jig sportsman. If BUCK O’NEIL could bring some of that crap music jig bling money into the stadiums then maybe it would be fine to put him in the Hall.

As it stands I do think that BUCK does deserve some kind of recognition for living to be 94 years old in racist azz Jim Crow Missouri.