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POLITRICKS 2008: Negroalculus 101

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008


During the 2004 Presidential election results broadcast CBS commentator BOB SCHIEFFER asked his co-host DAN RATHER what would be the outcome of the “big Black vote”. The election party that I was attending broke out into a raucous caucus at the suggestion of a big Black vote. White worries about the size of the Black penis in every way, even in the voting booth.

The idea of an African American voting bloc is more of a fantasy than a reality in 2008. Forty years ago African Americans retained a dramatic solidarity due to the still open wounds of segregation and the murders of charismatic speakers like JOHN F. KENNEDY, MALCOLM X and MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. In 2008 we find that African Americans no longer even pretend to share the political values of people who don’t have the same economic footholds. The big Black vote is dead. Just like Hip-Hop.

What misleads the pollsters and pundits to envision a monolithic voting bloc of African Americans is the fact that an overwhelming number of Blacks are registered to the Democratic party. Some good that has done them for the last forty years since MLK was murdered. You can imagine how JESSE JACKSON and AL SHARPTON were able to manipulate the Black participation in politics for so many years but now with the success of BARACK OBAAMA without their support it begs the question of these icons relevance to a Black voting solidarity.

The Brooklyn Book and Video club helped compile some of the following numbers that relate to Black voters and American voters in general. Over one third of the 3,086 people that responded to the survey were African American. 1,046 to be exact. Black voters respond to pollsters because they feel like someone actually cares what they think. Black folks are still dreaming four decades after the death of KING.


Some Blacks are way better off like Soulja Boy, but the rest of the monolith is stuck in neutral.


Black people! You need to change your voter registration cards to Republican. I’m not necessarily advocating that you vote as a Republican, but you definitely need to change your party affiliations.



I’ve always had a problem with the racial construct of Black and white. It’s a lie from the word go since even the darkest skinned African Americans have a mahoghany hue while the lightest of whites looks like a pinkish beige, kind’a like mauve. Colored seems to fit white more appropriately as well since a white can change his skin color after he has been punched(purple), scared(yellow), embarrassed(red), jealous(green) and sad(blue). Talk about a rainbow coalition…


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Can’t Vote Me Nothing by MAXINE

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

ye tudda

Editor’s note: MAXINE explains that we shouldn’t hate the delegates, we should hate the game.

February 5, 2008 will be the largest primary election day in history. More people will vote, caucus and talk political rhetoric bullshit on this day than in any other day in the history of this Republic, I mean, the history of this Democracy. 52 percent of Democratic delegates are at stake, with 41 percent on the Republican side. 24 states will participate in “Super Tuesday” and will likely tell the story and set the tone of following state primaries.

Purple states, meaning those states that hold primaries for both parties, make up the majority of those participating and also hold the most delegates. See, delegates are what really matter, a candidate can win caucuses and primaries all day but if those states don’t have any delegates, it doesn’t matter. Delegates go to the Convention, and delegates cast the
votes the votes get the nominations.

Florida, along with Michigan was recently stripped of its Democratic delegates by the DNC because of disagreements over the date of the state primary, thus making any Democratic wins in each state in name only.

Super Tuesday can make or break the ass of any candidate in either party, some of history’s most popular candidates owe the watersheds of success to the first Tuesday in the earliest month of the election year. Bill Clinton got his Phoenix [No Roc-a-fella Records] on in 1992 when he rose from the ash to claim several key southern primary states, and their delegates. Clinton later of course, went on to win the Democratic nomination and later the presidency. Bob Dole experienced this same swell of support in his Republican bid in 1996.

With all the hoopla surrounding the 2008 primaries, let’s focus on the numbers but also the states and the amount of weight each carries. For example Georgia has approximately 102 delegates, New York has 232 democratic delegates, Illinois has 135 and California has a whopping 370 delegates. Now obviously all 370 delegates in Cali don’t count, matter, or even exist but the point is to make people believe their significance with out any evidence, nothing new. While GA, has the least delegates of the states listed, it still carries considerable weight in the bigger picture.

Corporations, businesses, drug operations, and even the rap world are all representations of this delegation system created by the United States. At the end of the day it’s a caste system based on street credibility.

Make sense?

We clarify by asking the question of quantity or quality? Sure, New York has 232 delegates up for grabs, but how far does that number stretch? For example, how many NY rappers can you think of that have collaborated with rappers from Georgia? Go!

  • 1. Welcome to Atlanta-remix (Puffy and Jermaine Dupri)
  • 2. Money ain’t a thang-(Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z)
  • 3. Walk it out remix-Jim Jones and what’s his name?
  • I could think of more but those were the first three that popped in my head, and as often when asked to make a list, I think from best to worst.

    One more?

    Illinois is carrying heavy weight, based on the history of political strife (I mentioned JFK in an earlier drop) and the level of creativity to come out of the Chi alone. Go!

  • 1. Kanye
  • 2. Common
  • 3. R.Kelly
  • 4. Lupe Fiasco
  • Are you getting the point? Illinois comes out strong immediately, Jay-Z (NY connection) to Kanye, Ye’ to Common, and Lupe Fiasco, etc. Now some places get serious rotation based on one or two people alone. Example, Ohio has Lebron James (Jay-Z connect) making James what we’d call a Super Delegate, heavy in stature and name but light on previously un-needed collaborations.

    Kind of like cross multiplication, this theory can be used to figure out who is coming out the strongest amongst the Democrats on Super Tuesday. For the dems we know it’s coming down to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, turning this into Chicago vs. New York. Cross delegation homie! On the surface, NY is the clear winner, with Jay-Z being the major umbrella [ella ella] for Kanye and many others but because so many people are pissed at Jay, we can make an argument for lot of un-owned delegates who are making moves.

    Kanye West collaborated with DJ Khaled (remember, Florida has no delegates) on a song called “Grammy Family,” on that song, John Legend (Ohio) sang the hook. Also featured on that song was Consequence (New York), an honorary member of A Tribe Called Quest (New York), who you may remember had a small tift with a Chicago rapper by the name of Lupe Fiasco (Chicago) after a performance. Also performing at that event was Keyshia Cole (Cali) whose first album boasted of production by Kanye West (Chicago). Keyshia’s reality show is run by the Black Explotation Team, largely based in New York City and home of the Gawd-awful 106 & Park, formerly hosted by Free (Boston) who was rumored to be pregnant by Jay-Z (New York) who truthfully “wants to rhyme like Common Sense” (Chicago).

    It has been speculated (and confirmed by some) that at a concert at Madison Square Garden, an associate of Jay-Z pepper sprayed R.Kelly (Chicago) in the face, because of an interruption to the concert. During the interim, Usher (Atlanta) took the stage in an impromptu performance. At a recent rally in South Carolina, Usher made an appearance in support of Senator Barack Obama (Chicago), candidate for President of the United States of America.

    2/5/08= 15 1+5=6. 6 degrees of delegation, now you try.

    *Do you think about me now and then?*

    ye tudda

    DP Dot Com “Trickonomics” (c)

    Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

    dp bizcards

    I didn’t respect the fact that my technique for measuring the complex word count in rap songs would be such a resounding success in rap nerd circles so I probably don’t even realize the number of politicians and their economists that will attach themselves to my economic theories either.

    Let’s face it, DP Dot Com social theories are tried and tested through years of use of non-prescribed hallucinogens. A veritable acid test I might say if you don’t mind (puns always welcome here). But I digress…

    The idea I am presenting to you now is actually more of an environmental consideration than it is from an economic standpoint. Although as we elevate our thinking I hope we realize the symbiotic relationship of a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

    Peep this lineup of discarded coffee cups…


    These cups find themselves here because they do. This is the nature of a city with upwards of 10million people having access to it every single day. However, these cups will remain here almost indefinitely because the neighborhood is one of mostly vacant industrial use buildings. Place these same discarded cups in a tony, residential neighborhood and what do we get?



    If not art, then they have at least become money, because they turn into work. Someone is going to have to clean that shit up. The wealthy neighborhoods form co-operatives and collectives that supplement the city’s services. By littering in wealthy neighborhoods you are creating jobs for street cleaning personnel, because there is no way some rich folks are going to allow that garbage to remain on their sidewalks overnight.

    Think about it, because I haven’t.

    CHOCOLATE CITY: The Movie…

    Monday, January 28th, 2008

    p funk

    Can ya’ dig it C.C.?

    Did you know that the Ambassador likes to promote fascinating happenings on her spare time? I am a promotion machine when I feel the cause merits the attention, and this is one of those instances. Hear me out, this is worth your while – especially if you live in D.C. or give half a shit about the district and what’s going on in it. And I know there are some of you in the general area reading this. Even if you’re not from the area, you’ll be able to appreciate this because countless cities (if not all) across America are facing this same exact issue.

    Two people by the names of Ellie Walton (a filmmaker for *Washingtonian*) and Sam Wild (a London based journalist) have created a documentary which focuses on the gentrification that is occurring in the taxed (but not represented) District of Columbia, entitled “Chocolate City”. Peep the trailer for the movie…

    What makes this film stand out, in my opinion at least, is that it focuses on gentrification from the point of view of the people who are facing the negative effects of it – the citizens that are losing their homes. The people who aren’t the ones making money off of the change that’s occurring in their neighborhoods. You would think that in a city that is probably most known for its political atmosphere that issues such as these would be garnering more attention, but in true American fashion, issues like these just kept getting swept under the rug because they go along with the ever-popular capitalist mindstate. Where there is money to be made, dammit, the TI’s are going to continue to exploit that opportunity.

    If you live in or around D.C., or if you’re really ambitious and would like to make a trip to the area, there are a couple screenings coming up where you can catch the film…

    ambassador Jan. 31st, The Marvin Center at George Washington University (time: TBA), 2121 I St., NW

    Feb. 10, Busboys and Poets, 4pm as a part of the Our City Film Festival, 2021 14th St. NW

    For more info, check out


    Monday, January 28th, 2008


    The i.C’s are back on the attack. Here’s a hand-y guide on where to go when you are on the go and you have to go.

    BTW, fellas, you need to start washing your hands since I just blew up your spots.