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Unsigned Hype…

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

blake griffin

After all the world class athletes, like Oklahoma’s BLAKE GRIFFIN, have been selected to compete on the professional hardwood courts of the Association there will be one lower, okay really lower class athlete whose heart still pumps the blood of a champion. His name is Dontrevius Wenters.

TERRENCE ELENTENY created Draft Daze specifically for the NBA draft. He asked me on the project to play the role of the central character and to add some writing to the project. I think that under the time constraints of all the people involved TERRENCE nailed this joint.

If you haven’t watched Draft Daze in it’s entirety please do so.

And don’t stop believing…

DP In These Streets…

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


It gets mad hectic early tomorrow…

From 530pm to 930pm @ The South Street Seaport…

DeCon Media x Paper Magazine presents Chester French and Kid Cudi


Later @ Terminal 5…

Sneaker Pimps sponsored by Antenna Magazine
featuring Big Boi (and his fugazi Air Jordans?), Jadakiss, Clipse, Wale, and others

In New York City, Mondays are like Fridays everywhere else because Fridays in NYC are a fuckin’ spaceship. I hope I have enough videotape for all of the shenanigans.


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

the roots

Do you understand that the essence of Hip-Hop, ne, of all music, is the sound of the drum and the timbre of the voice. Thunder and lightening. Or enlightenment, as in the case of Black Thought.

You should already know that I fux with the Roots hardbody. If I had a trust fund to lean on I would just follow them around the country like people used to do Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. I don’t have that advantage so I have to carefully plot out my Roots experiences.

I feel like the band has been in my New York City backyard as much as they used to come out here back in 1995. That was in the old days of the Wetland’s, S.O.B.’s, Tramps, Black Lily and Spitkicker. Back when Rawkus Records really mattered. This time I’m taking full advantage of their artistry. My advice to all my friends on this site is to do the same. You won’t know what you have missed until it is gone.

OKayPlayer posted their summer tour schedule today and there are more dates listed than I expected. In the back of my mind I think that the Roots are really the RoBots because these fools don’t stop performing. Last month they came to NYC to tape the Jimmy Fallon show, afterwards they performed behind Etta James and then later that night I caught them at the Highline Ballroom for their weekly Jam Session. Who the fuck grinds this superfluously (shouts to Roget’s for that one)?!?

Like I always say partypeople, “get in where you fit in”…

Saturday 6/27/09 Chicago Rock The Bells @ First Midwest Bank Ampitheater
Sunday 6/28/09 Detroit Rock The Bells @ DTE Energy Ampitheater
Tuesday 6/30/09 Cleveland @ House of Blues
Wednesday 7/1/09 NYC Jam Session @ Highline Ballroom
Thursday 7/2/09 Minneapolis @ First Avenue
Friday 7/3/09 Milwaukee @ Summerfest
Saturday 7/4/09 Philadelphia Welcome America Celebration on Ben Franklin Parkway
Sun 7/5/09 Burlington, VT Festival @ Burlington Waterfront Park
Tues 7/7/09 Lansing, MI @ Common Ground Festival
Weds 7/8/09 NYC Roots Jam @ Highline Ballroom
Fri 7/10/09 Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Outdoor Pool
Sun 7/12/09 Baltimore/DC Rock The Bells @ Merriweather Post
Tues 7/14/09 NYC Roots Jam session @ Highline Ballroom
Sat 7/18/09 Boston, MA Rock The Bells @ Comcast Center
Sun 7/19/09 New York, NY Rock The Bells @ Jones Ampitheater
Tues 7/21/09 NYC Roots Jam session @ Highline Ballroom
Fri 7/24/09 Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgota Casino
Sat 7/25/09 Burnaby, British Columbia, CAN @ Deer Lake Park
Tues 7/28/09 NYC Roots Jam session @ Highline Ballroom
Sat 8/1/09 Montreal, CAN @ Osheaga Music Festival
Sun 8/2/09 Grand Bend Ontario, CAN @ Cutting Edge MusicFestival
Tues 8/4/09 NYC Jam Session @ Highline Ballroom
Saturday 8/8/09 Los Angeles, CA Rock The Bells @ Glen Helen Ampitheater
Sunday 8/9/09 San Francisco, CA Rock The Bells @ Shoreline Ampitheater
Monday 8/10/09 NYC Roots Jam Session @ Highline Ballroom

The Travesty Of The Transit Authority Trollups…

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009


Let’s start this drop with a little bit of NYC history. There used to be an office building slash exhibition center at Columbus Circle called the New York Coliseum. It was one of the many edifices commissioned by municipal developer ROBERT MOSES. Every thing that you hear about this man is true, the good and the bad, at the end of the day though he is the reason that New York City is NOT Washington D.C. or Boston. Those are both great cities, but horribly mismanaged from the aspect of infrastructure and transit.

A city with great architecture but poor infrastructure and poor transit systems isn’t really a city at all, The buildings only serve as tombstones to landowner’s desires. The infrastructure and transit systems are like the veins of the body. They carry the fresh blood and oxygen that makes the body alive. ROBERT MOSES understood this and this is why he consolidated so much power into the MTA and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority. There is NOTHING more powerful in New York City than the land we walk on.

You are on an island for crissakes! You can’t really add anymore land to an island. You have to build upwards. MOSES’ seat of power was in an office complex and exhibition hall right off Columbus Circle called the New York Coliseum. The Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority had their executive offices there until the construction of the World Trade Center was completed in the early 1970’s. The site was great because of the access to the various subways, the West Side highway and easy crosstown jaunt over the Queensboro 59th Street Bridge.

I remember the building so well even to this day. DALLAS, my biological dad, took me to a Walt Disney World show at the Coliseum. I have only two memories of being with him and one of them is going to this circuslike show. I will remember the building’s facade marquee forever. I first met the rabbi, who later hired me as his draftsman, when I worked as a mailroom messenger in an office building across from the Coliseum. I was awoken one New Year’s Day on the benches outside of the Coliseum after I passed out leaving a party on Central Park West. Only good times at the Coliseum.

I knew the Coliseum building well inside and out and I would agree that it was time for a re-visioning of that property, but mainly because the Transit Authority let it languish with minimal care or consideration. The managers at the MTA know how to take money from the system, but they are considerably lax when it comes to preserving the architectural and infrastructural elements of the system. Proof of that is how hard it is sometimes to distinguish a bus depot from a Sanitation Department facility. The Coliseum needed to be retrofitted and the MTA took their sweet time in selecting a developer for the job. Now we have the Time-Warner Center at the site and this building kicks major ass.

tw ctr

I’m not one of these longtime New Yorkers that hates new development. Understand that what I’m doing at my day job right now while you read this drop is working on a project that is brand new construction in an area that was blighted. New York City needs this constant retrofitting because of all the new blood and fresh air that move through her veins. But at what price do we mortgage this new development? The Metropolitan Transit Authority is practically giving Forest City Ratner the Atlantic Yards site for a fraction of the initial offering.

Like I just said to you earlier, I LOVE new construction. This is what keeps my lights on and my sneakers crispy. That is until Mountain Dew cuts me a check (prA’li in Nevuary 3009). The Atlantic Yards is an expansive site that needs consideration, and not the reckless whoring that the MTA is providing. Keep in mind that the things that make this city great are her infrastructure (roadways, waterways) and her transit system (buses, subways, commuter rails). These things move us through the city expeditiously and safely. Since the Forest City Ratner plans have little consideration for these elements the plans should be reconsidered.

Barclays Bank, Forest City Ratner’s underwriter, is offering the MTA 200K per year to rename the Atlantic Avenue transportation hub ‘Barclay’s Center’ for the next twenty years
!?! The only two words that accurately sum up that proposal are “Negro Please”. The prA’li link is still up and running. I wonder if we could raise that same amount of cash to rename the Franklin Avenue station “MTA Kiss My Grits”? I reluctantly eschewed profanity but since I know that kids use the subway system I figured we should keep the name 100 for the children. O.D.B. would be happy.

The MTA just passed fare increases on all of their assets because the nearly 6.5 million daily users weren’t generating enough cash. Along with all the branding that now exists overtly, and discreetly throughout the system I have to wonder where is all the money going? And if times are so hard on the boulevard inside of the MTA’s coffers why are they giving away important real estate for pennies on the dollar? The Atlantic Yards development project must be subject to additional review.

The arena plan for a Nets team that perennially languishes in last place is laughable. Especially since that team’s overwhelming fan base is in New Jersey and the brand new Prudential Center that hosts the Devils could benefit more from the additional tenancy. I just visited a mixed use residential district in Philadelphia that was vibrant and flourishing with open space and economic activity. I like that plan more than some bowl shaped void that is only in use for what is technically two months out of the year. The arena proposal is shitty and gives Brooklyn no value. The same can be said for the corporate branding of the subway.

I can still remember when graffiti artists were considered scofflaws and derelicts. Maybe it was because we couldn’t afford the 200K it costs to put our brands on the side of a train?


Do You Dew…

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

mtn dew blue

I thought my homey HowFresh had a connect to the PepsiCo. people in Westchester way back when I started making my Mountain Dew web videos. I haven’t heard from HowFresh since so I hope he was able to pitch an idea or two to them in order to get his sneaker paper up.

The truth is that I would fux with Mountain Dew without some marketing money because I like that shit. I was in Atlanta telling my mom about Mtn Dew when 20/20 or some other fuckwad news program was featuring all those kids with alleged ‘Mountain Dew mouth’. I didn’t even bat an eyelash. I kept drinking my Mountain Dew blue. The trade name for the product is ‘Voltage’ but I call it blue.

Just recently I saw that Mountain Dew has released several flavors of ‘Game Fuel’. One of the flavors had a blue coloring and I bought it to see what the taste was like. It sucked. The real Mountain Dew blue is like a Smurfberry punch, while this Mtn Dew ‘Game Fuel’ is like a blue Hawaiian for its tropical flavor infusion. When some manufacturer starts fuxing with my lifestyle is when I have to get my guns, er, pens out.

Memo to PepsiCo:
Thank you for your efforts to bring back good taste by using sugar again in your carbonated beverages.

Kudos to you for creating the delicious flavor of Mountain Dew ‘Voltage’. The hints of raspberry and ginseng really bring out the blue.

Thank you for making Mountain Dewthpaste which helps me maintain good oral hygiene while I enjoy the different Mtn Dew products.

What is this blue ‘Game Fuel’ shit?!? Keep the ‘Game Fuel’ color orange just like the World of Warcraft logo.


Thank you in advance,

The Mgmt.

mtn dew blue