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Thursday, April 29th, 2010


Obsessive Sneaker Disorder took a large step in joining the cultures and the playmakers of sneakers and Hip-Hop. OSD created a soundtrack for sneaker fiends called ‘Know You Got Sole: The Music’.

PaperChasr discusses the formation of the Know You Got Sole: The Music project and some of the artists that came together to make the album.

Featured artist Ben Hooks speaks about his connection to kicks and his music.

Know You Got Sole: The Music is available at Amazon, iTunes and wherever the internets buy their music. Thank you for your support.

Go See The Doctor…

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


Kool Moe Dee – ‘Go See The Doctor’
via UnKut

You won’t find too many Af-Ams going to the shrink (or a general practicioner for that matter). We’d rather spend our available dollars self-medicating. The problems which arise from the skin we are in can’t be mitigated on a couch or even a comfortable leather chair.

Now don’t get me twisted, I am not morbidly obese because of racism, altho’ if I were motivated enough to push the narrative I’m sure I could find the institution of racism inside of my weight gain. No, I’m fat because I have chosen to be. I have chosen to find emotional comfort in foods that are unhealthy.

So how do I break this chain of self-abuse because the fatter I become the less people want to be around me or afford me the opportunities to move upward in life? Let’s be honest with each other in this forum and admit that Blacks in America (unless they are endowed with supreme athleticism or entertaining ability) are already considered second-class citizens.

Fat Blacks? Well they’re just precious…

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Stuff Likes…

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

dog family

Stop trying to look busy at work.

Go to Awkward Family Photos now.


Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

roy d

Celebrate the life and artistic legacy of Roy DeCarava…

C.S.’s father was an accomplished artist who was supremely and fiercely principled. Because of this he would eschew much of the acclaim that other less courageous artists would accept for themselves. DeCarava demanded that he be viewed as an artist, without qualification as an African American artist, or street artist, or a documentarian.

He took his camera everywhere he went. He lived and raised his family in Bed Stuy, but was born and raised uptown in Harlem. The art world tried to marginalize him because so many of his early subjects were the residents of the neighborhoods where he lived and worked. He knew that this made his subjects and his art no less great, even as the T.I.’s tried to say otherwise.

I’m proud to say that I was a fan of Roy DeCarava’s photographs decades before I had met him. In real life he was as compelling as the images he crafted. Speaking truth to power and expressing the beauty of it all, DeCarava is in a large part the inspiration for why I do what I do.

In memory of


A celebration of the
life and work of
an American artist

Monday, May 10th at 6:30 PM

The Cooper Union Great Hall
7 East Seventh Street at Third Avenue
New York City

FREE and open to the public

roy d

DP Stays In The Winners Circle…

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010


My peeps over at FLüD Watches are at it again…

Peep the 2010 Spring/Summer catalog.

The Winners Circle joints are str8 ether.