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Draft Daze: The Legend of Dontrevius Wenters…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

the Dream

The dream of playing in the Association will become closer to a reality for a select few gifted athletes starting with the NBA draft tonight. For some other players, and people, and one non-athlete in particular it shall remain a dream. That person’s name is Dontrevius Wenters.

TERRENCE ELENTENY created Draft Daze specifically for the NBA draft. He asked me on the project to play the role of the central character and to add some writing to the project. I think that under the time constraints of all the people involved TERRENCE nailed this joint.

If you haven’t watched Draft Daze in it’s entirety please do so.

And don’t stop dreaming…

Sean P x Timeless Truth = JonJohnTV Cipher…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

industry shakedown radio

Timeless Truth goes in [ll] with Sean P playing the lynchpin on the set of his video for ‘Shut The Fuck Up’.

JonJohnTV on the lens.

Generally Speaking, Totally Out Of Pocket…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


^ Unfortunately for Gen. McChrystal its too late for the buttoned lip strategy…

Some military leaders are totally the movie. They are uncomfortable around people who don’t wear their uniform. I used to think it was because there was some ghey oath they all take. You know, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? That may be only part of the reason. The main reason is that these people are generally anti-social pricks. I mean, if your business model is essentially to kill, maim and capitalize people’s lives you’re clock is off a few clicks. I suppose the world turns with everyone having their own personal moral compass for direction and mental clock to let them know what time it really is.

Maybe that is the real reason that U.S. General Stanley McChrystal spazzed out at length in front of a Rolling Stone reporter about the administration in D.C., the war in Afghanistan, and just everything in general. Life is far too short to remain as wound up as he was and not have some epic calamitous spin out. Speaking of the war in Afghanistan… It sux. Thank God for British Petroleum’s Gulf debacle of the microscope would have been deeper into the ass of the failed strategy in Afghanistan. Recently the Pentagon informed us that there was trillions of dollars of mineral resources in Afghan soil. And they weren’t even talking about heroin.

The President relieves General McChrystal of his post in Afghanistan. The general can now return to his wife of 33 years and take her on dates to White Castke or Jack In The Box or wherever rich people go to appear normal. In the meantime and in between time more American lives are being committed to the mountains of Kabul and Khandahar with no end in sight. Maybe that will be the subject of the general’s upcoming speaking engagements alongside Sarah Palin no doubt.

Going ‘rogue’ is the new Black.

The Runaway General

Afro-Punk Gets Activated…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


Don’t be fooled by their promo pic. Activator will punch you and your mother in the mouf. In the ‘last of a dying breed’ category we have one of the most hardcore punk bands since Minor Threat.

Activator was on the Def Jux roster until the label imploded. The band still remains and the boys still rock. Activator will be one of the legendary bands performing on the Afro-Punk stage at Commodore Barry Park outside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard this Saturday.

Activator – ‘Shackle’

Activator – ‘Unfortunate Lovely’

Activator will bring their hardcore punk steez to the people at the 2010 Afro-Punk Festival this Saturday, June 26. Also on the bill: Game Rebellion, Ninjasonik, The Bots, P.O.S., BAD BRAINS!

Click here to download Activator’s freEP ‘Unfortunate Lovely


Good Night, Sweet Prince…

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Editor’s note: Five year ago on this day my dad passed away. The letter below was sent to my friends because I felt guilty about my relationship with my dad. He put in a lot of work to get me to this point in my life and I wish that I could have been there for him at the moment that he needed me the most. Although I had repaired the strain that my teenage years put on that bond we had it can never make up for lost time. If you have a family member or a friend that you truly love please take a minute today to tell them that you love them. Do that for my dad and me.

I have some sad news to relay to you all. My dad died yesterday morning. He passed away due to a massive coronary failure and this was a shock to the immediate family since he has had no history of heart problems. I am more likely to have a heart attack than he was. He had been in the hospital recently for a pancreas condition but there was no inkling that he was having any heart issues since his EKG and blood pressure tests both appeared normal. On tuesday morning as he prepared himself for work he felt chest pains. He continued with his prep until about an hour or so later when he realized that he needed some help. He phoned the ambulance service and he was rushed to the hospital. Inside the hospital as he has undergoing treatment his heart stopped and the doctors could not revive him.

I am sad for his passing, but what compounds this feeling of sadness is the fact that I have never been one to accept the responsibility that is usually reserved for an eldest child. I did not have any concerns for anyone other than myself and I lived my life without the cognizance that there was someone else that was watching me and heavily influenced by my actions. I spent time in and out of jail and other troubles and everytime that I needed someone to bail me out he was always there. He certainly didn’t have to be because he wasn’t my father, and one day I told him so to his face.

CLARENCE PENN married my mom after meeting her at NYU night school. She had divorced my father, DALLAS ELLIS, two years after I was born because of his habitual drug use and his physical abuse. Mr.PENN knew that my mom had me and he accepted the responsibility of being my father. He worked hard to put me through prep schools and provide the experiences for me that would help me excel in life. In my teenage years I began to resent him because I felt that he was too demanding of me. I left my parents house at 17 after being thrown out of Brooklyn Technical High School and quitting the work-study program at City-As-School.

I spent the next ten years in a virtual detente with my father. Not speaking more than a hello and not offering more than a good bye. Even though we used my mother as a conduit for communication, we never shared a conversation. When I needed money for college because I refused to take any loans, he would send me a check for tuition through my mother. This situation may have have continued up to his death but when I was 27 he gave me a phone call.

My dad asked me to help him out with my kid brother who was falling prey to the same demons that attack most of us middle-class Black kids. The peer pressure to affirm your Blackness through criminality. Its sometimes as if our skin color doesn’t satisfy that confirmation, so then we must go into the world and perpetuate a stereotype. That my dad turned to me at this moment was a profound revelation. He could have called on so many other people that were close to him, but that he came to me for help was so humbling to me. Ten years prior I had broken his heart to the core, but here he was before me on bended knee asking for my assistance.

All I can say to you is that from that point forward I learned more about brotherhood, fatherhood and manhood than in the 28 years prior. One thing for certain is that getting someone pregnant is the most miniscule part of fatherhood. There is a value system and a dedication to principles and community. Then there is an unconditional love for family and friends. Unconditional love requires the courage and heart of a lion. This is probably why I took it for granted that Mr.PENN’s heart could last forever. I owe my father now more than I can ever repay him and that is the saddest part of his passing.

I thank you all for allowing me this moment to cry on your shoulders and for lending my family your prayers and your support.


The Heavenly Tones – ‘A Little More Faith’