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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

willie red

A Boston vs. Mets World Series would be like 1986 all over again. I don’t know how the Mets would fare this go around.

Holler back if you have any extra tickets at Shea this season.


Thursday, June 29th, 2006

gaza knicks

It’s halftime bitches!

Not halftime like in basketball or football, but it’s still a game. This is halftime in the financial and business world. It’s time for us to assess our assets and analyze our analytics.

Let’s see… I have $3.56 in my checking account. That can get me seven (7) 16oz. bottles of Tropical Fantasy Iced Tea. Over 112ozs of high fructose goodness. The same $3.56 can also get me two Ghetto Big Macs and a small french fry. I better fall back on that one since there is a rumor that McDonald’s doesn’t care about Black people. I could always just leave my money in the bank to earn interest even if the Federal Reserve is playing with the rate like a pimp plays with a hooker’s emotions.

The reason to take a break at halftime is to examine the direction that I am moving in. I want to be a writer in the professional sense of the word. I want to be paid for putting my thoughts into words. This is no easy task since there are even more writers than there are adolescent rappers. Most writers would do what they do for the love anyhoo, just like circus clowns and astronauts. There has got to be a way for me to break through. Look for me to take more risks in the content I bring to you during the third quarter. Some things worked last quarter and some of our concepts failed miserably


The interracial love pictures are on ice for now, but BLU CHEEZ has outdone himself with some of the images that he has stashed in his galleries. BILLY SUNDAY is sharpening his sword on some of the local NYC politicos that are vying to become lords of the ghetto in November. Somebody please tell KEVIN POWELL and DAVID YASSKY to protect their necks. I expect the INTERN to bring some heat during the summer as well. It’s even been rumored that GENEVA JONES will come back to the fold. Did I ever tell you how I love white women. Things are looking up.

The website team at ZILLA SAYS and OH WORD! have both agreed to tentatively working with us on some internets collabos so look out for that. I’m excited to think about how crazy this summer might get if everything falls into place. I will be taking some time off to catch up on some of the sites listed in my blogroll. I want to see who’s doing what and where I can borrow some FRESH material from. I will lace the page with a few of my favorite posts in remix form.

Thanks, as always for making DP dot com one of your favorite sites on the internets for getting plugged in.


GRAFF KIDS At The Brooklyn Museum Of Art

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

lase piece

If you ever were down for ‘getting up’, or if you ever wanted to be a graff kid this is your wek. Come celebrate your style at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. On Friday, June 30, the museum will open a fully comprehensive exhibition titled ‘Graffiti’ and will feature murals and photographs from some of the arts’ great legends.

On Saturday, July 1, the Museum hosts its monthly ‘First Saturday‘ party and the theme will revolve around the ‘Graffiti’ exhibition. The Museum will be screening the seminal Hip-Hop doc ‘Style Wars’, as well as ‘Wild Style’ and ‘DAVE CHAPPELLE’s Block Party’ all for free. In the education hall children will be taught how to create a tag with their names using markers and paint. There will be music and dancing all day inside the sculpture garden featuring some of Brooklyn’s finest B-boy break beat deejays.

The best thing about all of this is that it is FREE. So bring your kids if you have some, and make sure that you look sharp. You never know who you might meet at one of these events.

polo bear


Thursday, June 29th, 2006


It’s not like we needed anything else to set the tinderbox called the Middle East up in flames, but the Israelis and Palestinians continue their pissing match until the losers say ‘uncle’. The Palestinians lost a long time ago so there must not be an islamic translation for the word uncle. After forty years of occupation you would think that the Palestinians would be smart enough to convert to Judaism. The Africans that were brought to America during the Middle Passage knew what time it was when KUNTA KINTE got his foot chopped off. Folks started reading the New Testament and doing cartwheels in church.

I guess its time for the Israelis to show the people in Gaza what a real Zionist azz kicking looks like. If these people haven’t gotten the message after four decades of having a foot firmly planted in their azzes its time to start over. I say wipe the pavement with fried Hamas bones. Send a message to the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Lebanese and the rappers from the dirty south.

“We run this rap music shit!”

The 2006 B.E.T. Awards… WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006


They need to start broadcasting this awards show on June 19th because I have never seen Black people come together like they do for this moment. Meanwhile, back in the ‘hood, little boys can’t read. The bank won’t give me a loan to buy the property that I rent while people from all over the place are moving into my neighborhood. A new study finds that at least I can hear better than my new neighbors. And I am telling you that dude called me a nigger in his mind.

Awwww fuck it, SHONQUAYSHAH pass the remote and fix the upside down coat hanger in the television, we gon’ watch us some BeYONCE. In the last five years can you imagine the number of jig children that have been named BeYONCE, ALIZE and CRISTAL? If you’re Black and you read this blog I have one bit of advice for you. Get a jump on the rest of your family and kill yourself now. We are barreling out of control on a journey to hell in a handbasket. By the by, have you seen those new Louis Vuitton ads featuring PHARRELL?