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Drop A Bomb On ‘Em…

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

biggie smalls

“Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade”

Airline Bomber Was On Terrorist Ties List For 2 Years

I can’t say I’m surprised that African boys are being recruited to do the dirty work of the bad guys. Their uber-motivation and industriousness is what made Africans from Niger the most kick-ass slaves of all time. What with the rap music industry now being overtaken by white women how in the hell were these young men going to find work?

This plane was bound for Detroit too? So you might could imagine the people on this flight were the last handful of Michigan residents with paying jobs. If they all died the unemployment rate in the ‘D’ would have spiked to 90%. Thank God that Eminem is rapping again so at least someone in Detroit has a job.

Speaking of the white rap takeover…

American shores remain relatively terrorist free as long as white rappers are kept at bay. The ascendency of Eminem in 2001 on the heels of his second Aftermath album is what caused the Twin Towers collapse. White rappers ARE the cultural zeitgeist. After they have finally claimed rap music we will be plunged back into an age where words are no longer used. Our only forms of communication will be grunts and cavepainting.

Graff artists stand the fux up.


Monday, December 28th, 2009

iron man 2

Game Rebellion’s tribute to Marvel Comics man of steel, er, iron.

You know what I mean.

GAME REBELLION – IRON MAN from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Spinning In His Grave…

Monday, December 28th, 2009


And I’m not talking about deejaying.

A few months back had a nice little article featuring the Nike SB commercial starring skater Paul Rodriguez and also Ice Cube. Nike co-opted the lazy summer’s day rap anthem ‘It Was A Good Day’. The commercial was nifty and Nike even made a couple of renditions on the theme. While I shrugged my shoulders to it Rafi told me that the acceptance of the commercial was a slippery slope.

Apparently rap music has fallen and it now can’t get up.

The Christmas holidaze was the perfect time for Nike to roll out another advertisement bundle. This time they are pushing the latest colorway of the signature Lebron James shoe, the LBJ VIIs. The spokesmodels are the popular MVPs (most valuable puppets) and they even have a cameo from Kris Kringle who is voiced by the inimitable Kris Parker. The commercial went down something like this…

Maybe I’m wrong to assume that Scott LaRock would object to the misappropriation of verses from the seminal Hip-Hop classic ‘The Bridge Is Over’. Scott did rock Nike’s hardbody back in the day while the rest of us were running around in Reeboks. It’s just that the commercial feels like an affront to Hip-Hop as opposed to an embrace of the music. Someone please tell me that I’m wrong and I will shut the fux up.


Monday, December 28th, 2009

deadstock dallas

I’m back in my parent’s basement where it all began for me back in the days. If I have ever had a Fortress of Solitude it has been in my folks’ home. I am invincible in my cubbyhole right next to the boilerroom.

I might could live down here permanantly too. Atlanta is like heaven for the SFU mentality. There are tons of sales and discount spots like Ross Stores and now AJ Wright is here in Atlanta as well.

I am going banana bread on come ups. I may not return to NYC with all these kicks but right now the addict is going IN. Here’s a list of my acquisitions so far. Let me know which joints you are feeling and which ones I might have to leave in the basement…

deadstock dallas

Nike Zoom Javelin Elite
These shoes make no fux’n sense other than they were in Marshall’s for $20 cent and they look retarded. I’m never gonna throw a javelin, but I like the reassurance that if for some reason I get called to action at the next Olympiad because everyone else on the planet has died at least I will have the proper shoe on my feet instead of wearing a pair of Dunks or Air Max.

My name is Dallas and yes, I am an addict.

deadstock dallas

Nike Dunk Hi
I go gaga (no paparazzi) for the Nike Dunk. 2010 is the 25th anniversary of the show so I expect to see some colorways and materials released the blow my fux’n mind. What also blows my mind is that Ross Stores was pumping these joints for $30. All the SFU-NYC tour veterans know that a $30 comeup is mandatory.

Ross Stores is my fave spot when I touch down in Atlanta. They always have something interesting at some highway fleamarket pricepoint.

deadstock dallas

Nike Air Max Terra 90
This is the shoe that I have to put a question mark on top of. I loved the AMT90s I copped earlier this year. Those joints were crack. These, not as much.

The white midsole annoys me because it doesn’t have any relationship to the other colors on the shoe. The accent color that looks blue in the photo is actually eggplant. I can’t figure out how I am gonna splash hard in these joints. Lastly, the pricepoint was $50 and I feel like these shoes need to be in the $30-$40 range.

Okay, these go back to Ross.

deadstock dallas

Nike SB Premium Lo
These Dunk Lo’s were nicknamed the ‘Asparagus’ and I wasn’t really attracted to them previously. It helped this time that they were on sale for $60 at a skate shop in Kennesaw. So now I’m calling them my ‘Piney Woods Holidaze’ because no one tells me what to name my fux’n shoes!

True Internets Backstory: In the parking lot this random kid asked me if I was the dude from the internet. I laughed and told him I was. We chopped it up for a minute because he couldn’t understand why I was in an Atlanta suburb. I told him the internets was worlwide and that I was also somewhere else at that very moment. That totally confused son and I used the awkward silence to give him a quick dap and scuttle off.

deadstock dallas

Nike SB Premium Hi
Another SB sale comeup were these joints nicknamed the ‘Wet Floors’. If I had it like that I would have bought two pairs at $50 per. Instead of ‘Wet Floors’ I’m calling these my ‘Wu-Flu’ since they are a killer bee colorway.

I might need an intervention while I am here in Atlanta. SFU NYC tour veteran Nattiez is in the ‘A’ right now as well. He’s trying to get me back into the strip joints. Knowing me, I’d rather get my hands on a pair of SB ‘Wu-Flus’ than put shoe money in a fluesy’s hands. Ya’ deeg?!?


Sunday, December 27th, 2009

war machine

I have been going batshit hitting up all the Wal-Marts for their exclusive Marvel Legends Ultimate War Machine action figure hoping that the War machine character would play a significant role in the next Iron Man movie.

By the looks of this trailer it is about to go d-d-d-d-d-down.

I’m running around Atlanta this week with my Sony dSLR cam hoping I can catch some great shots with one of the action figures posed up in front of some of the ‘A’s most iconic architecture and landmarks. I feel like these shots will go towards another Ghostface fanboy video.

Think something like this. But better.