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The Monday Morning Quarterback Wk. 8

Sunday, October 29th, 2006


This weekend had to be my worst by far. It looked like all my picks were going to come up with an ‘L’. How is that possible? Okay, maybe I should have known better than to think that a rookie could go to Lambeau and silence the ghost of LOMBARDI. DREW BREES throws for over 380 yards against the RAY-vens and the Saints still get blown?!? The Jets continue to disguise themselves as a team that we should care about.

On another note, the Eagles are so bad right now. They totally shot their load trying to beat Dallas and exorcise the demons of T.O. and McNABB’s vomit. Who wants to bet that McNABB gets traded at the end of the season? Two words… RON MEXICO.

I was lousy this week, and so were most of you. As usual, a girl comes through with the weekly high number. You fellas suck.

THE DALLAS – 3 pts (29)
CANDICE = 3 pts (35)
TIFFANY = 5 pts (30)
40 DAWG aka “SOUL CABILASIAN #1” = 4 pts (29)
J trademark= 2 pts (14)
LM = 5 pts (33)
AMADEO = 4 pts (30)
JESSE = 3 pts (26)
SHONQUAYSHAH= 4 pts (31)
Mr.KAMOJI = 4 pts (34)
EL A IN THE D = 2 pts (21)
PRYNSEX = 4 pts (26)
S DOT = 2 pts (30)
SASQUATCHFART = 4 pts (26)
ALEX2.0 = 1 pt (29)
RD = 3 pts (28)
JIGG = 4 pts (6)
MISHA = 4 pts (4)
ESBEE = 3 pts (3)

Everybody say welcome to the new poolers. I see y’all out there. CANDICE still rules the roost after half a season, but that will prah’lee change next week when I start putting bonus points into the weekly lineup set. Enjoy the Sunday Night and Monday Night contests party people. New pool picks popoff on Thursday.

Never Believing The Hype…

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

biochemical slang

I think that one of the greatest things that you can do as a blogger is to put the theme of unity into the universal ethers. It moves around and finds itself with some of the most unlikely recipients. I say unlikely because these people that typically absorb the message weren’t even looking for it. They are music lovers that are drawn to the rhythms of horns, drums, melodies and the endless cacophony of sound. Suddenly they find themselves in a place where their love of music intersects with social politics. Music has the ability to break down barriers and concepts such as race and class because when you close your eyes and let your ears lead your path it somehows opens your heart as well.

Music is powerful like that and I wanted to give a shout to some of the blogs that I fucks with that respect the universal sonic movement of peace, love and unity through Hip-Hop…

BIOCHEMICAL SLANG – This is a site that I have trumpeted from it’s inception. It fuses passionate, pointed, political writing with archival YouTube videos and rare groove MP3 downloads. The image at the header of this post comes from this site as have some of my most memorable photos. The music inspires me to create and to continue the struggle. You should pay him a visit too, while the inspiration is still free.

UNKUT – UnKut is like the old nigga on the corner now that everyone has a Hip-Hop blog, but there’s a reason that UnKut remains on top. They are a resource for current Hip-Hop trends as well as the untold history of little known and oft forgotten producers of the genre. If there was a beat Wikipedia in the flesh it would have to be ROBBIE.

SINTALENTOS – From LOU REED to RAEKWON, this writer connects us with politics and social struggle through music. The writer also happens to be a deejay who throws kick azz house parties.

MOISTWORKS – Our INTERN is a music writer affiliated with this site. We basically share him during the week. We call him up whenever we need a Z of killer white boy ‘water’ a/k/a Hydro bitches.

PASSION OF THE WEISS – You have to fuck with a site that produces this quote… “Young Jeezy: Just Like Biggie Smalls Except Without Talent, Charisma or the Ability to Rap”

33 JONES – It’s written in the Geneva Convention that it’s illegal to torture someone by forcing them to review KEVIN FEDERLINE and The CLIPSE new CD’s. No worries though, 33 JONES will take the bullet. And the mullet.

SPLIFF HUXTABLE – This site just celebrated their first year on the internets and they are still murdering shit when it comes to dropping a funky instrumental. SH is in fact the inspiration behind BILLY SUNDAY’s latest mixtape project – Crap-struMentals. Check these dudes out ASAP.

All Day I Dream About Surviving…

Saturday, October 28th, 2006


When I peeped moneygrips homegrown chancletas I didn’t just thank GOD for blessing me with my sneaker collection, but I thanked GOD for blessing me by making my grandfolks slaves in America. Supremacy and privilege are fucked the fuck up when you relate to them on terms of being an American consumer. Why do banks give mortgages to whites at a higher rate? Why do car dealerships charge Blacks more on average? Why does ‘Flavor Of Love’ suck azz so bad?

None of these things really matter when you have no clean water to drink nor air to breathe. I know that I was pitching a bitch about the Africans yesterday and what I should have said is this…

“There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity…. We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”

Insane In The Membrane…

Saturday, October 28th, 2006


I love reading this story about how OL’ DIRTY was visiting a little girl in the hospital whom he rescued after she was injured in a car accident. DIRTY came to see her on a daily basis because his recording studio was across the street. Eventually people began to recognize him and he had to discontinue his visits. Combine this story with some of the personal accounts of his character from members of the Wu-Tang clan and what emerges is the portrait of a highly intelligent and complex individual. He deftly walked the tightope of uncontrollable Negro madness that so many Black men have to negotiate in their lives. It involves the game of being invisible sometimes just to maintain a peace of mind and remove suspicion from your motives.

I hate the fact that you can’t tell your peeps that you might be a little 7-thirty sometimes. Nothing that they should be afraid to have you around their children, it’s just that sometimes you get a tick in your neck or you talk to yourself, frequently. The biggest taboo in the African American community is the stigma attached to being mentally imbalanced. Even more so than being a gay. If you are a gay crazy motherfucker then mos def no one is fucking with you.

Crazy is considered the worst because it carries the connotation of vulnerable and weak. For a Black male in America who has been disenfranchised to the Nth, the only thing he may have left might be his sense of hyper-masculinity. The need to agressively confront someone who might be looking at them questionably is a by-product of this condition. There are other anti-social mannerisms that are equally self-destructive, but not as blatant. Some of these things could be resolved if we allowed Black men to receive pyschiatric counseling.

Unfortunately for us, supremacy has stigmatized Black men receiving medical treatment for mental illness. I say unfortunately because with proper medical treatment Black men might be able to find a mitigation and acceptance for supremacy. Instead, we self medicate using any available and accessible narcotic. These treatments only exacerbate the mental disease in the long term. I fought a hard fight to remove myself from cocaine addiction, but don’t think it’s not in the back of my mind everytime I find myself in a valley of depression and self-doubt. Picking up again is as easy as visiting some old friends in the old neighborhood. I’ve had some moments, but thankfully I haven’t fallen that far behind.

I take people very seriously when they say to me that they “are losing their mind.” I know what that feels like and sounds like. A million voices yelling at you in your head, screaming for your attention. I don’t like that feeling and I don’t like not being in control of my actions so I gave a call to my therapist. We met last week after about over a year or so. Right after my dad passed away I had a couple of sessions and I suspended the treatment because I thought that I had broken through prior to my dad’s death. I hadn’t been using my tools for coping so I was just setting myself up for failure again. Blogging has been a major plus in my life, but I needed to exercise more and lay off the alcohol. Even though I was writing my azz off in my apartment I was also drinking a 750ml bottle of Belvedere. To the face.

I appreciate everyone lining up and showing me mad love last week. If I left this site alone I would only be hurting myself. I hope you guys will ultimately forgive my schizoid embolism moment. I have once again swallowed the “red” pill and I am fearlessly entering the rabbit hole armed with the knowledge that you good people are holding the rope that can pull me back out to freedom.


Saturday, October 28th, 2006


For JERMAINE DUPRI’s poop chute.

If you thought MICHAEL was the twisted freak, then you got another thing coming! Say a little prayer for J.D. that he doesn’t get all Kris-Krossed.