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Thursday, June 28th, 2007


My peeps at Richie’s on the world famous Delancey Street are having a summertime sale on some hot kicks and I thought I’d put you folks on in case you were considering an upgrade to your footgame swagger.

As usual my focus is centered around my favorite shoe, the NIKE Dunk, but I have some Air Max 90’s in the mix as well as some flavor for all the ladies too. All the kicks for men are $50 and the ladies joints are $40. The shipping for these sneakers will be a flat $8 per pair. Take a look at the lineup and if you smell anything holler back at the kid.

black fives

NIKE Dunks Hi – Black Fives pack
These joints were part of the Black Fives series of Dunks released this spring.


NIKE Dunks Lo – Bicycle pack
Somebody asked me for these before. Well now is the time to copp them.


NIKE Dunks Lo – Tweed pack


NIKE Dunk Lo – Electric Circus pack


NIKE Dunk Lo – 6.0 pack
The 6.0 series is favored by skateboarders because of all the padding that is on the inside of these shoes.


NIKE Dunk Lo – 6.0 pack

court force

NIKE Court Force Lo
An excellent basketball or hardcourt tennis shoe in an interesting colorway. I wouldn’t try to match these with anything, but that’s because they go with everything.

am 90

NIKE Air Max 90 LE

am 90

NIKE Air Max 90 Premium

black fives

NIKE Air Max 90 Premium – Wood Panel pack
I might have to copp these jawnts only because I already have the Wood Panel Dunks.


Ladies NIKE Dunk Lo
Ladies, take out your bobby socks and your all white tennis outfit.


Ladies NIKE Dunk Lo – Electric Circus pack
Anything looks good on a woman’s foot.


Ladies NIKE Dunk Lo – Samurai pack

am 90

Ladies NIKE Air Max 90 LE


Thursday, June 28th, 2007

dp big E

Editor’s note: Most of you already know that ERNIE PANNICIOLI is a legend among Hip-Hop fans because of the work he has put in documenting the culture from it’s inception. Whenever I catch him on the G-chat I try to engage him for one of his lively takes on Hip-Hop and life because to him these two things are immutably inseperable. ERNIE is a great conversationalist which I think has to do with his level of experience here on Earth, but don’t call him old school…

So much has happened in the past week, whew. I remember you asked me to write an essay for your site. What subject would you like me to cover? Anything? Thanks, High Exalted Grand Master Hip Hop Legend Ernie Ern is at your service. I had to find a new moniker, all these pioneers, lyingeers, jiveassbullshiteers and even half ghey new jacks and jills all got cools names (or is that just a jig thing?), so I am working on a new title for myself.

Let me see…

  • Supreme – overused by cats with multiple babies mommas and triple life sentences
  • Grandmaster – old fat and flabby, broke ass dj’s and arrogant legends worked this one to the bone
  • Exalted Master – sounds like some Skull and Bones inner sanctum lodge leader
  • Big Daddy – Kane and about 200 country ass pimps from Georgia have a lock on this one
  • Bone Daddy – too many bones, Lazy Bones, Crazy Bones, Hazy Bones, Dizzy Bones, Bonz Malonez
  • Rolling Thunder – about 100 of them per Rez that’s reservation to you son
  • Eagle Bear – on government forms they transpose the names so it would read Bare Eagle
  • Amazing – Kreskin has that copyrighted
  • Killa or Murda – way too violent and would not endear me to a jury or a fat White judge in case of a trial for past high crimes and misdemeanors
  • Lil’ – I’d have to be 5 foot tall with a squeaky voice or a blond weave to use this one
  • Tiny – reserved for guys 7 foot tall and 5 foot wide
  • Escobar – Nas wore this out and again it would play havoc with my defense team
  • Honorable Minister – that Muslim leader from Chi Town got that on lock
  • Divine Knowledge Mathematics – see # 1
  • Awesome One – that chubby, hard drinking DJ couple got that word sewn the fuck up
  • Godfather – Bambaataa disowned it when the Muslim Minister from Chicago gave the name to Ru$$ell $immons, Brando fit in it like a glove and Herc is too damn protective of the title since James Brown transferred essences
  • After all of that deliberation I still haven’t found the title that I like overall. Maybe I should just be like KRS and just stick to using the title of teacher.

    I’m sorry, did I disturb your concentration?

    Peace out,


    cRap Music Fantasy League Registration – Q3

    Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

    lil wang

    In a few days we will kick off another round of the infamous DP Dot Com cRap Music Fantasy League. This game gives all of us regular rap fans the chance to make moves like music industry moguls for a few months. The rules are really simple and the registration is free so why wouldn’t you play? What? You don’t really listen to a lot of the new rap music on the radio so you don’t know who the players are? That doesn’t matter. Play anyway. The winner gets a pair of choice select NIKE Dunks. Take a peek at the joints that the Q1 winner got in the mail.

    1 pieces

    So now you ask me… “DP, what do we have to do to play in the cRap Music Fantasy League?” That my friends is simple. Familiarize yourself with the scoring rules of the cRap Music Fantasy League by reviewing these three (3) previous DP Dot Com drops.

    The cRap Music Fantasy League
    The cRap Music Fantasy League
    The cRap Music Fantasy League

    If reading all that boilerplate is a problem for you right now let me help you get your label off the ground with a few short pointers…

  • Choose a name for your cRap Music label
  • Select eight(8) entertainers for your cRap Music label
    (1)entertainer must be a female emcee (teh ghey men don’t count)
    (1)entertainer must be from the R & B genre
  • Leave that info in the comments section
  • Reply to the cRap Music Fantasy League registration e-mail
  • The cRap Music Fantasy league will begin on the start of the third financial quarter July 1st, 2007 so make sure you put up your music label info by this weekend. Let’s get this thing popping again with weekly drops and scoring updates.

    The cRap Music Fantasy League is sponsored by the regular readers of this website, DallasPenn Dot Com, and XXL Mag Dot Com’s Billy Sunday: Got The Block On Lock.


    Tuesday, June 26th, 2007


    images from iFUX

    With the NBA Draft just a few days away it becomes the time for all the world’s estranged fathers to try to cash in on their sperm donations.

    White Is The New Black…

    Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

    viva la white girl

    Summertime is in effect and you know what that means…

    White girls will be getting their tans right by all means necessary.

    I feel a little bad for all the nappy headed ho’s, er, I mean my beautiful Black Nubian sisters since white girls are really serious about this Black girl booty shit they have been on. I mean, can you imagine the best of both worlds? Black girl shaped booty and real white girl blonde hair and not that yaki weave from the Korean beauty spot.

    Another sexy thing about white broads is how hardbody they are becoming. PARIS HILTON is in the pen right now getting a teardrop tattoed under her eye. Black chicks on the other hand, not so much on the hardbody meter. Foxy Brown just got her ass demo’ed and then she ran and snitched to the police in her deaf voice (damn, my bad INGA, two Foxy Brown disses in the same day, I need to step my game up and shit on Lil’ Kim sometime too). This is why I am telling y’all that white is the new Black. They are back to housing shit like in 1492. Wait until these Russian broads come to this country. Them chicks is built like DOLF LUNDGREN.

    For this summer I am definitely bigging up all the redhead white meat with the ginger hued pubes. Blonde action is always good to go, but I think that redheaded chicks never get the respect due for their freaky nature. Yeah, that’s the shit I’m on this summer…

    GYM CLASS HEROES – ‘Viva La White Girl’

    viva la white girl

    viva la white girl